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  1. Nice work! I’ll have to go somewhere in a moment so I can’t read it right now… But what I CAN say is, “hue” did a great job! 😅
  2. Hey @YaManSmevz, I saw you wondering in another thread if Little Nightmares was on sale... I just took a look from Australia, and the base game is 75% off. 😉 I think sales happen across all countries so go take a look! After checking the US PS Store online, I believe getting the base game while it's on sale with Secrets of the Maw separately (contains the 3 DLCs) is half the price of the complete edition. Compare the prices just in case! 😅
  3. You got this! You'll be able to complete it, it's tricky but it's a fair game. I love Furi a ton, so if you need any tips or if you're having trouble with any of the bosses, feel free to @ me in this thread and I'll be happy to help out! 😀
  4. Excellent work mate! Looks like our spirit bomb did the trick! 😅 A job well done. I look forward to that, man! I forgot to add it to my backlog until I saw @rjkclarke have it on his profile! It’s pretty cool how you 100%ed the game man, hopefully us two can join the club at some point too! 😅
  5. Ravenholm was an awesome experience for sure. I distinctly remember there being an achievement for HL2 where you had to make it through the entirety of Ravenholm using only the gravity gun, and holy hell it was a lot of fun. Goes to show how innovative that weapon was-- honestly it's more akin to a multitask tool! If only the Orange Box had trophies on the PS3 version... When I get to GT6, seeing as you've done the Senna DLC, you wouldn't mind if I asked for tips, would you? 😅 I reckon that's the first thing I'll do when I start it, I usually like tackling the hardest aspects of games first to get it out of the way! But then first, I gotta sit through the never-ending pile of updates... 🙃 I could probably run across the entire world in 80 days and it'd still be going!
  6. Update! Time for another update! My 2 week break is over, and it's back to Uni for the next 5 weeks. 😅 Once it's over though, I'll have 3 and a half months off with plenty of time to get to my backlog; I'll definitely do FFX around that point, along with a ton of other games! On the note of other games, here's how the poll's currently standing, it's very close between BioShock 1 Remastered and Okami HD! These are the two big contenders it would seem! I said I'd keep the poll up until F1 2021 is completed and I'm a man of my word! 😎 Apart from that, my initial goal with my review schedule was to release 1 review in my order from Sonic Mania back from 2019 onward, and any recent game completion if I happened to 100% anything in the meantime. Needless to say, I'm sorry for the wait on my Crash 3 review! 😅 Since I'll be preoccupied with Uni for quite a long time, I'll try to complete F1 2021 in the meantime, but I always like to put a ton of consideration into what I write in a review, and I don't want to rush it amidst my responsibilities, so my apologies for the wait! I hope you guys enjoyed the Miles Morales and Sonic Colours: Ultimate reviews! To compensate, I figured I'd give another quick secondary update; a few more games that I've placed in my backlog! Gran Turismo 6 - PS3 My poor PS3 has been neglected for quite some time, so I figured I'd add another PS3 game to the backlog! After F1 2021, I figured this would be a good game to tackle! I'd love to have another Gran Turismo on my profile. The game is divided between a regular list with a platinum, and three DLC trophies-- luckily, the DLC is part of an update, but the painful thing is that GT6 has a TON of updates, and the PS3 is very picky with how you go about it; you've gotta sit just looking at the screen, unable to do anything else! 😅 And what is the DLC? It's a tribute to none other than one of the greatest racers of all time, Ayrton Senna! @Destructor-8 What stage do you reckon you'll tackle this one at? Cyber Shadow - PS5 If it wasn't obvious from my profile picture, I love Shovel Knight! It's one of the greatest indie games out there, and the developers behind the game, Yacht Club Games, had recently published another game, Cyber Shadow, made by Mechanical Head Studios! It features some fast-paced looking gameplay, and it seems like a lot of good fun! Needless to say, it looks pretty kickass! @AJ_Radio Once you're done with the nightmare that is Mighty No. 9, if you like Shovel Knight then I think you'd like this game! 😅 Check out some gameplay of it. I believe it's also had a PS4 release. Little Nightmares - PS4 Needless to say @KindaSabbath, your review sold me on the game! 😅 From the artistic expression of the game, to the trophy list offering a lot of variety, I'm very interested to see how this game will be! I always like puzzle/platformer games, and whilst I've rarely dabbled into things that tip towards the line of horror (I suppose Ravenholm in Half-Life 2 counts!), I look forward to the experience! Once the current poll is finished, I'll probably add these three games into the next poll and let you guys decide what I should prioritize after whatever will win!
  7. It's definitely akin to the dimensional hopping in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. You can alternate between environments completely back and forth so quickly, it's definitely really similar to Titanfall 2's time travelling, I actually have no idea how they pulled it off! 😅 I think the main difference is that TF2 had both maps (past and present) loaded at once, whereas Rift Apart loads between different environments seamlessly; TF2's are both already loaded, whilst Rift Apart can go between different ones that hadn't yet been loaded. However, it's a very similar concept! At least, this is how I THINK it works! 😅
  8. Well shit, I had never heard about the whole thing with David! 😅 That definitely puts things a bit more in perspective for me, I actually didn't know about that. I was certain that because he voiced Snake in Smash Bros Ultimate he'd still be the main actor, but I guess not. Thanks for letting me know about that, I had no idea. When it comes to Kojima's work, I think he's akin to Nomura with the Kingdom Hearts series; great ideas and a free writing spirit, but maybe that spirit might be TOO free. 😅 Yeah, it's pretty funny seeing such a high Aussie emphasis on the Pre-Sequel! 😅 When 2K Australia were developing it, I guess they wanted it to shine. On the note of having a perspective as an Aussie, the first thing I thought about was Davis Pickle, with his Aussie accent and all; I actually decided to look up his voice actor, and it happens to be an actress from England, which is something I find pretty cool! The beauty of voice acting is that it isn't bound by the limitations of factoring physical appearance like with live action. I can't speak for everyone, but I think it's a beautiful thing that people from other cultures and races want to play the roles of Australian characters. Sure, Pickle's voice can be exaggerated, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery IMO. I think the actress is really cool for playing someone like Pickle, and as an Aussie I approve. As for the way he's actually written though (with his dialogue), I'll definitely need to refresh myself on the writing since the last time I played the Pre-Sequel was quite a while ago. One thing I do remember, however, is that the Pre-Sequel really made me not like Lilith as much, she wasn't written to be very likable at all, and it makes my perception of her as a whole less positive. 😅 I won't go in-depth since you haven't played it yet, but I think 3's story also suffers in areas, but it's for the most part good if you're a fan-- The gameplay is where 3 truly shines! Definitely an awesome game with some genuinely funny moments. Good luck if you learn to drive IRL man! Do you reckon you'll drive automatic or manual? With automatic, you don't have to worry about gear changes; when you're driving you pretty much work with just Drive, Reverse and Park instead of gears. ☺️ If I do GT6, I'll definitely switch to manual for the Senna DLC too-- automatic can restrict your exit speed since it automatically changes gears on turns. Good times in races all come down to those turns. The thing that worries me is needing to turn down traction control! 😅 The vehicles Senna used are quite prone to spinning out if you go full throttle, and low traction will be the time killer for me. Great job with 100%ing GT6 man!
  9. @Copanele Along with these 2 gentlemen, I too would like to suggest Furi. 😎 Similar to what realm722 said; if I can finish it, I'm very confident you can too. I'm not nearly as good as gaming as some of the others on this site, so if a monkey like me can somehow manage it, then you've got this! 😅 P.S. The game's got kickass music.
