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  1. It looks even worse now than what the leaks showed. No wonder they weren't letting people show the 2nd half of this game.
  2. It's way better than the achievement sites Xbox players have to use.
  3. Sadly not yet anyone know if it's available for those in Canada?
  4. Custom firmware, modding your console.
  5. MP got fixed when new management came in and released a bunch of fixes. It's a lot more fun now.
  6. For the Mt. Vernon level you should have at least 70 points after the first matching game and you must have at least 103 points before you reach the 2nd matching game.
  7. Is it legal for them to be displaying NWA and other brands in their game without permission?
  8. Looking for more psn friends, add StarPlayxr if you're interested
  9. I think if you're new to SF it's not easy but if you keep at it with an open mindset and learn how to anti air and some punish combos it's easily achievable. I've gotten it a few times with 70-80 wins as Mika.
  10. Probably not, heard there is a chapter select.
  11. You only get 50 fm for a ranked match win, it's not efficient to get the 1 million trophy.
  12. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max is one.
  13. Deathsmiles Charlie Murder
  14. Taiketsu was awful and so was DBZ Collectible Card Game.