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  1. I heard sleeping doesn’t count, am I’m correct?
  2. While going for the trophy on my other account, I accidentally died while going for it. Am I’m still gunna get the trophy? Thanks for advice
  3. I have iPhone and remote play app. Is this possible?
  4. Is it possible to unlock all mini game trophies in this world or no?
  5. Whenever i press x on the starting screen, it turns black. I deleted the game and redownload it again, and when i start Rocket league, black screen appears, does any1 know how to fix this? I'm trying to get 100% trophies list. Thanks
  6. How is it possible ? I only got 1 minute and 8 seconds
  7. I saw in the leaderboards that 2 people got the platinum in under 1 hour? How is that possible?
  8. Does anyone know the fastest way to get settling in for the long haul trophy without cheats at the way beginning? Any help would be appreciated
  9. How is it possible ?
  10. Will trophies unlock with split screen?
  11. What's the fastest way to get Passing the time trophy?
  12. I've been trying to get these 2 trophies for months now and they won't pop _ any ideas how to fix it?