  10. Gran Turismo 5. Furi. GTA 4. Bloody brilliant games for sure! GT5 especially is one of the hardest racing plats out there, fantastic work on getting that done! Furi is also another great game, one of the best indies out there. GTA 4 is also another big grind with a cool story as well! Awesome trophy cabinet, it definitely shows that you have a passion for games! 👍
  11. GTA 5! An iconic game for sure. It's got a great story and swapping between three characters each with fleshed out character progressions was pretty innovative in the series. Not only that, but it's a really rare plat as well!
  12. Nice work on the completion! I've played a couple shooters like Galaga, the genre is pretty iconic when it comes to video game history! The Sega Saturn was also quite a gem of a console, very underrated for sure. Cool to see how there's a level system to your damage, it's always the smallest and simplest things that can go a long way in spicing up the formula. 👍
  13. @Wild-Arms-R Glad you liked the review! Those are some great points you make as well. Especially how Sonic Team tried to make something that'd appeal to Mario fans; I additionally think they really took that concept a step further with Sonic Lost World. Despite Lost World having a bad story, I actually do respect Sonic Team for trying something new, even if it did lean to similarly to the Mario Galaxy games (even though SA2 had Mad Space with the whole gravitational planets thing as well 😛). With whatever they'll be doing with the upcoming 2022 game, I sincerely hope it's something great. On the note of the platinum, I actually think Colours: Ultimate has a really fantastic trophy list when it comes to Sonic games, asking you to S rank everything and collect all red rings; it asks for a true 100% completion which is great to see. I wonder if they'd shake Generations' trophy list up if it gets a remaster since it similarly asked for 100% completion.
  14. @rjkclarke Just read through your recent reviews on MGS: GZ and Agents of Mayhem! The MGS series is quite iconic for sure; I'm pretty sure there's a reference to it hidden in Astro's Playroom, the playable tech demo for the PS5. Games in the series like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has a killer OST, so I must ask; what are your thoughts on Ground Zeroes' OST? And man, Kojima is definitely a great director in my eyes; he's a man who takes risks and has a vision for sure. It's crazy that he developed a game like Death Stranding in his first work as an independent studio! I'm tempted to get the game at some point, but it's got a horrific grind apparently! 😅 Maybe I'll play it at one day, seeing as a director's cut was recently released. And as for Agents of Mayhem, while I'm not too well versed in the Saints Row series, the note you made about liking cel-shaded aesthetics in games made me instantly think of the Borderlands series; needless to say, I took another gander at your profile to see if you've played the games, and you've done 1, 2, and the Pre-Sequel and Tales, nice! Do you reckon you'll do Borderlands 3 at one point? It's a pretty good game IMO-- the Circles of Slaughter can be a bit tough solo, but the game's a lot of fun overall. I'm on the complete opposite end, I've yet to do Borderlands 1! 😅 As an unrelated side note, I just realized you've also done GT6, that's awesome man! I've been considering doing GT6 for ages and dusting off the PS3, but apparently downloading the updates is an absolutely loathsome experience. If I ever get to it, I'll probably do the Senna DLC first since that's the trickiest thing. I know it was such a long time ago since you completed it in 2015, but what were your thoughts on getting all gold on the Senna stuff? I've seen that you've been playing AC:VD recently. It looks pretty tough, but you'll get through it! Playing something like that and pushing through your limits is something I respect! The hardest trophies are almost always the ones you look back on more fondly, like KH3's Risk-taker trophy! 😀 When it's done, you've got a damn good completion on your hands. It seems like a tricky game, but you'll get it mate, keep going! Take my strength!
  15. I look forward to your discussion of Kratos' family feud in GoW III! 😅 The Sly games have always been something pretty cool; I've never gotten into the series but the character designs are quite iconic. It's also surprising to see Bejeweled on PlayStation, I didn't even know that was a thing! I remember playing it ages ago, it was a neat puzzle game. What a blast from the past to see it came out in 2009 on PS3! That was a good year.