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  1. "☭Khorovod of Dawn's Rime☭ New Northern Parliament major event, Khorovod of Dawn's Rime, will begin on February 25th. This event will introduce new characters such as Sovetskaya Belorussiya, Kirov and many others. "
  2. "During 2/14 to 2/18 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7), login to receive a Valentine's Day Gift from your secretary, the one on the far left in Profile. Each mail will contain different messages depending on the secretary." -- For my chosen secretary for VD is: Friedrich der Große (This is her message for 2021) -- @Han_the_Dragon, Thanks! Since I want to make it easier for all platforms that I post if I've multiple ships in one event! -- Also quite funny to see this: Eventhough she is not a playable character!
  3. I have manage to get ALL CNY ships from the event! It's the 3rd time that I gotten all event ships since IJN & KMS events. I did got Dido & Montpelier in the pull too! I also bought many of these CNY dorm stuff! Also it's pretty fair to have the ping sisters at the table.
  4. First impressions to Blue Archive: Game tend to crash, gacha rates sucks as the highest 3 stars is 2.5 which compares to AL to SR 2.0, controls pretty simple & couple of maintenance so far. It does look fun as it not that hard to understand with few translation needed when going through multiple choices dialog. As for binding accounts go through: Twitter & Yostar! Definitely no replacement to Azur Lane & pretty much as a side game. I'll give it right now 3.5 stars as it was a very weak first time release. -- As for Azur Lane: I've decided to buy another round of Promise Crate & used up two rings right away. I gave one to Peter Strasser & Takao! Also a strange moment in Operation Siren that Deutschland was at zero health & didn't get sank nor given the red aura w/ wrench! Btw, I didn't get Pola, "GB" or Littorio which I was fine with getting only 5 out of 8 isn't bad. I rather have Zara than Pola!
  5. Upcoming event dorm furniture:
  6. Since Operation Sirens reset is tonight at midnight which I've used up all AP refills & as much health refills too. Eventhough Hiryuu Meta still goes on until March & Ark Royal supposed to be next, but seeing how these two Hiyruu Meta & Enterprise (Alt) would look cool together IMO. -- Anyway, I did decided to buy Zara L2D skin after renting it to see if I go with it! I'd pretty much moved on the event except doing daily bonus & just leveling up the ships before getting ready for the next event & the operations sirens reset. I might get U-410 ship since it is a event reward & not a pull which will be great to add to my Iron Blood fleet. Azur Lane SHOULD have a 3rd Submarine fleet. There is way too many Saratoga skins & I probably going to pass on all the skins that coming out in the next maintenance. As for the new ships as I'll likely will try to pull as the rules still going to be as restrictive as I did in this event.
  7. I got these ships during the event currently right now! I didn't do any 5 or 10 pulls to get these ships in builds. I did purchased Trento skin which btw is nice, though debating if I should bother getting Zara L2D! I decided to not get Hornet's skin since I didn't felt she was worthy of her skin. I wouldn't be sour if I don't get Pola before the end of the event as I rather build up the cubes to higher amount for the event worthy to spend again just like the IJN/KMS class events. Though then again that La Galissonnière upcoming skin would be instant purchase if only I have that character ship. Her animation is bit similar to Taihou's party skin!
  8. It's seems looking pretty good except for one thing! CN/JP gets Crimson Echoes war archive on their next update! Which means the awaiting for Amagi & BaKaga are painful to endure, which she is needed to join my fleet as Akagi, Kaga, Shinano already waiting.
  9. Fubuki has got her own pizza worker outfit like Belfast & already she wants to sleep on the pizza bed. Slacker! While Hornet awaits to see if she will get her own skin since it was announce that it going to come in the next update. That's the pizza toppings I chose for the design!
  10. I'm liking to the pizza restaurant set as Belfast is looking very snazzy in her pizza worker outfit. It's good thing I already have Fubuki as her outfit will be coming in soon enough. It's a real shame that Hornet's outfit so far won't happen on the EN servers. As for the next re-run Italian ship event coming up, which will probably not be much on my radar, though for sure I'm not going to do 5 or 10 pulls. If I lucky to get Formidable then that's fine!
  11. It's another yostar game which involves waifu RPG!
  12. Things went well as I'd manage to get Hiryuu META on New Year's day! Also got Z28 earlier this morning to complete the set of the newest Iron Blood members & she also got her skin that I'd bought too. I did complete the blessing & new years invitation & not sure if I should choose Shoukaku or Montpelier. I also manage to buy Odin skin too! Plus now that I've gotten the preregistration to Blue Archive JP version successfully! Just in case if you need to preregister for Blue archive!
  13. I don't know why the game decided on my first few 10 pulls that I had to get Weser 4 times! Then able to get Prinz Heinrich & Peter Strasser + buying their skins as well. Almost a bust as I'll be doing 3 pulls a day for the remainder of the event. Luckily I still have plenty of cubes as I do need to rebuild the coins a bit. Somehow I get Centaur & Biloxi along the way! Now I got Scamcat which she even gets her own skin too! If that wasn't enough as I got these two as well as I rather pay up the points for U-37 rather than map drop or gacha!
  14. It's mostly good otherwise some translation still in chinese or japanese as well few stability issues with the loading in textures. They should've spend bit more time with maintenance than to release these small patches. I tend to heal more at the port than the healing items! I give it a 4 stars & it does give a decent amount of healing items & action points supplies. A huge plus that involves no morale to your squad & no oil usage (Except to use for Action points recoup).
  15. I've finally completed acquiring Odin after working on F. D. G. leveling up to 119. Next up is still the PR1 ships that I'd been putting on hold. I also decided to do a 1-time rate up for the current return of the war god and got the two ships that I do care more is Hiei & Hamakaze. Though I'm surprise to get Hiei-chan in the same pull & I did bought all 3 Hiei skins after getting the gems package. "Combat Preparation: Iron Blood is a prelude event that will begin after the maintenance. Earn extra experience by sortieing with Z46, Prinz Eugen, Yamashiro, and Kongou to prepare for the upcoming major event." "The long-awaited Operation Siren will be launching on December 22nd, 2020. This update will introduce Operation Siren, Guild 2.0 and Ashes Showdown. We can't wait for Commanders to experience all these new features." Even more news with the later event on 12/29 with more Iron Blood KMS ships! "New KMS event, Inverted Orthant" With trailer: Christmas skins: