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  1. got it now! what a joy! i had to play a lot earlier ... but with ac and killzone shadow i was messed up. luckily it went well ... anyway I ground 3 days ... I had: 4, J and now ace !! hope you got it too.
  2. I wrote to the developer and they fixed the bug for the EU version.
  3. EU you get the High Budget ending?? is glitch?? I see some from Europe who didn't get this trophy. I tried 2 to redo the game twice by deleting the save files. Nothing.
  4. already tried ... gives me page error. and on the ps store EU I don't see dlc Mumbai anyway.
  5. hello ... where can i find the Mumbai dlc? i bought hitman 2 gold edition ... downloaded all dlc except legacy. I also downloaded the dlc “special assignment pack 1” which includes the missions of Santa Luck and Mumbai. but nothing ... in the game I understand that I don't have it .. I can't find it on the EU ps store
  6. What you said happened to me. I reached 50k of a class tour during the game ... but shortly after 2 minutes the game freezes. I had to restart the play, once I got back to the game it seemed to me that I got the tour anyway. So the trophy is already ruined? Now I'm just missing a sniper tour to finish. I will let you know if I got it.
  7. Hello everyone! I bought the "playstation eye" room for PS3 to do burnout paradise trophies .... I wanted to ask if there are other trophies / games to unlock ONLY with the eye camera? Because I wanted to sell the camera ... thanks.
  8. I bought the season pass last year. But I find myself only the first episode .... I had to start the game and download the other episodes? if so i'm fucked up and i can't download any more episodes and i've spent the season pass for nothing.
  9. Trophy taken! Thank you all! @AdruA_ @SunnyCrappyYT
  10. I did it :D 456.00 m! 😬😁
  11. the character I used barbara .... am I safe? or should I do 456?
  12. where or when does the princess unlock? do I go on for the story? I'm on "teens in trouble" .. thanks edit: anything! I found Barbara!
  13. I can't find it on PS Store EU GOG .... is it only on NA?
  14. It happened to me too !! He says my profile is private ... but I checked the settings of trophies: anyone. In the last hours I try to earn a trophy ....
  15. Hello! The online trophies are still available .... I do not know which trophy means what your friend says ... it could be this (Check this afternoon gtm+1 and I'll let you know) First Glory: Competition Awarded for your first win in an [Online Competition] but there's a very difficult trophy ... to win 2 straight games in a legend against COM in myclub: Legendary StreakAwarded for winning 2 in a row in myClub VS COM with Match Level set to Legend