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  1. This sale is really good! So many games I've been waiting to get on sale, such as Dead Cells Rouge Legacy Guacamelee 2 Bleed Bleed 2 Bastion Transistor Hyper Light Drifter And so many more!
  2. Ninja Gaiden for sure I hope they at least release an HD Collection with the first 2 or maybe 3 games kinda like how DMC HD Collection works
  3. Platinum #3 - Furi Fun : 9/10 Difficulty : 6/10 Time : 3 hours 51 minutes (#1 Fastest Achiever) Rarity : 1.55% PSNP This is my 2nd favourite game this gen next to DMC5, I've played it for over 100+ hours, I really like the game design and that you'll have to improve at each boss and get better to beat it, combine the fun of this Challenge with excellent boss fights, awesome soundtrack and thrilling gameplay and you'll have a really excellent game I think I'm underestimating it when I'm saying the soundtrack is excellent, it's more than that Platinum-wise the game's not that hard since you can quit at every boss if you see you have a bad run And I got the #1 Fastest Achiever at 3h 51m but my run wasn't perfect since I glitches at The Burst and died once at The Star Beware that when you finish the game and go to The Star there's a possibility that a never-ending loading which wasted 2 minutes of my plat speed run but all in all I'm really happy with my time:)
  4. #2 Platinum - Devil May Cry 5 This is without a doubt my favourite game this gen, espically that I played DMC4 to death back in the 360, the gameplay was top notch (I really like the Jump Canceling mechanic) but it was lacking in terms of story and enemy design DMC5 though is full with content and in-game secrets I liked all the Playstyles even V, but my favourite was Dante One of the best things about this game is the dynamic music in battle, it really gets you pumped up In terms of the plat it's really Overrated in terms of difficulty since you can cheese everything with Dante using Faust and Ragtime with Nero and you can turn auto assist with V and manipulate the camera to make his missions a breeze (except the bosses) Not saying it's easy, but it's not worthy the 10/10 difficulty but still a little challenging Fun : 9/10 Difficulty : 6/10 Time : 40-50 hours (#30 Fastest Achiever)