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  1. Thanks. This isn't explained in the "how to play", it only says that subsequent waves will start one row forwards, so it was really getting on my nerves. It should have been stated...
  2. I've been trying to figure this out but just can't seem to wrap my head round it. In the round I just played, I accidentally blew up an ambulance. The entire wave of cars left then rushed forwards, running me down and all crossing the crossing, depleting my score by a LOT. Why do they do this? Is it tied to blowing the ambulance up? Thanks for any help to understand this behaviour.
  3. I noticed this too! I got a review copy and obviously had expected it to not show until after release but it took soooo long. I maybe thought it was because the account I played it on is registered in the EU but the game version is the NA one, but glad that was wrong!
  4. Glad you found it! Just as a request for anyone who may accidentally read this thread having not finished the game, you might want to edit a spoiler tag over your resolution.
  5. No problem! Happy to answer any other questions you have
  6. Was good fun to get
  7. I really enjoyed the game after reviewing it for The Digital Fix! Wasn't what I expected but I was very motivated to get the Platinum after a session or two.
  8. Bricked phones appear if you leave a room without picking up an app. So, if you leave an app behind that you don't want to carry, go back into the room and you'll be able to pick up a bricked phone.
  9. Glad to hear you managed it! Good luck with the rest of the trophies, if you have any left to get.
  10. For the extinguish five fires task, you can use a watergun on five torches in Winkydink. Means you can be considerably less stressed than trying it in combat. For when you do the task with Eclaire, I'd pin the skill to move/attack faster to try and cancel out the effect she has of slowing you down. When you find other skills in the dungeon, emphasise long-range combat so you can try to keep enemies away from you so the danger of lugging Eclaire around is minimised.
  11. I'd love to get the Platinum but I'm not sure if I'll ever manage it. I'm not very skilled at some of the levels and people sabotage me so much that it's hard to even get to the final round these days I'll get as close to 100% as I can if I can't manage it though. I just need some friends to grind wins with and win a game in a group of three...
  12. Glad I could help! I cleared up the last tasks I had left recently so the Platinum is mine now. Can't wait for the post-launch content they're slating to be added in January and beyond.
  13. Glad you found one I've noticed them a lot in Joblin if it helps anyone else.
  14. Regarding the skills question I think you need only buy them. Weirdly the trophy popped for me very early on though and the skills number on my menu now that I actually own them all is 79/74 or something... not great.
  15. I'm having the same experience Moocow2000. Can't seem to get it to complete in Joblin, after completing the requirement to not spend cash on B3 at least twice. Am trying in other dungeons now to see if I have better luck... Will report what I find back. Edit: I joined the Discord for the game and one of the devs has actually let me know there's a known issue with this and Ray's "reach B4 with no skills": "all this means is every time you fail Tappi's don't spend task or Ray's dont use skills task (by picking up the banned items, not by dying) it'll perma fail until you restart the application" So if you fail, restart your game or it won't work at all from that point on. Additionally, someone said apparently you need to get to B4 without spending any money, so the description is misleading saying to complete only B3 without spending money? So maybe give that a try.