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  1. I reach lvl 50 in online and the one for setting up a heist and the trophies didn't pop anyone knows why.
  2. where is the code
  3. Among us is better.
  4. Idk about you but the first game was amazing and this will be the shit.
  5. dead space 1 mass effect 1 and infamous 2
  6. You didn’t answer my question I asked how I win.
  7. these tutorials are ezpz.If you want hard tutorials try marvels v.s capcom 3 or street fighter 4
  8. how I win I just came because it said I can win a gift card.
  9. I search that websit and it said it was down.
  10. I feel like watching john cena memes rn.
  11. the last of us never heard of the game before trophy hunting and it was a ps plus first playthrough was on survivor and I loved the game have the plat for it to.but don't wanna do TLOU 2 yet because I heard the game was bad.
  12. My name is mayo and road bustle
  13. wwe 2k20 wasn't great it was super buggy and there was a lot of glitches
  14. no if you earn 1 trophy in 1 version the trophy auto pop in the other version