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  1. Hope I'm allowed to review more than one person! 😅 Like I said in my earlier post, I love seeing people's profiles and getting an idea of what games they love and the challenges they've pushed through. It's a really great aspect of a trophy-hunting website such as this where we're all congregated together. I find it to be really cool, and I figured this would be the appropriate thread to discuss it best. With you mentioning MGS and all, not gonna lie, I got partially interested due to those Ocelot gun spinning videos on YouTube! I entered a real rabbit-hole with that a couple weeks ago. There's some really talented people out there who can truly replicate Ocelot (But I digress 😅)! It was worth it as your list has some really good games! Especially Gran Turismo 5, you're so close to getting the platinum so I hope you'll go back and consider finishing it, that'd be a legendary plat in your collection. The Vettel challenges are tough, but you're on the final stretch! In terms of other games, the GTA 4 plat is also very well done! That's a huge game with a lot of planning necessary for the online, so pulling it off is an impressive feat and has a great place on your trophy list. I see you've not only got the platinum, but also the 100% as well! You're so close with GTA 5 as well, but it's a shame that the online on PS3 is way too risky, and I believe Run Like the Wind is unobtainable now. Due to that, making it that far in GTA 5 is still a very great accomplishment. Another thing I like looking at with profiles is a person's first platinum. It's always an interesting tidbit that speaks to me about the gaming interests of a trophy hunter, and you've chosen Assassin's Creed 2! That's a really great game, and you see a lot of diversity as you reach each milestone, from GoW 3 as the 20th plat, to Spyro 3 as your 100th. Submerging yourself in different genres is a very respectable thing and shows to me that you love to try out many different games which is a great quality in a profile. Overall, a very nice profile with some impressive trophies and some great history with your milestones! 8.5/10, but it'd definitely be a 9/10 with the GT5 plat! Good luck if you go back to it, you can do it! Believe! Your profile is pretty solid too! Personally I don't find enjoyment out of cheap games with quick platinums, but you've evened it out very nicely with some great quality games like the Witcher 3 which is a wonderful completion. Horizon Zero Dawn is another great game and definitely one of the big IP's when it comes to PlayStation and the legacy of the PS4. You've had your profile for quite a long time and inFamous Second Son is an awesome first platinum! You don't shy away from hard games either; Even if it isn't complete, it's really cool to see Wolfenstein 2 on your list! Looking through your list further, I see you have a liking for the Madden games! I personally enjoy motorsport games, and it shows that no matter how different sports can be, from football to racing, it's an aspect of life that connects cultures and people, so games that reflect that on your profile is really cool! And also, I like your Persona 5 Royal background! Definitely one of my favourite games of all time! It's really an amazing game, I hope they port over Persona 4: Golden to PS4 at one point since it was initially a PS2 game that got ported to the Vita after all. I guess we can only wait and hope! 😅 A 7/10, there's some quick plat games here and there, but it's portioned well with some very great game picks. Those Madden plats are really awesome and even just seeing Wolfenstein 2 there even if not completed shows that you're willing to try games from every corner! 👍
  2. Very impressive profile; lots of difficult games in the fighting genre like Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I also see you recently finished P4AU which is also another fantastic game as well. FighterZ is another game with a ton of passion put into it with some stunning animations and visuals which makes it great to see on any list. You've got the Jak trilogy, the GoW games, alongside DB Xenoverse 2; plenty of variety with the games you choose which is really neat! You've also been going with your account for over a decade which is a very admirable milestone. I always played the PS1 and PS2 in my childhood but moved to the Xbox line of consoles from 2011-2019, and only recently started a profile on PS so it's cool to see that you've been with Sony for so long. A great UR trophy ratio too! One of my favourite aspects of coming to this website is always finding new people with insane trophy lists; seeing the determination that people put in to make their profiles shine. Through your years, it shows that across accumulating very great platinums and 100%'s, you've put in a lot of work and I must say that I wish you the best of luck with any future game endeavors you decide to conquer next. I see now you've got Street Fighter X Tekken across the PS3 and Vita, alongside some others down the list like Street Fighter V that I know you'll be able to finish. You can absolutely do it considering the other feats you've managed to do. A 10/10 for sure. Profiles like this inspire me with some of my own games too; I've been considering doing Furi for my 50th platinum milestone despite it's difficulty because profiles like these make me realise that I, too, can accomplish such things if I put in the effort.
