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  1. how long does the online for far cry 2 take if anyone here completed it?
  2. Has NASCAR Heat 2 been delisted from the psn store? I see NASCAR Heat 3 but not on NASCAR 2.
  3. Alright I got the platinum but yeah the store shutdown won't effect the trophy.
  4. will the store shutdown affect the Shut up and Take my money!! trophy?
  5. yesterday I found a ground of spanish people boosting the 100 kills with less than 5 health trophy so I think you can boost and there isn't a lot of randoms because I think it was only released in 1 country.
  6. I saw that Operation 7 showdown is shutting down is there any way to boost the game like in private matches?
  7. I was just trying to play the game normally idk why all of you are mad I wasn't only going after boosting groups I was just trying to win, and I think that you all suck because you couldn't killed me when you had multiple people in the lobby teaming up to kill me.
  8. You need to go on dead servers like Australia,Asia south etc and you need a group of people to play on a day when everyone can play and get into a game it still requires skill to win but you can do it.Some times there are modes that make it so there are less people for example hex a gone trials you need a group of 20 or more and for this mode leave the boosted alone for the hole game and target the randoms when the randoms die you need to suicide or leave to give the boosted the wins.As long as there are no issues with the connections and you all get into the lobby which will happen most of the time you can do it just make sure if you have other people boosting you kill them.
  9. yes It is
  10. that game looks super long I probably can't do it in 1 month
  11. hey I got a question for you.

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Send me a PM and I'll answer when I get a chance.

  12. good job finding this I already finished the online a year ago maybe I'll get into a match and troll people.
  13. have any new reports of server being shutdown?
  14. toy story mania or party panic
  15. party panic