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  1. I tend to have fun with those kind of messages. A while ago I got "serious" threats over winning a game of Worms and I simply replied : " I think I'm starting to falling in love with you" and dude just gave up... Well, I'm not flagged yet, so I hope your kid gets a decent education Never feed the trolls, the moment you reply with hate towards them, you lose.
  2. I feel you, absolutely hated that trophy. Unfortunately there's no other way to get that trophy other than keep repeating jumps again and hope that the game will deem them worthy this time. You're on a right track, move on after every BOOM sound and hopefully it'll pop on your next run.
  3. I was on PS4 Well, clearly a weird bug then... False alarm, sorry everyone.
  4. I'm so confused. I've never got the game on PS Plus, nor bought it on my own before on any system.
  5. That's a shame... It seems it might be free just in UK, for whatever reason.
  6. I'm not sure what's the deal with that, but Hotline Miami collection seems to be free in the UK PS store at the moment, so I thought I'll mention it.
  7. I'm confused with all those difficulty trophies in Days Gone. Could anyone point me in the right direction and tell me what would be the fastest road to 100% in this game? 🤔

    1. Leenewbe


      can be done in 2 playthroughs, any difficulty for the 1st one, then ng+ and survival 2 unlocks all the difficulty related trophies

    2. Ragtag_Dude


      Ah, perfect. Thank you very much, good Sir.

  8. Don't quote me on that, but I believe that games like Deathloop or GhostWire Tokyo are coming out on PlayStation, because they were suppose to do that before being purchased by MS, contracts still require them to do that.
  9. Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, then again, I'm still waithing for that remaster...
  10. Well, there it is. I've just platinumed Max Payne 3 !


    NYMHC done on my 2nd try, unfortunately my game glitched on me in chapter 7 while playing for the first time...


    What have I achieved after all of this? - an UR shiny platinum and "The Claw". I'm getting too old I think, cause few hrs straight on PS3 controller does wonderful things to my hand.

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    2. The Arizona Ranger
    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Anxiety


      Congratulations my dude! Getting them UR platinums!

  11. True, in this case though that won't be a problem , since all enemies will be dead before you hit the ground.
  12. Problem with that is, you can still get hit while firing at them this way and in some cases go into LMS, which is risky. If you shootdodge straight through the window, you invincible and kill them with a single grenade every time. Don't worry, it's pretty much impossible to fuck this shootdodge up.
  13. @AJ_Radio Few tips that might ease the pain. LMG guy in chapter 13 is actually really easy to dispatch. Not many people know this, but his weak point is his neck and will die after few bullets if you accurate enough. Airport terminal section can be finish in literally 30 secs. When the section starts, take the right route and kill those 3 guys ONLY then keep running straight until you reach stairs, then just kill the guy on the 2nd floor that's right in front of you. Afterwards all you have to kill is the 3 guys right at the end of the section ( 1 is below, next to the gate that you'll exit and other 2 on the 2nd floor right above that guy I mentioned). After this last trio despatched, you'll get a kill cam which implies all those 10-15 other enemies simply disappeared and you can carry on without worrying about them. There's an easy way to kill with it without any risk whatsoever. When you'll get into control of Max after the cutscene, quickly change to your weapon to GL, then shootdodge towards them through the window and shoot their direction. Then just wait until the 2nd elevator opens and send 1 more nade their direction as well. Works every time.
  14. Better later than never, man. I'm glad it worked.
  15. Go to Augusta 300af, on the 15th floor, use the small elevator on the side. Afterwards just use the main elevator in the middle and that should take you to 12th floor. Augusta Tower can be slightly confusing, I've been there