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  1. I wouldn't say so. It makes me think of Cookie Clicker a lot, with the fact that the incremental rewards give you new things to play with / do.
  2. I'm at 37/36... magic. 😂
  3. I think that one took me about 20-30 mins. I'd looked at the trophy details here on PSN profiles so I knew which mission it was that I could achieve it on, and from there it was just a lot of retrying the jump... The actual view of the Naruto Cannon was pretty poor in my opinion. You couldn't accurately see the arc of the jump, and sometimes the icon / cursor line didn't even show up at all on your screen. Bit useless really. But I achieved the Platinum just like you (just before you in fact it looks like, haha). Nice job!
  4. I think if you spend time doing the various missions and replaying them for the bonus objectives etc. that gives you good experience of how the AI functions. I've been grinding the missions a lot and it's really helped me. Glad to hear you worked it out!
  5. Do you mean the early fight during the Chunin arc? I threw lots of Shuriken, blocked until he got close often, and used grabs a lot. His sand acts as defense so grabs are effective. Plus Sasuke's dash with Chidori isn't bad normally. Just watch out for the sand tracking moves, they're not easy to avoid and hurt a LOT.