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  1. Had the same problem, only solution I found was entirely closing game & restarting from the beginning of that mission. Once I restarted & got back to the end of "Alone" I was able to enter the truck w/ no crash.
  2. The last DLC was free aswell & it gave you 3 additional maps. So I'm assuming its because its a (Ps+ Extra) aka "Free" game & their just trying make a couple extra $$$
  3. The last time the trophy was earned & we learned it was glitched was once the map switch over, so I'm assuming once the map switches whenever from split or season as said it "should" be fixed, but its (EA) so the waiting game must be played.
  4. I'll be playing it a lot since the new update & I find the game really enjoyable. So I'll eventually be able to test out if the prowler or g7 work & ill let you know. But Its highly likely its just to come w/ time/updates since idk why the other gold 4 star guns wouldn't work
  5. Okay, thank you for letting me know. I'm assuming it could be caused by the map storm point. But idk guess well just have to wait till another map goes in rotation or they update it.
  6. I recently started the ps5 version of apex legends after 100% the ps4 version w/ zero to no issues. However when I started playing the ps5 version I got all the trophies relatively easy in the new season 13 update except for Fully Kitted. I looked into it & couldn't find anything about it being glitched but I have now picked up multiple fully gold attachment weapons w/ 4 gold stars. The guide even says u just need full gold attachments which I also did multiple times on different guns & still the trophy didn't pop. Is anybody else experiencing this or has got around it if so lmk. (I have previously completed the ps4 version)
  7. Yey, so for the "wall-run" & "heal" Challenges I found out that for some reason the tracker would stop after you got a certain amount of either kills or heal regen, so Idk if its just a bug or they force you do only do a certain amount on each level which wouldn't make sense since you can boost every other challenge by either just "dying" & repeating that challenge each time. For the collectibles after I finished my first playthrough doing a pretty decent amount of looking for collectibles I was around 2 character orbs & like 4 weapon orbs off of being fully maxed, that's just going take time for someone to find them all & its not easy since the world design is very "none explore" friendly since some places look like you can go there but are invisible walled off or just death zones. *Future Fixes: I assume sometime in the future they are going to add a New Game+ or chapter select since in the previous games they had it, & the game seems pretty "rushed" so wouldn't be surprised they just left that out to push the game out for release on ps now. If your not seeing certain orbs on a 2nd run you might have to fully delete your save?