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  1. Well lets be nice lets be nice we don't have to go there I mean you're not wrong but you didn't have to say it.
  2. I got the trophy.
  3. Do I have to complete the prologue in borderlands 2 in order to revive someone on my friends list.
  4. I had a good time laughing,not at the meme but at the responses.
  5. Trying to get to the max friend limit have +1200 so add me THEULTRAMEMELORD if you send a real friend request it will get deleted.
  6. superman 69
  7. necrodancer
  8. 1 question is the money going to you?
  9. I used debug menu to get my plat.
  10. when are you going to plat tomb raider you already have the single player done and the online doesn't take long.
  11. will you be platinuming nickelodeon kart racers soon?
  12. My own profile and anyone who platinum nickelodeon kart racers.
  13. finally no shooting 10 random shit on the map trophy.
  14. I wish it was harder I wanted to see people mad oh well...