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  1. I already platinumed the game when it was not broken, and no I never got the reply
  2. Yep, if u don't have cloud back up
  3. PS1 : Metal Gear Solid PS2: Resident Evil 4/ Shadow Of the Colossus/ Metal Gear Sollid 3: Snake Eater/ God Of War PS3: The Last Of Us/ Uncharted 3/ God Of War III PS4: The Witcher 3/ Persona 5 Royal/ Bloodborne
  4. No
  5. Everything can be done offline.
  6. Thanks to this gamer pillar channels videos, I controlled and completed this uncontrollable game. https://youtu.be/RJCbvH91C_M
  7. Sekiro blindfold run, witness the most impressive run. Absolutely mind boggling. https://youtu.be/Xk4cFopy7Ec
  8. I loved it , enjoyed it, platinumed it, it's fuckin awesome, it's very much worth ur time. If u r badass online player u will fucking love it.
  9. Good news, we don't want to experience another cyberpunny 2077.
  10. Nope 2 defeats won't work
  11. 3 wins, 2 draw. 3 wins 1 draw 1 loss. will place u in Div 4.
  12. 1. Uncharted 3 2. Uncharted 2 3. Uncharted 4 4. Uncharted The Lost legacy 5. Uncharted 1 One of the greatest series of games ever made 😍😍😍, I hope the movie don't ruin the phenomenal franchise
  13. Just clean it. If u don't clean it, ur PS4 is going to shut down automatically due to excessive overheating. Make a habit of cleaning ur PS4 once a week.
  14. Dude, if u r struggling, u can earn it after u reach icon level so that u can use icon points on ur attributes like hot head, slippery, drifty. And use only legendary parts on ur vehicle to make it even easier.