  3. Platinum - #44 God of War III Remastered King of the Hill God of War 3 marks the end to Kratos' vengeance against the Greek pantheon for denying him release from his nightmares. By it's end, Kratos is not free, and with the world left in chaos after defeating Poseidon, Hades, Helios, Hermes, Hera and Zeus, he decides to do some good and spreads the hope contained within Pandora's Box onto the world. The story behind GoW 3 is a brilliant and climactic finish, starting off full force with a fantastic fight against Poseidon on top of Gaia, as revenge for the titans being banished to Tartarus (the lowest depths of the underworld). What I love about this first fight is that the giant water horse creature you face at the beginning is but one part of Poseidon as a whole, and naturally it doesn't faze Kratos. After putting an end to him, Olympus is flooded, and Kratos and Gaia make their push to Zeus. Zeus however came prepared, and hurls a giant strike of lightning and thunder, partially destroying Gaia's left hand and plunging the two down Mount Olympus. After a betrayal from Gaia, claiming she only used Kratos as a pawn, he falls to the pits of the underworld, conveniently placing him near Hades. After another fantastic boss fight with a tug of war into the River Styx, Kratos manages to steal Hades' own soul, and you get to use his own weapon which is just awesome. Upon returning to Mount Olympus like it's nothing, Kratos runs into Gaia, and slices her left hand and plunges her down the mountain for her betrayal. Soon after, you're plunged right into a battle amidst Helios and one of the raging titans. With one shot of an arrow, Helios is thrown onto the ground, and Kratos uses his head to illuminate the upcoming cave sections, allowing for some interesting combat sections where you can blind your opponents. Next is a race against Hermes through the city of Olympus, and you then acquire his leg armour allowing you to run at blazing speeds across walls and ledges, which opens up great opportunities for exploration. Even with Hercules, you get to use his gauntlets to defeat specific enemies with shields. What I really enjoy about this game is how after defeating each god, their items are used to influence the gameplay. Even with Hera, a god you don't specifically fight (similar to Helios), you use the gemstone placed inside her drinking glass to traverse through a maze in a really cool puzzle sequence. After learning that there is another power contained within Pandora's Box, Kratos learns from Hephaestus (a smith god exiled to the underworld) that the box's surrounding all-powerful flames has a secret key, which is revealed to be none other than Pandora herself. She's locked within an intensely secure labyrinth that's beyond a broken bridge contraption, and Hephaestus therefore sends Kratos to Tartarus to obtain a stone needed to craft a new weapon to reactivate the bridges. After an incredible titan fight against Cronos, Kratos returns with the stone in hand, and ends up being "betrayed" by Hephaestus. I say that in quotations because unlike the other gods, we actually learn through later dialogue in the labyrinth that Kratos does in a sense respect Hephaestus regardless; Kratos' entire journey is trying to forget about what he did to his wife and daughter. He's a father on a mission, and he respects that Hephaestus was just trying to protect his daughter, which he even begged in his final words. All the other gods try to kill Kratos out of pure fear, but Hephaestus just wanted to save his child. Despite Kratos' anger against the gods, he does recognize that Hephaestus had a real purpose for what he did. It's a minor thing, but it gives Kratos a lot of character. He learns to understand Pandora's trust in the idea of hope. As the two encounter Zeus, Kratos pleads with Pandora not to head into the flames as this would result in her death, and that they should try and find another way; he learns to value her life and remember what it means to be a father-like figure. At the end, he releases this hope onto the world as aforementioned, which is a great end. This concept of being a father and having a second chance is something that serves as a basis for his character in GoW 2018. Difficulty-wise, the game isn't too demanding for the most part, but the game sees quite a drastic difficulty spike from the final labyrinth fight onward on Titan Mode (pretty much the end of the game). There's one fight especially when you return to the judges in the underworld that's very full on, as you're tasked with fighting a giant cerberus and two satyrs at once. The satyrs are very tough enemies when you don't know what you're doing; simply spamming the square button won't work with these guys, you've got to understand the mechanics of the game to be able to deal with them. However, this makes it all the more rewarding when you actually beat it! 