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  1. I guess I will join the 3rd year anniversary stats. -- In recent news that there is a new META ship after a few days for Helena to end. Not a mention about Fusou Meta except it could be a UR or what? Other than the Stay tuned! After maintenance is this Azuma Fate Simulation. -- Btw, I'd manage to get Choukai after beating 12-4 for a short while & not even unlocking any Elites. Next up would be Bunker Hill, but I'm in no rush since it would be a major challenge.
  2. After watching the 3rd Anniversary AL Stream which I must say is a lackluster. But regardless I did bought North Carolina skin! Also I got my best luck with this wishing well by getting both of the selected girls. Nagato (Took forever btw) 2 times & Dunkerque 3 times (Not pictured). I also got a skin reserved for Nagato who can finally get to wear it. Funny how I got that Nagato ^ & then this one from Black Surge Night below: -- Azur Lane 3rd Anniversary - Cosplay Contest Top 20
  3. Jealously rivals trying to crush their competitors? -- Also I got my 1st PR4 shipgirl which is August!
  4. They maybe legendary, but I haven't even played the game to experience them. Though thanks for the info as I will give it a second thought when it comes out. The only musical rhythm I used to play were: Love Live! School idol festival & BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
  5. So this is the [email protected] girls to be added to Azur Lane collab. Nah! I'll save my cubes as none of these girls caught my eye.
  6. PR1 Ships Unlocked: Neptune Monarch Izumo Saint Louis PR2 Ships Unlocked: FDG Azuma PR3 Ships Unlocked: Odin None are Dev 30, but working on them slowly for each ones except PR3 which all except Odin got the lowest amount of blueprints. Also Drake is the only one I can't develop since I don't have enough Royal Navy points. Btw, I won't waste coins to speed up the PR1 ship builds since coins aren't easy to farm in short amount of time.
  7. I'd decided to work on more Azur Lane wallpapers!
  8. Since back to school IRL is coming close for students! No better way to get the same feeling with these units:
  9. So the other than [email protected] collab another big news is the PR 4 Ships. It's simply TOO MUCH since choosing one to start can be daunting. For my first ships I would focus are: Iron Blood (August von Parseval & Aegir). Which I should have plenty IB shipgirls to able to develop them on the spot. Kinda curious that they didn't mentioned about the controversy! Anyway my cubes are safe for now since I'm not going to pull much as Noshiro & Kasumi might draw some of my interest.
  10. So far these new skins to be in the next maintenance!
  11. I pretty much get more than 200+ cubes from not doing many 5 or 10 pulls unless it is important event, doing like 2 builds a day. Also doing login a day when it involves cubes helps with the buildup not just commission. Even if I don't get the shipgirls that draw my interest *cough* vv *cough* or *cough* Nagato *cough* (which I will keep trying slowly) when using little cubes pull which I would accept the loss without going cube crazy frenzy. Also I do avoid lab random shipgirls blueprint missions involving cubes! Also I NEVER ever spend any real money for cubes as IMO feels like a sin to do it. -- Also as for the leaked Taihou school girl skin, which I'm not going to spend gems since it didn't draw enough interest within me. I did got Little Enterprise along with Morrison!
  12. I'm in the middle of doing Mirror Involution as I have all the build ships including Ticonderoga which she is the 2nd points shop ship managed to pull. I did got the UR bullins ready for New Jersey which I got the banner in under 100 pulls. Once I get the ship Morrison which be the 3rd major event which I get all ships from the event. I did manage to avoid the pity UR pull for the 2nd time. Now I can focus the daily 3 pulls on the wishing well to try to get U-47 & I-19 as well working to get Little Enterprise. As for the spoliers Meta except Helena ships which I am disappointed. Also my thoughts on Blue Archive global to be released by Nexon is going to be a HUGE mistake. -- Here's one: With New Jersey doing a pole dance which spook the eagle! She gets to join with another UR & DR ships! I did bought NJ skin btw! Got everybody except of course Morrison!
  13. It was that time for an important oath to Amagi-Chan! She deserve all that love & headpats! -- After playing Black Surge Night for the first time tonight as I give in my impression. This game is out now in JP version. I must say it is somewhat like Azur Lane in some of the aspects. You do not need a VPN to play the JP version, only the CN version you do. The music so far is pretty good especially the battle sounds & you can either have animated skill moves or non-animated. So far there are couple ways to link your account which being bilibili JP (which I use) or google. The combat is similar to Blue Archive since you can't move your characters & only hit their attack when reaching full circle. This one above is my first SSR character which I already did my first limit break from 20 to 40. It is like Azur Lane in terms to upgrade your dolls aka ship girls or their gears. Their skill on the other hand requires a duplicate character or bulin like npc card. This game won't replace Azur Lane as a main game, but it is very much fun & to be a second top tier game. Quite a more stable game than Blue Archive & so far the developer being very generous on the very first day. I'll give the game 4 stars. All characters does animate especially the main menu which you do pick one secretary & you can choose to have a male or female commander which Azur Lane doesn't have an option since it is a default male. -- I've managed to get these two ships in only a week! My next goal is to get Choukai! Though it will be delayed until after this major Eagle Union & CN anniversary event. Also as for the update which I notice that other people who downloaded it got issues within the game as I hold off it until being forced to do it. Also not helping with more distracting mobile games that I already playing that could distract AL time including: Blue Archive, Black Surge Night & Counter: Side. -- New Ships for the upcoming Eagle Union event:
  14. PS1: Metal Gear Solid PS2: GTA: Vice City PS3: Yakuza 5 PS4: Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune
  15. Azur Lane: Slow Ahead