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  1. how do I get the new trophy list?
  2. There’s no infinite ammo in the dlc
  3. How long does it take to do all the jobs
  4. Wwe2k19 is already unobtainable so no need to put it in the server shutdown.
  5. Is there a physical copy I think it’s delisted.
  6. Can someone tell the devs that the trophy list for ps4 isn’t synced?
  7. yes we need to make this happen
  8. hey I keep doing the requirements for the trophy and it's not unlocking does anyone know what i'm doing wrong I'm playing on ps5. ok It unlocked randomly during a 64 player match I guess it's just unlocks randomly.
  9. I got this game before it was delisted from the store and is there anyway you can still get the dlc or nah?
  10. because I'm a troll.
  11. the devs don't look happy about this I posted in there discord about the exploit and they deleted my comment instantly so they are most likely trying to patch it.
  12. someone told the devs on twitter about this so get on now before patch.
  13. I hope it does get online I don’t like when a game gets a remaster and the online isn’t in it doesn’t feel like the same game.
  14. what good about this game is you can make community games with passwords for free and you can boost everything.
  15. how long does the online for far cry 2 take if anyone here completed it?