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  1. So it’s possible to get a fast time on this game then? There’s someone who got it on Life is strange original right in 1hr 30min
  2. Is it just me or is it my game while playing sweet thieves, because it freezes every 10 seconds then disconnects, is anyone having this problem?
  3. Every time I keep playing sweet thieves, the game suddenly freezes but not crashing. Does anyone know how to fix the freezing? Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. There someone with 25 minutes. Hacker??
  5. Did they get their accounts hacked and went into GTA V and hacked the game to get to 100%? Or how did they get 100% like so quickly? It’s impossible to get this time, it’s supposed to take 160+ hours to get the plat & you have to grind to get to level 100 online which it takes hours or days to get to level 100. Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Okay thank you guys
  7. Is Ghost of Tsushima free for ps plus along with Ghost of Tsushima legends? Thanks.
  8. Do i have to win all chapters on hard difficulty? I know it says complete, complete means you don't have to win them, correct me if i'm wrong, thanks.
  9. Does anyone know if you have to complete the episode first and then collectible mode will unlock? I know In the original life is strange, whenever the game saves, collectible mode will always be unlocked. Players in the 100% club “fastest archivers” got under 2 hours, whenever your in the last checkpoint, you can exit the game and then speedrun the photos to get fast time in the original. does anyone know if this works on the remastered version? Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know if collectible mode will be unlocked after you complete the episode or you have to play a chapter then exit the game then collectible mode will be added. I know it works for life is strange original because people are getting fast times on the 100% club “fastest archivers” with this method, but idk if it works for true colors. Can anyone confirm? Thanks
  11. Do you know if it pop trophies faster when you start the game on the full version?
  12. I saw 2 people getting 100% in under 1 hour. So does anyone know if trophies autopop? If yes, what trophies will autopop? Or do you have to play the game legit until you get the platinum trophy then 100%? Thanks
  13. I was looking on the PS store and it’s free to play, does anyone know if it’s the free trial? If it does, does free trial progress carry over to the full game to unlock trophies faster? Thanks
  14. Cheater removal team is removing people who got black ops 2 trophies and platinum in an illegitimate way. if your in a lobby with a hacker and caused your game to unlock all trophies, or all DLC trophies, you must hide that game immediately before cheater removal team catches you and removes you from the leaderboard. if you tried to appeal the flag, it’s going to be declined because of that hacker gave you the trophies, this also goes for the big leagues trophy, if you got big leagues trophies while it was unattainable since December 2015, please hide black ops 2 from your games list, if you hide that game before the cheater removal team catches you, you’ll be fine. I’m letting everyone know about hackers giving players trophies
  15. There's someone with 4 minutes