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  1. New patch was just released, Platinum is now possible
  2. If you are bored to death with grinding Ring King trophy, I recommend this : 1 - Finish every other trophy first 2 - Use Wolf avatar 3 - Get Lighting wisp which gives coins for killed enemies 4 - Choose stage 7 5 - Finish it once using high path (the one with lighting wispon) with over 900 coins 6 - Record a macro using ps4macro which starts with pushing Square to retry level 7 - Finish recording macro as soon as you see last result screen 8 - Play macro on loop, checking from time to time if it didn't fail Few tips : - try to avoid using joystick, use D-Pad if possible - the less buttons used is better - try avoiding too quick movement and button mashing
  3. Funny thing that just after I've read your post, I've played with a guy who said that if I steal one more of "his" kills, he's gonna ban me. Luckily it was only one accident among many friendly players that I've met before.
  4. I've popped this trophy earlier. I've tried both Raiden and Liu Kang methods, but they both were very unconsisted and I've too often end with 0 hits. What did work for me was Full Auto Jaqui Briggs' Hand Cannon spam. At beginning of each round I've jumped backward (once or twice, to be sure that he won't jump behind me) and proceed to spam Cannon. Usually his shield broke after few shots, while he got close to me to whoop my butt. From time to time I was capable to use X-Ray for few extra hits. Each non-botched fight gave me about 30-40 hits, and extra-lucky ones gave about 60.
  5. Liu Kang boss is up, go get him (if you are lucky enough)
  6. I've started playing when game became available through PS+ and first thing I've checked was boss Invasion, and it was there with Goro boss, however looks like it just ended. I think adding incomplete game without support to PS+ would be a bad PR move.
  7. I did so, checked history on my alt account and it said I lost, launched game on main account but it said that I lost there, too. Strange
  8. Okay I've figured a method to obtain those trophies until they will be patched. All you have to do is to obtain version 1.0 of Talisman. To do this (for digital version) search this forum for "PSN Download Helper" and follow instructions. Beware that version 1.0's controls differs from latest version. Took me some time to pop them
  9. Did anyone else encountered it? I've notice that despite fulfiling requirements for few of them, it didn't poop : The Exorcist Battle Toad Row Your Boat
  10. Case closed, figured it by myself
  11. Oh come on I've just done it yesterday
  12. It's been three times a row without Epic quest appearing in quest log. Is it possible that they were removed?