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  1. Just finished IronBro playthrough in BroForce and finally got my 100% in the game. Such a good title !

    1. DamagingRob


      Ooh, a rare one. And you didn't let it get away. Yes, I have been playing too much Persona this week. :ninja: Congrats!

    2. Paramnesiac86


      Thanks a lot, man ! I actually bought the Ultimate Edition of Persona yesterday, I couldn't resist that price :) 

  2. Nope, I'm trying to completely immerse myself into the game without any distractions. I do listen to some podcasts or watch YouTube vids while grinding mindless stuff, though. Farming Adamantoises in FF XIII comes to mind.
  3. There's a chance that the picture you're trying to upload might too big. Maybe try to make it smaller and try it again?
  4. None of them. I'll get them all eventually
  5. Yes, there is. I just turn off the game, but if I remember correctly you'll find in public matches. Press r1 after.
  6. Oh god, I hope that's not true.
  7. Grind in itself is such a negative word in my opinion, unless you're at the skate park or in a strip club,possibly? Getting an ultra rare trophy is always a nice feeling, but for me that feeling comes from a tough challenge, not a mindless grinding... Now, if you excuse me, I have to go back to my last MK9 trophy.
  8. Now after completing all of the God of War titles after a fairly quick succession, all that's left is the newest instalment of this franchise.


    I completed it before on easy, now I really want to take this slow, play it on hard and hopefully enjoy the whole experience for more than a day or two. 


    It was an exciting run of a great franchise, I can't wait for the next game...

  9. Well, I've just achieved the fastest 100% in God of War III (ps3) :)


    Countless completions over the years, 3 days of practice and the final run went just perfectly. Literally. I maxed out all the weapons right before the fight with Zeus and all that's left...279 red orbs. 


    I am extremely happy and very sweaty :)

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    2. Paramnesiac86


      Thanks a lot buddy! 


      Already clean and fresh :)

    3. DamagingRob


      Nicely done!

    4. Paramnesiac86


      Well thank you,Sir. :)

  10. Yeah, a quick look into few titles and you can tell that's a last cause...
  11. I have to admit, nostalgia is a really powerful thing, because I didn't remember that first God of War sucked testicles so damn much. I had so much fun with Chains of Olympus yesterday, but this clunky mess of a game just don't want to end... And to think there's 1 more playthrough ahead of me, not to mention infamous last challenge. 😱

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    2. panikooooos


      The game has a 5 hour campaign and you're complaining that it won't end bro lmfao, calling a popular game a mess, what kind of a reply did you expect? 🤡 

    3. Charizarzar


      I liked 1 but I had more fun with 2 and 3. I thought 2 had a perfect balance of puzzles and fighting while 1 was slightly too puzzle heavy for me. Good luck with the last challenge, it's a pain. 😬


    4. Paramnesiac86


      I thought I liked 1, but sometimes enemies can be a bit cheap. When there's a lot of them and they down you,sometimes they're juggle you like crazy and there's nothing you can do. Camera can be a pain in some encounters as well. I understand that's the charm of fixed camera, but when I played Chains of Olympus I had way smoother experience.


      Oh, I can't wait for the last challenge, I just know there's gonna be a lot of cursing at my TV :) 

  12. It's still a badly managed, greed-filled game full of microtransactions. Do yourself a favour and buy a cheeseburger instead.
  13. Oh wow. 92% discount on NBA 2k20. What happened there? 

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    2. Paramnesiac86


      I like you

    3. XchocomanX


      Need new whales 'cause you know M I C R O T R A N S A C T I O N S 

    4. MikeCheck--


      Riddled with micro-transactions. Get some food instead

  14. Can I ask why GTA V is whitelisted? I think I missed that part and I'm curious what would have cause this...
  15. !!! I am an old man and I'm usually never hyped for anything, but... I missed Tony so much 🤑 Also :