😅 Not to mention those challenges of Olympus... Jeez, having to do the one where you get turned to stone 10 times made me rethink everything, it's very tough and luck based. However, a VERY GOOD TIP with this challenge is to try to grab the gorgons as this makes them automatically turn you to stone which alleviates A LOT of the luck for this challenge. Overall, this is one fantastic game! Do give it a go if you're looking for a fun hack-and-slash game with some cool bosses. Difficulty: 5.5/10 (Most trophies aren't hard, but the end of Titan Mode and the challenges are demanding, so it does bring this up. If the entirety of Titan Mode was tough, this would be a solid 6 or honestly even a 6.5, but since it's really only the end that's tough, I reckon around the 5 range is accurate, personally.) Enjoyment: 9/10
  4. Persona 4: Dancing All Night (PS4) Platinum #43 - Dancing All Night Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a great new adventure in the world of Persona 4. It comes with new characters and an interesting scenario where the Investigation Team head into a realm similar to that of the TV World to save some new friends through the power of dance. It's definitely more substantial than P5 Dancing because it contains a story mode, and it's quite a lengthy one! The selection of songs is also quite vast, and there's some really great remixes in here! There's lots of different genres of music too, so there's something for everyone in this game. I would go on and play P3 Dancing next (since the only way to get P4 Dancing on PS4 is in a bundle with all 3 games), but I've yet to properly play Persona 3 myself, so I reckon I'll do that on PS3 before I get to it's dancing game. 😅 Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Difficulty: 3/10
  5. Sonic Adventure 2 (+Battle DLC) - PS3 Completion time: 5 days, 6 hours Here we go, SA2. One of my favourite Sonic games. Released back in 2001, it's still a great game in the series 20 years later... but it isn't without a couple of faults that show with age. Regardless, I really enjoyed my time with this game again, and I'll do my best to explain my experience, so let's go! Shadow as a character: I definitely want to talk about this aspect first. Shadow in recent years really isn't the character he should be. He was a lot more in-depth in SA2 and seeing as he was created just for this game initially, I feel it's important to discuss him first. The story in this game marked the shift of tone in the series during the 2000's; it has a more complex plot, more intricate storylines, and deeper character motivations (at least for Shadow). What I like about this game is that while it did have a general serious theme with newcomer Shadow, it didn't try to be edgy. It was grounded, and managed to still convey his story in a manner fitting for the Sonic series. Shadow as a character in this game isn't some generic Vegeta clone like how we see in recent games. I'll get more into that later on. With the serious tone of this game, it's sorta in the same manner as that of Majora's Mask in the Zelda series where it also managed to have a mature theme without needing a mature rating. The big aspect of Majora's Mask is witnessing the townspeople slowly turn to nihilistic tendencies due to their imminent demise, and the refusal to accept the death of their peers, and themselves. That in itself sounds like a crazy concept totally unfamiliar to the Zelda series... but it pulls it off very well because it stays grounded, and the game isn't without it's cheerful moments. It isn't gritty. With SA2, it revolves around a scientist gone mad due to the death of his granddaughter, Maria, at the hands of a military force literally named "G.U.N.", and follows the pursuit of the ultimate life-form, Shadow, as he attempts to avenge her under the mistaken belief that humanity is a lost cause. Reading that sentence, you're probably thinking that this has no place in a Sonic game. After all, how do you go from a blue hedgehog running from left to right and saving woodland creatures, to a story... like this? But it works, because as aforementioned, it doesn't glorify the tragic concepts. What I mean by this is; take the 2005 Shadow game for instance. The idea of that game was how "cool" and "adult-like" Shadow is, because he swears, he has guns, he shoots people etc etc.... This very clearly failed because Shadow's contemptuous attitude in SA2, his debut, was always to mask who he really was deep inside. The 2005 Shadow game believed being edgy is mature, which is far from reality. It ruined his character because Shadow had always meant to be a very emotional and delicate person inside, while being collected on the outside. All of his actions