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  1. I launched the game with the update today and got my missing Full Closet and You've Got a Problem Man trophies as well as the Platinum. Glad it's fixed but also slightly bitter because I wanted to be the first person to Platinum it and I would have managed it too were it not for these issues 😭
  2. In reference to the above, the TU 1.1.1 patch notes can be read here: Known Issues list is here: And finally here is the list of issues under investigation by support (not exhaustive/constantly being updated):
  3. Just in case people still don't know, the grain farm, fowl farm and cattle form all have three stages to them to be upgraded (i.e. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3). If you've built everything and still stumped, make sure they're all upgraded fully. The green and white raven sign outside disappears when they're completed, and they'll no longer glow green under Odin's Sight.
  4. If you have evidence of them wrongly unlocking then report them on the forums for Valhalla so it can be looked into again: There's a thread for it already under the Player Support section.
  5. The two trophies mentioned are both for actions completed in England, so they weren't meant to pop that early, as has already been said... my original comment was advising this issue is now fixed, and my one above told you when/where you're actually supposed to get them. I'm not sure what else you need to know, but they're not missable trophies. One is part of the story, and one you can go get anytime once you're in England, so easy to do. The Suthsexe arc becomes available after you've been in England a while, but if you're blasting for story trophies, won't take too long to reach normally.
  6. "Calling in a Favor" is for completing the Suthsexe arc, which can be done at a varying time depending on your preference once unlocked. "Is there anybody out there?" is a misc trophy just for lighting the beacons on Hadrian's wall, so not story related. Hope the information helps
  7. Well... poison clouds are poison clouds, they kill indiscriminately. The same as you swinging your weapon around will hurt whomever it connects with, friendly or not. Your poison build is best suited to assaults, raids and bandit camps by the sounds of it - zones without civilians. It makes sense and means you have to be tactical in your approach elsewhere.
  8. The issue with the "Calling in a Favor" and "Is there anybody out there?" trophies should have been fixed by the 1.1.0 update. In terms of some trophies not automatically popping - those are typically the ones where you need to complete something to achieve them, e.g. destroy ten curse symbols. After you destroy the next one, it should pop up.
  9. Just wanted to add my method and location in case it could help. I did it during the Anecastre assault in Lincolnscire. I set fire to the roof of a house, removed skill points until I was weak enough, then used the ranged ability to target multiple enemies and shoot them with the bow. I waited until I saw three enemies at low health due to my soldiers then went on the roof, set on fire, then shot them with the ability. The trophy popped after a couple of failed attempts! Hope it helps, good luck everyone
  10. Their lack of spawns is under investigation by the devs.
  11. I honestly really love Orlog. It's simple to understand and requires skill and foresight, so it's interesting each and every time. If you're struggling with it, I'd recommend building a defensive deck of God Favors so you can help yourself stay in the game and figure things out.
  12. I just had the trophy pop even though I've not done all of the World 1s just yet. I've done about 4 or 5 at most. Is it accidentally tracking the first of each world within the campaigns and ever peckish rises, rather than the first levels of each DLC, ever peckish rises, and the two main games? The trophy guide on here says it needs the first levels of each DLC, the two games and then the ever peckish rises so just wondering if it popped correctly or is bugged!
  13. This just happened to my boyfriend as well. I will make sure he contacts Ubisoft Support and PlayStation Support to report this and you should all do the same as well on the forums for the game:
  14. Thanks. This isn't explained in the "how to play", it only says that subsequent waves will start one row forwards, so it was really getting on my nerves. It should have been stated...
  15. I've been trying to figure this out but just can't seem to wrap my head round it. In the round I just played, I accidentally blew up an ambulance. The entire wave of cars left then rushed forwards, running me down and all crossing the crossing, depleting my score by a LOT. Why do they do this? Is it tied to blowing the ambulance up? Thanks for any help to understand this behaviour.