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  1. Hey all, recently got into trophy hunting as a laid back hobby. It helps me relax, motivates me to 100% the games I play, and broadens the genres I play. Especially with everything going on in the world right now, I've had a lot of down time to play a lot more and look into new games. Recently I've been seeing a lot of judgement from people if they see someone who has specific games that they've played that are "for kids" or "cheap platinums". Personally, I love a lot of short pointless games, as well as "kiddy" games, they are a great change of pace after a 50-100 hour game. Like I stated before, I trophy hunt for the fun of it. However, I am quite proud whenever I platinum or 100% a game, regardless of what it is. My question is; does it really matter what you play or what platinums you have? I personally think there are a lot of different types of trophy hunters out there. Look forward to seeing your thoughts and comments, thanks for taking your time to read. Everyone stay safe out there.
  2. Could have been one that I saw lol Thanks for the input, I agree with you 🙂