and conviction in SA2 were driven by emotion, even before he realized his actions were wrong. See, in SA2, it's discovered that Gerald Robotnik tampered with Shadow's memories to have him mistakenly misinterpret Maria's final wish, which was truly to be humanity's companion. Everything he did in SA2 was because he wanted to fulfill her promise. The moment he realized the truth, he shed a tear. This is a very telling moment for him; Shadow's evil persona was a facade. Beneath it all, he's a character who hasn't moved on from losing his best friend, and realizing the damage he had done for a false cause made him immediately backtrack and help Sonic and Knuckles reverse the Space Colony Ark's fall to Earth. He didn't hesitate to help out someone who was an enemy just a moment ago. At the end, he sacrificed his life to ensure the Ark wouldn't collide with Earth, thus fulfilling his friend's final wish. Shadow was never meant to be evil, nor would he ever throw away his friends. He never abandoned Maria's wish, so the very concept of him being scornful to his teammates is completely out of character. Heck, for as bad as Sonic 06 was, I actually think it really nailed Shadow's personality. I look at recent stuff like the animated shorts for Team Sonic Racing where he doesn't help anyone but himself and it just doesn't make sense for him. He really feels like a Vegeta clone, which is the complete opposite of who he was at the end of his development in SA2. I don't think Shadow should be labelled an "anti-hero." Rather, he should just be written as a "hero" because that's what his actions at the end of SA2 defined him as. Partially because Maria wanted him to be that way, and he wanted to fulfill her wish, but it really is who he wanted to be for himself as shown with his sacrifice. He was an intricate character in SA2 with a lot of depth underneath it all. Story: As for the story itself, it starts with Eggman trespassing a G.U.N. base in search of a mysterious "ultimate life-form", a remnant of Gerald Robotnik's legacy. Upon reaching the pod of this enigmatic creature with a silhouette not too different than Sonic, it beckons that Eggman obtains all 7 chaos emeralds, and to meet him on the Space Colony Ark. Shadow causes havoc across the city to warn the world of Eggman's rise of power, and due to a similar silhouette, the military immediately assumes that Sonic is the culprit. I do often see complaints that the military mistaking Sonic for the true culprit makes no sense. They're both completely different colours after all. However, Sonic does turn yellow when he becomes super, which he did in front of likely many onlookers during Perfect Chaos' rampage in SA1, so the idea of him turning black in and of itself doesn't really seem that far-fetched from the point of view of a random civilian in the Sonic universe. Sonic is contextualized to be able to change colour per form, so I chalk it up to the military assuming he's under the influence of a new form. Of course though, this is merely a head-canon and doesn't excuse the actual plot-hole here. Shadow uses a new ability, Chaos Control; the ability to manipulate the energy derived from a chaos emerald to travel at warp speed. Bewildered by this, and a brief monologue by Shadow, Sonic loses sight of the culprit, just in time for the military to surround him by all sides. After this turn of events, we learn that Knuckles has encountered a jewel thief, Rouge, who attempts to steal the Master Emerald, the last relic and connection Knuckles has to his ancestors. In the midst of their argument, Eggman swipes in to steal the emerald, but Knuckles steps in to protect it at all costs. Eggman attempted the same thing back in Sonic 3 which is a good callback, and Knuckles hastily shatters the emerald to stop Eggman from stealing it. He could have tried attacking Eggman directly, but he got electrocuted while doing so in Sonic 3, so drastic circumstances call for drastic measures. Meanwhile, Tails has arrived at Prison Island in search of Sonic, who had been captured by the military. Somehow, Amy has also arrived on this heavily militarized base... I really have no idea how. I can make up reasons for the military mistaking Sonic, but not this. No comment here, but I digress. Upon rescuing Sonic, the blue blur meets his rival face-to-face; Shadow. After a quick strife, Sonic discovers that Prison Island is set to blow up, and quickly recovers Tails and Amy before the imminent destruction. From the dark story standpoint, Eggman had ordered Rouge to plant bombs in a G.U.N. base after snatching some chaos emeralds (I assume to cover up the evidence? If not, then I just chalk it up to Eggman being evil). However, Rouge had inadvertently trapped herself inside the base, and with an irreversible bomb countdown, Shadow