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  1. Beautiful volley
  2. Jordan Ayew hero of the first half, GG Lets go Black Star 👏
  3. Two quick goals from Cameroon 63' and 66'😂 Wooow, after Spain 7-0, this is one is my second favorite
  4. Siberia with a comfortable lead That 3rd goal was sooo smooth
  5. Collect 100 hidden packages, grab the hunter (helicopter) go to airport area, start the vigilante mission (also called brown thunder mission) , by the time you reach vigilante mission level 45-50, you will get this take the cannoli trophy. Best thing about this vigilante mission, all the criminal cars just keep spawning in the airport area, you don't have to go anywhere. I used this method and it will take 1-1.5 hours.
  6. Predictions for next matches Siberia 2-0 Cameroon South Korea 1-0 Ghana Brazil 2-1 Switzerland Portugal 2-1 Uruguay Remind me of Maradona and Aguero duo.
  7. Morocco outplayed Belgium Well deserved victory It could have been 3-0, one offside goal😂
  8. Sabiri with a beautiful free kick goal , Morocco 1-0 Belgium Looks like second upset in a row 😂
  9. Belgium 0-0 Morocco Hazard Brothers and De Bruyne need to step up in 2nd half Thanks to VAR, the game is still goalless
  10. 6 minutes added injury time, come on Japan. Thats it Costa Rica 1-0 Japan, Costa Rica with only one shot on target 😂. Wooooow
  11. Fuller scored , Germans must be celebrating 😂
  12. Yeah not a single shot on target Good news, Japan looks dominating now
  13. Japan 0-0 Costa Rica Lacklusture first half
  14. I would like to know if it's really the last dlc. They just keep releasing one after the other
  15. Of course you can Eligibility for leaderboard, read the OPs rules.