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  1. but u would still need access to editions, right?
  2. As far as I know, they do not count.
  3. that said, things seem to be functional again
  4. weird thing is that their status page says operational
  5. yes it does
  6. did they just put a dark spell on me? 😨
  7. yeah i remember the trophy being buggy, like the locations one. there was a save file i had to delete and do them in one sitting
  8. i started it also and yeah, it seems like there's no DLC included with that one
  9. scratch that. this game is all over the place on ps5 😂
  10. right, so it seems that starting a new game indeed fails, but loading and continuing a old save seems to be working fine
  11. the game has full crossplay, so u will mostly run into pc players. trophy wise, everything seems to work
  12. U got me scared there, so I ran a quick test. I do get the warning, but so far the game starts and loads in fine. I'm guessing we are talking about definitive edition? Anyways, that's what I got.
  13. Nah. As an older man, I'm actually worried that i might die before I'm finished with the game.
  14. you need to find it on the map
  15. DDOS attacks != hacking