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  1. It all depends on how many people complete the game. If less than half the owners achieve the platinum, it will of course have a low percentage of rarity, because not enough players have bothered to get the platinum. In the case of Sports Champions, not many people that have the game bothered with the platinum which is why it has a low percentage and is considered 'Ultra Rare'. The more people obtain the platinum for a game, the higher it will rise in percentage, and it will become less rare.
  2. Obviously missing the winter! Even though, It has never snowed in Florida...........
  3. Hey Grimy You can add AC:Revelations to my current total, just got it, and it stands at 13.41% .
  4. About to score trophy #3080, and it's the AC:Revelations Platinum!

  5. Just finished the Single-Player Story of AC:Revelations. Amazing.

  6. Looks superb.
  7. Can't wait to see more. I hated the demo, but I went on a limb to purchase it and Loved DA2!
  8. Alright Grimy, Believe I qualify now. Thanks for doing this by the way man, giving to the PSNP community.
  9. Well, I quit from time to time for a few weeks when life catches up and you just have too many things to worry about at the moment. I eventually come back to my trophy hunting ways.... Collectables are also my biggest annoyance, but, after a good break from it I get back to it. You may get back into it, you probably just need a good break from it in general. Nice job with the GT5 platinum, by the way.
  10. AC:Revelations multiplayer.... is so much fun.

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    2. Kirbz


      that is true. those 12 year olds breathing into their mics... UGH MAKES ME SICK!

    3. spacemonkey3k


      I think that's why they made the hidden gun.

    4. Kirbz


      no, they made the hidden gun if the enemy is running away and is too far to be caught, but there is not crowd between you and the person you are hunting. thats what the hidden gun is for. not to run around the rooftops and shoot everyone that passes

  11. Yup, pretty much!
  12. Fun game, shame it never got a patch.
  13. Currently working towards the Assassin's Creed: Revelations Platinum 'The conquerer'.
  14. Least Common 1. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - 'Trophy Collection Complete' (1.78%) 2. Grand Theft Auto IV - 'Taking A Liberty' (1.86%) 3. BulletStorm - 'Dead Echo' (3.78%) 4. Resistance 2 - 'Platinum Trophy' (4.04%) 5. Dead Rising 2 - 'DR2 Trophy Master' (4.10%) Most Common 1. Trine 2 - 'Trine 2 Hard' (38.73%) 2. God of War 2 - 'Trophy of Gaia' (33.26%) 3. Dante's Inferno - 'Master of the Inferno' (30.57%) 4. God of War - 'Trophy of Zeus' (29.51%) 5. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - 'Platinum' (28.85%)
  15. Personally, I'd enjoy obtaining the Platinum to every major game I have wanted to play in this gen's life cycle. Where ever those games I've still to get and play put me, that is where it will end. Then, start all over on the next console.