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    PC master race! eww Console disgusting :D

    "Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya. Love your perfume, what is that? The stench of death?" -Harley Quinn

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  1. #10 Crash Bandicoot 1, Easier then I thought! got to 75% in 10 hours and had to take a 4 days break from the game as it was making me rage and throw my controller.
  2. Hell yeah brother! Keep up the grind :D.
  3. #9 Call of duty infinite warfare. I love this game on PC but tbh idk why I don't like it console maybe cause U gotta play with a controller...
  4. #8 Call of duty: Advanced warfare + 100% Got the new fastest achiever as well, 2 days and 14 hours :)!
  5. #7 Infamous first light.
  6. #6 Titanfall 2.
  7. #5 Call of Duty: Ghost. Hmmm 8 platinum's before 2020?! Gotta get back grinding.
  8. #4 Wolfenstein new order. Minecraft was my 3rd platinum but forgot to post :D.
  9. #2 Wolfenstein old blood New world record for my time platinuming this game, 11 hours and 24 minuets.