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  1. Hey all, been a hot minute since my last post here. I’ve completed both 7 and LJ which were my last two unfinished titles including spin offs and unlocalized, so now I apply for Dragon of Dojima. After replatting most of them and experiencing the above mentioned games for the first time, I’ve got a new favorite Yakuza game - Lost Judgment. LJ is nothing short of incredible objectively overall (especially combat) and I feel it’s a must play for even people who aren’t too keen on RGG games because it has something for everyone. I also rate 5 and Kenzan highly too. Here’s hoping 8 is a huge improvement over 7 just like how LJ was to the original Judge. Have a good day, everyone
  2. #35 - Max Payne 3 Now this right here is a classic PS3 title. In terms of pure gameplay, Max Payne 3 is the finest third person shooter I’ve played. The aiming is buttery smooth and you feel like a legitimate badass once you get good at it. Don’t let the rarity intimidate you, I’ve done the infamous New York Minute Hardcore on my first try with little prep beyond remembering the levels. The main issue is when the game freezes or glitches on you during the NYMHC runs (I've had one invisible enemy who nearly killed me), but YMMV. If you’re interested in playing a great shooter, I highly recommend checking it out.
  3. #33 - Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise True Successor of Hokuto Shinken (4.38%) Obtained all trophies. #34 - Binary Domain Platinum Trophy (0.76%) Earn all other trophies in the game.
  4. I’m double dipping! I’ll play it on PS4, and then replay it a year later on PS5 in 60 fps and earn another platinum while I’m at it. Just gotta continue my release order replay and get to 7, but I have plenty of time. Judge Eyes is incredible - definitely in my top 5 - and this sequel looks to be even better in all areas. It might be the best game yet and this is coming from someone who played almost all of them including Japanese spin offs lol.
  5. - Yakuza 0: completed in 6 days, 8 hours. - Yakuza Kiwami: completed in 3 days, 16 hours. - Yakuza Kiwami 2: completed in 2 days, 13 hours. Fastest achiever. - PUBG NA: completed in 1 week, 22 hours. - PUBG EU: completed in 3 days, 12 hours. Fastest achiever. My times are very doable provided you currently have time since I took a lot of breaks, especially with Yakuza 0. The RNG gods were unfortunately against me in that game. I was quite demotivated because it took me close to 10 hours to finish the catfight minigame as it’s entirely luck based!
  6. I’d say keep it strictly one plat per title. Yakuza 1-2 and Kiwami 1-2 are radically different experiences so they get a pass, but not so much for Yakuza 3/Judgment and their stacks. The differences aren’t huge
  7. Cumulative. I suggest grinding Twin Rocks on the standard physical edition unpatched in LAN mode. It took me around 6-7 hours to earn the trophy from scratch.
  8. I’d say the plat is significantly easier on PS5. Puyo Puyo was by far the hardest challenge to complete, but many people complained about it so they removed it. Virtua Fighter 2 - like in Yakuza 5 - can be cheesed by using Jeffry McWild and spamming the L2 attack to make the AI fall out of the ring. Outrun only requires 3 million points in Judgment (5 million in Y0 which still isn’t bad at all), so that’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it and let go of the accelerator on corners. Pinball was hit and miss in the original, so I welcome this change. As for drone racing, considering DLC is included, then that should be easier as well if you use the DLC drone which is both fast and has high durability. Lastly, Amon’s fight should run a lot better than it did on PS4 lol.
  9. I think there’s a slight chance it might get localized as you’re hoping, unlike Kenzan which is doomed forever (import that one). I say if you give it a good 2 years and nothing happens, then consider importing it at that point because their excuse was playing catch-up with the devs, which did happen at last. In Kenzan’s case, it has no trophies and the entire story word for word has a complete English walkthrough on YT so you can enjoy the story without worrying about completion or not understanding something. As for Ishin, as I said earlier in this thread the game is really grindy for materials and whatnot, so doing everything in moonrunes is quite cumbersome haha. I’d understand why you’d wait.
  10. I completed Ishin recently. Great game, albeit incredibly grindy and it would’ve greatly benefited by ditching the second completion list that added unnecessary padding on top of the insane modding grind in the dungeons. It tries to be just as long as 5 but without the huge content to back it up, so it ends up overstaying its welcome. I’ll get to 6 a bit later, but for now I’m working on the Japanese version of 0 since I’m going by release order.
  11. Very believable source who totally doesn’t post false information all the time. Yes, a sequel isn’t out of the question at some point, but this isn’t RGG Studio’s next game. The game is called Judge Eyes in Japan, not Judgment. Meaning the trademarked title is a different game entirely.
