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  1. First off I agree with @ThalifmUS, however its now the norm for issues to be overlooked and patched later, gone are the days when you could buy a game with little or no issues, we're now the beta testers and the funny thing is we pay them when it should be the other way around. But in saying this I've come to terms with this reality .... Anyways in my experience the PS5 does not run this perfectly. I've had a few crashes and a dumb bug where I could only walk at the slowest pace possible.... no running ….. nothing, it started during a gun fight soooo it was enough for me to turn it off, but to not ruin my experience I'm going to limit my playtime until there is a patch, we've waited this long shouldn't be hard to wait a little longer for a better experience There are plenty of other games out there to keep you busy in the mean time.... is Fallout 76 playable yet? 🙃
  2. anyone know if you can go back to do collectables after you finish the story ? If not where is the best spot to have a save before the end ? Thanks in advance
  3. no sure @DiBBz_94 , i guess try out one of the easier challenges it may give u an indication. I have a bad habitat of smashing Triangle straight away and not looking at Xp given haha
  4. Great Find @mizimmer, that was fast
  5. Hey everyone, There are 27 Secret Challenges The most popular being "Roswell" i was wondering if anyone else has anything different from me so we can compile a full list of all 27 Secret Challenges. So far i have 6 : * Roswell - Find all Alien Plushies * Birdman - Scare 15 Clusters of Birds * Shattered - Break 20 Panes of glass * Beep Beep - Get hit by a vehicle in every Classic Park that features them. * Visionary - Find all the "VV" Collectables (19) * MM Tag - Wallride over all secret graffiti (19) - (not sure what graffiti) Ill compile the full this here
  6. After having the same issue , i can confirm this works :). Thanks guys.
  7. i only ever played Gex 3, but would love to revisit the series with a remaster for sure
  8. PSN: SeriouslyBDCoan FROM: Australia Looking to make new Friends from Australia I play a variety of games, there are some below but check out my psnprofile to get a real list of what i play, its pretty much anything. Also i am on the PSNProfiles discord feel free to add me as a friend on there too EG: SINGLE PLAYER: * PlayStation Exclusives - Gof of War , Ghost of Tsushima , Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. * Whatever seems interesting and fun really MULTIPLAYER: * Dead By Daylight * Battlefield / Call Of Duty / Medal of Honor * Tom Clancy games - Division, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six * Snowrunner * MLB The show * WWE Games * Friday the 13th Check out my profile : Also happy for more friends around the world :), If you add me just let me know you're from PSN profiles
  9. Hey guys, i need help with one trophy, the Worldwide Debut trophy. Just need to have one match online, win or loose, please let me know if you can help. Thanks
  10. PSN: SeriouslyBDCoan Hey everyone, I play a bit of everything, always looking for some mates to take down those dreaded online trophies. I'm from Australia so id recommend if you're also from AUS to add me, but thats not saying that im not open to making international mates too Been playing Battlefield V lately , but also play the division, WWE , UFC, but im pretty versatile, always up for a Trophy hunt if you are