used his chaos control to recover Rouge and the emeralds in a nick of time. Upon questioning Shadow's intentions later on the Ark, Shadow clarifies that he only had the intent of rescuing the emeralds, not her. However, it's clear that there's more to Shadow... With a plethora of emeralds, Eggman uses the power of the Eclipse Cannon, a weapon of mass destruction built aboard the Ark, to fire at the moon as a bargaining chip against Earth's powers to build his Eggman Empire. Facing this, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and even Knuckles (still in pursuit of the missing emerald pieces), travel to Eggman's hidden pyramid base to board an unused rocket to head for the Ark. It's so crazy and ludicrous, but that's what I love about this story; it doesn't take itself too seriously and I can't help but enjoy it for that. 😅 Upon arriving at the Ark, Eggman has cornered Amy and Tails, and orders Sonic to give him his remaining emerald. Eggman was always meant to be an intellectual genius, and this is definitely one of this best scenes for sure; Eggman claims that the emerald is fake, prompting Tails to ask how he knew, which inadvertently confirmed it was a fake. With no hesitation, Eggman traps Sonic in a pod, and sends it out to space to explode. However, the emerald, while fake, was clarified by Tails earlier that it still maintained the same properties of that of a real emerald. And upon witnessing Shadow's chaos control in their first encounter, Sonic attempts the ability as a last-ditch effort, and surprisingly pulls it off. Following a great moment from Eggman, Tails also gets a moment to shine. While he's a coward in the newer games, he fights Eggman under the assumption that Sonic is dead, and manages to prevail. Tails' entire arc in SA1 was learning to fend for himself, and such character progression really shines in this scene, unlike newer games like Sonic Forces. Learning that Sonic had survived, Shadow makes a rush to the cannon to stop Sonic from disabling it. A good juxtaposition to Sonic's initial bewilderment at Shadow's chaos control; he can't help but reciprocate the same astonishment at Sonic pulling it off. After a clash between the two, the cannon doesn't fire... Upon witnessing a message projected by Gerald Robotnik, he reveals that the emeralds aren't used to just fire the Eclipse Cannon, but rather, it's to send the entire Ark itself on a crash course for Earth; while developing Project Shadow, G.U.N. feared it's power, and eliminated everyone on board the Ark to shush anyone associated with the project. Gerald's granddaughter, Maria, was caught in the crossfire, and so he vowed to use the Ark itself to destroy the planet. Immediately, everyone heads to the cannon's core to reverse the effects... all but Shadow and Amy. Shadow's actions in this game were to fulfil the wish of his best friend, Maria, but Amy inspires Shadow that there's hope for humanity, and it suddenly clicks within him that Maria did indeed wish for him to be a companion to humanity, not a threat. Shadow makes his way for the core to reverse his actions and atone for his choices, and defeats the Biolizard, the initial ultimate life-form prototype, alongside Sonic, and sacrifices his life in doing so. Overall, a good story indeed. Not without it's plotholes of course, but Shadow's sacrifice is an endearing end to what could have potentially been the last Sonic game amidst the end of the Dreamcast. I did skim over quite a bit, especially the story progression between Knuckles and Rouge, and heck, a lot about Rouge as a character like her being a spy for the government... but I've already spoken way too much already, I don't want this to be too long. 😅 Anyway, next up is the three gameplay styles, alongside the chao garden. Speed stages (Sonic and Shadow): Easily the best gameplay style in the game. It's the same 3d platforming as that of Sonic's gameplay in SA1, but the controls are definitely more toned down; you can't spam the spindash anymore for example. Likewise, the level design is also toned down, you can no longer skip many sections like with SA1's Ice Cap, but there's still room for altenate paths and tricks to get more points. Speaking of points, this is the first Sonic game to implement a rank system, based on your perfomance in a level. SA1 had a similar thing with each stage having "levels" C through A, but that was merely completing an objective whereas SA2's A-ranks must be earned through absolute precision through each stage, through a time bonus and score from performing tricks on rail grinding (another new implementation in the series), and destroying enemies. Treasure hunting stages (Knuckles and Rouge): Next is the treasure hunting. Unlike SA1, you can only identify one master emerald shard at a time. This means you can