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  1. Hi. For Kingdom of Arcadia (4/14/21) it appears that the NA and EU trophy lists are swapped. Thanks for this awesome website and community! (:
  2. It's not a big deal but just wanted to bring awareness to this. (:
  3. @Wardragon989 Thank you my friend! As you said, that's a wrap! To future hunters... The 'No Witness' run has a little bit of a learning curve but becomes much easier once you get the hang of it and get a rhythm going. Most of the time you can do room by room and be good without alerting enemies in nearby rooms. Other times you might need to improvise. Here are some tips I can give... #1 Take your time and learn the patrol routes of all enemies. There are lots of opportunities for a quick/quiet elimination. #2 Conserve as much ammo as possible by whittling down enemy health with melee. Make sure to melee enemies from the front as to not do a 'sneak attack' from behind that ends with a knock out(If you do any k.o. then restart the checkpoint). #3 Be sure to deal with enemies based on level of threat. What this means is to disable security cams, smash all robots with melee only(rocket bots, machine gun bots, laser turrets, floating mines), then armored machine gun guards, shotgun guards, pistol guards, armored baton guards and regular baton guards. If things go awry you can still always run, melee and gun. #4 Corner method - You can stand behind an object or wall that gives you cover and a have a chance to melee / shoot enemies that are just around the corner while protecting your health at the same time. #5 If you're fairly confident in your skills, then wait as long as possible before activating a checkpoint so you won't have to do much in case you do mess up. #6.Use your character specific abilites to the best of your advantage. Frank's stun gun, Joe's rush ability and Spider's shock grenade can get you out of a bind effectively. #7 Always grab the upgrade kit and be sure to spend points on more % ammo drops. It helps with rng but not for Frank though, you gotta be lucky with him. As stated in previous posts, be sure to kill those 5 people after the conversation at the end of the level. Hopefully these tips help anyone attempting to go for the platinum. It's a rather enjoyable game once you learn the mechanics. Good luck!!
  4. @wardragon989 Well done and congrats on being the first one here to get the platinum! Thanks for all the effort you put into this, I bet you're like a complete expert on the game by now lol. I will definitely be going back to get this one finished up for sure.
  5. Hi. I've been keeping my eye on the official psn platinum % for the past couple of months and it appears that every week people are somehow continuing to get the platinum, yet no one on psnprofiles has it still. Does anyone know how this is possible? It seems pretty futile to attempt another 'No Witness' run, especially without any updates from the developer or publisher about the requirements to unlock it.
  6. How is someone able to get the platinum on psn when there's been no update to fix the cards? Cheaters??
  7. Yeah a few months ago I tried contacting the publisher/developer and the main creator Thomas Brush on Twitter and had no response even though it looks he pretty active on there. Unfortunately it seems that they really abandoned making this right even though it works perfectly fine on the AS version.
  8. Someone was able to get this trophy. Case closed.
  9. Thanks for sharing this! However, I was trying to determine if this is achievable on Playstation Network or if there is an issue preventing it from being earned. As of this post, it appears to remain at 0.0% on the official network. Completing a playthrough on this game is taking me a while not to mention all the other games I'm busy playing too.
  10. Can anyone confirm that this trophy is not working? I have been playing this since it launched on psn and am still on my first playthrough on normal. Please let me know so we can notify the dev/publisher if this is the case. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, I was about to add something along the lines of the deception. That's why I said there's blame on both sides i.e. the threats. At least they have said they are fixing it, so we shall wait and see because that's all we can do.
  12. The amount of bitching and whining people can do never ceases to amaze me. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides and it seems everyone is living in a glass house nowadays. NO ONE made you spend your money on this game, only you did that. Them offering a refund for this is a big deal so just take it or leave it. CDPR has stated that they are fixing the game so give them a break. It's been a long 8 years and this one has been especially hard! Have some empathy and grace gamers and play something else while we wait for the patches!!
  13. Looks like someone was able to get the coma card trophy for the AS version. Another big chewy spit in the faces of NA and EU from Serenity Forge and Atmos Games.
  14. Looks like the trophies have finally posted for the NA version! Shiny plat for the collection. Thanks to the devs for getting this fixed!