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  1. After first few hours of Trapezohedron farming I already got 2 pieces. RNG is being very generous :)

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    2. LucileRosethorn


      Only second, once you're like me and have done it 13+ times then you're a masochist! God I love FFXIII 💕

    3. KaiserVendrix


      @Paramnesiac86 They will start popping more often once you've gotten the first, I personally think Platinum Ingot is more of the annoying grind. Once you have all 6 Trapez you'll wish Ingots drop more xD 


      @jmartinez8089 In all honesty that way is such a waste of money, you will end up getting all 6 from farming because you'll be farming Ingots too.

    4. Paramnesiac86


      @LucileRosethorn  I actually played it far more than 2 times. My love for the game is huge, just like you yours :)


      It is my 2nd time I'm going for platinum, though. Honestly grinding for those ingots and Trapezohedrons it's by far the only thing I dislike about this game :)

  2. Nope, only Absolution had those.
  3. Yes Sir. Just try to keep most of the parts until you get all the late weapons and upgrade them fully FIRST ( flamethrower, El Diablo, etc ). If you won't upgrade them all after both playthroughs, this make sure your possible 3rd one won't be too long.
  4. I you already played it before, then go straight away with easy run, then Grounded + afterwards. There's no need for Easy + run.
  5. I would recommend you play on Normal first ( let's just say it'll be more fun for you and prepare you more for Grounded difficulty ), then go straight for Grounded + ( there's a glitch letting you do that, check it out on YT or in a trophy guide ).
  6. Hey man, I can strongly vouch for Horizon Zero Dawn. Story in this game is truly amazing.