quite literally be right next to one, but you could potentially have no idea. A-ranks in treasure hunting stages are earned purely through time. In getting each emerald very fast, you earn perfect bonuses which grant 2000 points each, alongside a good time bonus to push you to the A-rank. Using hint boxes reduces the bonus you get for collecting each emerald, so they must be used sparingly. For what it's worth, the initial treasure hunting stages are very fun since each level is divided into three main areas. Take Wild Canyon, where you have the initial underground area, and two hallways above ground. Pumpkin Hill is divided by three floating islands too. Security Hall for Rouge is divided by looking through three different coloured vaults which can be activated by a room at the top of the map, where you may stumble across an emerald on the way. By making laps through each section, you're bound to find all 3 emerald shards in 3 laps, which is definitely executable. The issue lies in the later stages; specifically Death Chamber for Knuckles, and Mad Space for Rouge. See, these levels no longer have just 3 main sections; there's a ton more to go through, and more places to go through means more time, which means much more frustrating A-ranks which are needed for the 100%. I love these stages as a whole, but these last 2 in particular are very tedious. Ironically, the mission 5 "hard modes" for treasure hunting stages are arguably the easiest since the 3 emeralds are in fixed locations every time, meaning you can easily get great time bonuses. Mech stages (Tails and Dr. Eggman): The mech stages, built upon Gamma's gameplay from SA1, sees Tails and Eggman control mechs where you can shoot enemies in chains, with an emphasis on slower platforming sections. Unlike Gamma's gameplay, it's no longer chaining enemies against a time limit, but rather to get higher combo bonuses for the A-ranks. As a whole, i love this gameplay style, especially Eggman's Cosmic Wall stage, you can chain a ton of enemies and get a really high score. Overall, not too much of a drastic difference from Gamma's stages in SA1 so there's not much else I can say, other than the fact that it's really fun. Chao Garden: Unlike the mech stages which didn't change too much in SA2, there is one thing that did make a big change, and that's the Chao Garden. Yup, you bet I'll be talking about this. After all, this makes up 1/4th of the entire game, and you'll be spending a lot of time here to get the remaining emblems necessary for the 100%, A chao is a creature you can raise to partake in races and karate, against other competing chao. It's a very pet-like experience that incorporates the three main gameplay styles, as you can use chaos drives dropped by enemies to influence a chao's stats in swimming, power, running, flying, and stamina to enhance their performance in the races and karate. You can also use animals to increase their stats, while also influencing their appearance. The biggest influence to a chao's appearance, however, is what character you raise them with. If you use a hero side character, they'll form into a hero chao and unlock the hero garden, and dark chao/dark garden from a dark character respectively. They've each got very different visual appearances which encourages you to try out raising a chao in all sorts of different ways. This section definitely takes a long time. I timed raising one chao to max stats, and it takes roughly 8-10 hours when you know what you're doing without the infinite animal glitch. Had I done so, I reckon I could've maybe had a time under 4 days, but I didn't want to take that route, so I raised 2 chao legitimately, which is the minimum necessary for completing all races and beating all opponents in karate. Overall thoughts: I'll try to keep this last part short since I've already said my thoughts, but in the end, this is a really great game. The story has some inconsistencies but the portrayal of Shadow was quite endearing in this game. The gameplay is very fun across the board, and the chao garden definitely incentivizes you to replay levels to raise your chao. Unfortunately, later treasure hunting stages can be tedious but overall it's very fun. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 6/10 (Not too troubling if you're well acquainted with the game. Upon a blind first playthrough, you may find this to be a 7/10 or even maybe a 7.5/10 because Death Chamber and Mad Space can be tricky, alongside A-ranks on everything as a whole on your first time, but after repeat playthroughs I personally put this at a 6/10)