  12. As @Undead Wolf has said, DMs lead to nowhere (I was completely ignored when I tried a few times) so it seems that I’ll have to publicly voice my opinion as well. I’m sorry, but 3 people making that decision after watching some story cutscenes isn’t the same as series veterans playing these games and knowing them inside and out. I appreciate the effort you have put into it, but please be open to feedback when most people feel otherwise. I know that it’s out of frustration, but what Dreggit posted seemed arrogant to me; “we made a decision, so you’ll have to accept it whether you like it or not.” Casually dismissing our thoughts because you’re the staff and you believe that you know better by default isn’t the right way to approach this. For your information, the Yakuza remakes are completely different experiences in almost every way except story, and even that is presented differently in Kiwami 1 and Kiwami 2 with the cut and replaced soundtrack (several scenes are heavily butchered), tone, the color palette in cutscenes, atmosphere, etc. Even the gameplay isn’t the same at all. Kiwami 1 itself is more of a Yakuza 0 DLC or officially released fan mod with how much it lazily borrows from that game, plus the addition of Majima Everywhere clashes with the original tone of the game, ruins Majima’s character, and pads it out to at least twice the length of the original Yakuza 1 (I 100%’d both). Not to mention that there’s a large number of cuts and/or additions that tie into 0 so that K1 feels like a sequel to it or the fact that almost every side mission is a lot longer in K1, or ends differently, etc. Yakuza 1 is a very short game that can be 100% completed in 20 hours or so, yet K1 as many of you know is way longer than that. How is that faithful? Kiwami 2 is even more of a departure as a remake, and since the only thing you seem to care about when differentiating between a remake and the original is the story - Well, K2 adds Majima Saga. A 2 hour campaign that offers a different reason why Majima left the Tojo after the events of Kiwami 1 (notice how I didn’t say Y1), which is its own separate canon. In addition, a large side story from 0 is featured in Kiwami 2 with the same main cast of characters from that game. Kiwami 2 cuts the third city from Yakuza 2 which had an entire chapter covering it (and the existing cities as they stand have different alleyways and such), two large side stories (the second one being replaced by a reskinned Clan Creator from Y6 called Majima Construction), and since you claimed that even the characters are the same - I’d like to point out that Takashima is a different character in the remake. The original presented him as this genius young man on the rise to take over (the dialogue even points it out), while the remake made him the second oldest member in the clan because reasons. Chapter 4 and 5 of Kiwami 2 have NEW cutscenes to introduce the side businesses they reused from 0 and 6, and you're forced to do the prologue of both for the story. The only thing that can be considered “faithful” is the character animations during story cutscenes that play out the same exact way, but that’s only because they were ripped straight from the PS2 games due to how lazy they were when they released these cashgrabs that people call remakes, but that’s a story for another time. I’m not trying to be condescending in any way, so forgive me if my text conveys that interpretation, but It’s pretty clear that I know way more about this series (as someone who has been incredibly passionate about it for many years) than any of your sources put together. Anyone who tries to say that the remakes and the originals are the same is factually incorrect. I can write a novel pointing out how the remakes are definitely not faithful one bit, but I believe I’ve said enough. According to the rules posted in Dreggit’s thread on the inclusion of remakes in general, K1 and K2 definitely apply to be in their own stage (after 0, in release order). Anyone who has played both Yakuza 1-2 and Kiwami 1-2 will tell you the same thing - they’re different games. These remakes offer completely different experiences and are not replacements whatsoever, so having them share the same stage as if they were stacks doesn’t make sense to me. On several occasions, I have suggested release order for the series list on PSNP, because it is absolutely the best way to experience these games, and anything else is arbitrary. Contrary to popular belief, you're not supposed to play Yakuza 0 first, so it really should be after Yakuza 5 in the series list, followed by Kiwami. I respect @Beyondthegrave07 for admitting that he hasn’t played any of them. That’s fine, we can’t be experts of every series out there. I certainly am not, and anyone who claims to know everything is full of it. What I hope is that the mods can rely on members of the community in certain matters such as these. Instead of researching on your own, why not ask veterans of any given series for our help on how it should be? Because after all, wasn’t the series feature (which as a concept I do like, so kudos on that) put together for the community? In regards to FotNS. It’s not as clear cut as you claim. First off, as you may have been informed previously, it’s very obvious that the game is a spin off when you consider the Japanese name, the uncanny resemblance between its gameplay and the typical Yakuza game, the entire game structure alongside how side missions and story chapters work, the completion list, and the Japanese VA cast from the Yakuza series with characters like Kiryu Kazuma (the protagonist of the Yakuza series) voicing Kenshiro. Also, two recurring characters from Yakuza show up in the game and one of them is the hardest boss fight! However, as you said it’s not up for consideration and it would make more sense for a game called Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise to be lumped with completely unrelated Fist games, correct? Well, since you put it that way, let’s disregard the localized name for a bit. The Fist franchise is known as Hokuto no Ken in Japan, and Yakuza is called Ryu ga Gotoku, so with that in mind let’s get into my next point - the Japanese title of the game which I’ll highlight with an image is called Hokuto ga Gotoku, which clearly shows that it’s a crossover spin off of Ryu ga Gotoku, as demonstrated by how “Ryu” and “no Ken” which aren’t part of the main title are simply put into the title graphic. Like it or not, the facts of the matter is that this game is a spin-off of this series, and is officially considered as such by the developers. If it is going to be included in a single series (as of now) I feel it has to be in the Yakuza series, and maybe in Fist’s at a later date as you have said. This was a long reply, so thanks for reading.
  13. Update: 5 is done, and what an incredible ride it was to platinum it again! Such a fantastic experience overall. I hadn’t played anything else in months, but it still took me a lot longer than it should have due to uni and life in general. Next up, Ishin.
  14. Been a while since I last posted! Add 3, 4, and Dead Souls. Next up for me is 5 and Ishin followed by the Japanese version of 0. Hope everyone is enjoying 7!
  15. Surprised to see the base platinum being harder than the Japanese version, and it’s all due to the inclusion of the True Final Millennium Tower trophy in the base list - without it, the game is incredibly easy to plat. It’s one of the DLC trophies for the JP version, so people who don’t care about 100% trophy completion don’t have to do it. This is unlike Fist of the North Star/Hokuto ga Gotoku. In HGG, you had to 100% it in game in all of its grindy glory, but only 50% is required in the localized (FotNS) version.