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  1. sticker idea looks cool when will it be implimented?
  2. Thailand or Bali
  3. Mine would be Battlefield 3 Gunslinger Got 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons
  4. A merry christmas to you all and a safe and happy new year and bring on 2012.
  5. yes I got it once worst day of my life. luckly for me my parents had just recently bought a sony bravia tv and got a new ps3 slim for free phewww
  6. yo hommie. sorry I took so long. but U know U where in it to win it. Congratz and Welcome to Premium. ;)

  7. Assault is the only class I use but I sometimes use the engineers kit to destroy vehicles that other engineers won't touch when running around bloody fools.
  8. Mine hasn't freezer yet on 4.00 used to before when playing games like BF3 was really annoying but hasn't happened yet for me on 4.00
  9. Downloading it now but omg my Internet is going so slow Will report back this this post with my opinions of it when it's downloaded.
  10. that actually looks really good very clean and simple omg why can't ps3 do this sorta stuff to keep the ps3 FRESH.
  11. I already asked this dude and it's not gunna happen. It's just so other sites can't steal the ideas before there implemented here. Cheers
  12. same thing just happened here in Australia where a school banned students from celebrating christmas at school because of the people that don't believe in it. so no more secret Santa it became secret Friend i mean wtf. I think its absolute complete shit I'm sick of these foreign immagrants that don't celebrate things and then come over to our countries and ruin it for our young ones and shame on the fucking schools and governments for allowing these things to happen. Either come and live in our country and adopt our lifestyle or fuck off back to where you come from. cheers
  13. great work sly I can only see those numbers growing each day again great work on this site its awesome.
  14. very true dude games these days are so rushed. they think just because they can patch things now they will just half ass do games and hurry to release them i mean FINISH your games before you release them for god sake lol. as for battlefield 3 I haven't played it yet after the patch but I don't think theres much else wrong they just need to fix the EOD bot exploit