  6. Nice work with the 100%! Funnily enough those are the exact same three fights I didn't need to do codes for either. Melody of Memory is a pretty fun game, it's got a good selection of songs throughout the entire series. Since you've finished all the other KH games then I reckon you'll like it a lot. And as for the fire stun in that speedrun, it's pretty insane. This is sorta the same kind of strat used with KH2 Data Org speedruns so it's cool to see that it carried over into KH3. But once again, good work with the Risk-taker trophy! 😎
  7. Whoops... after reading this first part it clicked in me that you meant the trio fight in the keyblade graveyard and not the individual fights against them in the Data Org. I wanted to quickly mention this because I accidentally completely skipped the detail where you were referring to the base game fight against the three. Just wanted to clear up my mistake there as it would've looked like I said I struggled with base game Saix earlier which was not my intention. 😅 He's definitely the easiest fight in the entirety of KH3 with how OP Roxas is. Anyway, as for your current progress, I do think your move of turning off a pro code for the trio fight in the base game was good as well, because the beginning is really tricky with all three of them. Even if it's only one or two codes, anything that gives you more options during that part makes it a ton more manageable. Funny how you mention the checkpoints mid-fight; when it's the solo Data Org fights they usually progress to harder attacks as the battle goes on, so you'd think with ALL THREE of them there they'd just unleash everything at once and make it easy for themselves, but they never do. I know, video game logic and that'd be too unfair, but those three really didn't work out their plan it seems! 😅 I figure they'd have a much easier time beating Sora if they went all out. At any rate, if you only turned off the shotlock restriction with Lump of Horror, Skoll, and then this, then you're not missing out on too many points. 143,500 points is a really solid point to be at for the base game! You do get a lot more points from the Dark Inferno and Data Org fights than you do the other bosses, so the rate now will be pretty fast and exponential. As a good tip, and something that's seemingly missable; the Armored Xehanort fight in the Re:Mind section (before the Data Org episode) can actually give you points as well. I think you only get 10,000, but every bit counts. I believe it's the part when you fight him with Sora and Kairi, but keep the codes on before that just in case. But with that said, good luck with the lvl 99 grind, and make sure to stock up on some cooked food from here on out as it'll really come in handy. You got this. 👍 Edit: On the note of the Data Org, I stumbled upon this cool speedrun of it, it's really cool if you wanna check it out, and I thought it'd be interesting:
  8. If you at the very least want to skip Yozora, you're doing very well so far, so definitely don't worry about him. He's only an absolute last resort if you really miss out on a ton of points. In retrospect I turned quite a few codes off for the base game bosses and some Data Org members, and even then I still didn't have to go through Yozora with the codes, nor Xion and Master Xehanort, so I'd say you're all set. 😉 Turning off some pro codes for Young Xehanort and Xemnas is a good idea, I did the same as well, alongside Saix, and I believe Marluxia too. I did turn off some codes for quite a few of the members. I'd still recommend giving Luxord a go with all codes considering you did beat him before, even if it took a while. If you still have trouble, definitely make use of the food you can create (the ones that give you temporary buffs), their effects last during the Data Org fights and they don't lower your pro code score, so it's a good thing to keep mind of. If you find you have trouble for the other fights, then I'd suggest turning off the battle item restriction as having tons of potions can make sure you have enough HP (it should be enough to negate the HP slip). I agree. A lot of complaints I'd seen of KH3 was it's lack of difficulty. Heck, I don't even think it had critical mode at first. The Data Org was such a great implementation into this game. There's so much challenge and detail that's been put into their fights and you really feel the progression when you slowly learn their battles more and more. Dodging and parrying their attacks feels so awesome. They're very difficult bosses when having pro codes enabled, but they're all completely fair and that's what I love. Whenever I die to them, I always know it's due to my own fault like with KH2's Data Org. It's never a situation where you blame the game. Alongside this, the Risk-taker trophy is definitely a great feat. Being able to actually see Final Fantasy characters in it was nice as well. 😅 The Re:Mind dlc added some much needed difficulty that the base game lacked. It's great they added some more challenges, Yozora especially.
