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  1. I like the idea of having an auto-generated thread for each game because it would offer a place for more players to give their thoughts and debate on the difficulty/time for a game outside of the comments section for a guide. The only problem I see is that we'd probably want to limit who can vote on such a poll to players who own the game but a forum is open to everyone...
  2. They're not required for the platinum per-se, but they do make your Assault Team members for the bosses stronger and less likely to die which helps with the No One Left Behind trophy
  3. I may have gotten lost on who was arguing for what as I read everything but I too am not in favor of any blanket rules and prefer the current system as is. It results in a few false flags here and there but overall, I think it functions pretty well
  4. And yet every flag is still individually reviewed by a member of the CRT and as @B1rvine already stated, So again, the question is whether or not you trust the CRT and their judgement on whether or not they can determine if something was just a late sync or not. And to be fair, in the dispute that started this entire thread, the flag was lifted as the player was able to show his stats.
  5. Every flag is reviewed by a member of the CRT. If you distrust the process or their judgements, then that's an issue for another thread
  6. I originally voted "No" on this poll but after reading the entire thread, I would change my answer to "Yes" if I could. Most of the examples I've seen provided are such fringe or edge cases that they're unlikely to show up that often. Even if they do, a flag is first reviewed by a member on the CRT before being approved. I think they, like most of us, can apply good logic to the situation and determine if the flag is legitimate CFW or is more likely to be a late sync based on the player's habits, how clean their profile is, etc. No system is perfect, and this could result in some false flags being approved, but that's what the dispute forums and 2 flag allowance is for. All in all, I think the CRT does a decent enough job between the few of them when they need to handle hundreds of reports and the system hasn't failed enough to warrant the blanket changes being suggested here.
  7. Black Ops 3: Personal Decorator. The two hardest tasks that needed to be done included beating the campaign on Realistic and earning a score of 35,000 in the Training Simulator (must be done on Realistic), but there were plenty of other difficult tasks like beating every mission on Veteran without using a checkpoint, completing all the campaign challenges, and a couple more. And this was all for ONE trophy. The Training Simulator is what took me the longest, I had to grind that out for a week before I finally got it. Who knew a Call of Duty platinum would be so difficult
  8. Currently working on Evolve (such a grind). I think I'm going to try Bioshock afterwards
  9. Uncharted 4. Beat the game once but never really wanted to go for the platinum