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  1. Thank you 😁, so relieved now.
  2. Hey guys, I thought I'd ask here instead of making a new thread. Ok so I'm kinda in a dilemma here, I got the platinum for this game a few weeks ago before legends was released and it was on disc, I sold my copy after I finished it cuz I got a good deal out of it + didn't expect NG+ and legends to come out so soon. The problem here is apparently my disc copy was EU, and I bought the game digitally yesterday from my main account (US), I started the game and was confused why it's showing the beginning scene as if I don't have a save file already, I closed the game to check my save and unfortunately there was a new save file, which means I can't play on my old save file. (of course, I only knew about save files being region locked after this incident) I thought I'd refund the game and buy it from an EU store and play it on my main but unfortunately, I'm no longer able to refund the purchase I made since I installed it on my ps4. So it's either I pay an extra 40$ to play on my old save (which I really don't want to do), or play from the start. Now luckily I already have the platinum so I was thinking I could just rush through the story on the easiest difficulty just to unlock NG+ then play the story again to unlock NG+ trophies. My main concern here is the Legends mode, is it tied to your singleplayer walkthrough where it could give you advantages, or is it a whole different thing where everyone starts from 0 regardless of how much of completion they reached? Hopefully, someone would fill me up.
  3. Actually boss hunt is still obtainable since they only mentioned cat vs dinos and community challenges are going to be discontinued. We just need the god damn event to happen.
  4. I just need another boss hunt mystery portal so i can delete this game, last one happened exactly 1 year ago so hoping next month would be the month.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, people with the complete edition of Nioh 1 won't get a free upgrade? that sucks
  6. I thought they said fallen order won't join Ea access when it was first released. it's unfortunate my subscription ended a month ago, wish there was a free trial to get a free platinum lol
  7. I was planning to save the first experience for the ps5 cuz I thought it would be a shared list, but if we're getting separate lists, might as well just do the ps4 now and ps5 later. as long as we know trophies won't auto pop cuz that would be pointless, will have to wait until people have their own ps5 to test the possibility of trophies auto popping.
  8. Just want to confirm something since i’m not getting a ps5 until early 2021 if i buy the ps4 version for 50$ i get the ps5 copy for free right? So i can get 2 platinums for the same price. then i can upgrade my copy to the deluxe edition for an extra 20$ when ever i get my ps5 and can platinum the remastered version of spiderman 2018?
  9. Thanks for posting this, I won't have time to play games until January but I'll at least try to knock that online trophy before the end of the year. Will DLC trophies be affected tho?
  10. Yeah, that's pretty obvious to understand, I was pointing on the fact that it's now completely up to the developers and I'm hoping the majority of them if not all don't release a separate ps5 version without the ability to carry over your save files because that will most likely include a separate trophy list which some people might abuse depending on the game. SIE already decided to allow save files carry over to some of their games, I'm hoping the other developers will follow this.
  11. lmao, same buddy, I've got a couple of Sony exclusives I still wanna play on ps3
  12. I’m on US region and it’s definitely not there been checking for the past 4 hours now will wait until tomorrow I guess Update: just noticed RAD is also not showing so I’m guessing they will add both later (hopefully) cuz there are only 4 out of the 6 games eligible to download. Update: it's now available, took them a whole day to add it to their library and apparently the problem only appeared for some users not all.
  13. Trine 4 isn’t showing up yet, anyone else having the same problem? The rest of the lineup is there tho...
  14. It's really unfortunate, it would have been 4 games to play instead of 2 but whatever still something at least.