  9. If you're just 1000 points below the max score this far into the game, I can say with confidence that you're at a very comfortable position here on out, nice work so far! 😎 The more points you have before the Re:Mind section, the more leniency you can have with the Data Org. In the base game, you can reap a total of 165,000 points out of the around 365,000 necessary for the A-rank. From my playthrough I definitely did turn off quite a few codes for Skoll and Lump of Horror, but also Davy Jones, a couple other base game bosses, and a few of the Data Org fights even. But after all that, I still had about 3 bosses out of the DLC untouched when I unlocked the trophy. Considering I had 3 fights left when I got Risk-taker after not using all codes throughout the game, you'll definitely be in a much better position since you've only had shotlock enabled for two base fights so far. The base game definitely isn't that bad when it comes to racking up points, but the part where most people find it tricky is with the Data Org. However, since you've already beaten the Data Org normally before, you're in a good spot as you'll quickly pick up on the muscle memory and their fight patterns again, so doing it with the codes should feel like a natural progression. But as a good tip, Luxord is definitely the easiest of the bunch. And from memory, Ansem and Larxene weren't too bad either, so I recommend starting off with these three. If you find you need to do more of the Data Org to get more points, I'd leave Vanitas as one of the last ones since I find him to be one of the hardest fights with all pro codes; his desperation move especially is very complex and with all codes on, it's more trouble than it's worth. 😅
  10. After you complete the objective where you need to locate each Big Hero 6 member with the AR device and help them all out, there will be a specific cutscene where Hiro communicates with Sora that the Darkubes have all converged into a single location, and it'll display that they've all shifted atop one of the tall buildings. At this point you'll once again have control of Sora and I believe this is the final moment to prepare your pro codes. It's also good to have a savepoint before the rescue part just in case. Hope I could help! 🙂 And good luck with your Risk-taker run, you can do it! Edit: I've included a video that displays the cutscene before the boss so you can have a good visual reference of it. Happens at 1:14:25:
  11. Wonderful interview @Stardroid ! I definitely agree that the Chernobyl television series is an amazing work of art. It definitely makes you think about the many sacrifices people made to secure the wreckage. The 90 seconds on the roof scene especially really put you in the shoes of those who were exposed to the radiation, knowing that each second that ticked away would drain their lives. The usage of diegetic sound of the radiation ticking was so nerve-wracking and really hits hard that people in the world have dealt with so many issues and pushed through as best as they can. Seeing the firefighters arrive at the scene unbeknownst to how it severely shortened their lives is truly telling of the dangers people have been subjected to, but dealt with nonetheless. Chernobyl had a purpose and message it wanted to tell, and it's something I cherish. And in terms of movies, seeing you place Gattaca also made me smile. It's also one of my most beloved films of all time. Seriously, Gattaca is such an amazing film and like Chernobyl, is a work of art. I vividly remember watching it during my English class when I was in high school and it's left an impact on me ever since. Seeing Vincent overcome the odds despite being automatically judged as a waste by society and cast aside for who he is at birth was very inspirational. The scene where Vincent swims against Anton is one of the best scenes in any film I think; as Vincent saves nothing for the swim back. It succinctly describes his sheer passion to give it all he's got with the body he was born with. It's a pure testament to the unrelenting nature and courage of never giving up and having faith in your ability. While Anton conserves his energy in the swim, Vincent doesn't let his genetics get in the way. It's a great reflection to the end of the film as well, with the whole idea of using all your energy to the end; Vincent's heart problems were likely to make him die soon, but he used what life he had left to live his dream of going to the stars. Even Jerome, who deemed himself a failure for not living up to his "perfect genes" was willing to give Vincent the shot that he threw away, and the scene where he cast himself into the flames was so poetic since the silver medal that he deemed a failure appeared to turn golden. You've got a fantastic taste in film and television that I support, cheers.
  12. Sonic Unleashed has a 9/10 difficulty rating mainly because of the hot dog missions, especially Eggmanland. You're required to do time trials, enemy trials, and ring trials for every day stage, and survival trials for night, and must be done without dying. It's definitely tricky and I'd argue Eggmanland is the hardest level in the Sonic series but that in my opinion makes it one of the best. I really like Unleashed personally, it offers good challenge, has a good story, and I don't mind the werehog in all honesty. It's not everyone's cup of tea though but I do like Unleashed a lot. I struggled with the hot dog missions when I played the game way back on the 360 around a decade ago, but I had a better time replaying it on PS3. It's all about practice and the plat is doable with perseverance despite it's difficulty. As for Forces? Eh, another mediocre game unfortunately. The story is all over the place and the gameplay is way too simple. They shoved in classic Sonic because of pure nostalgia thinking it'd automatically make the game great, but what classic Sonic lacks is what I mentioned earlier, the focus of momentum that the original trilogy had. His physics are very janky. I've seen the "boost to win" argument before, which I didn't agree with because of games that did it right like Unleashed and Gens, but to tell the truth, every modern Sonic stage in Forces is essentially running through straight corridors with no thought, it's way too easy and simple. The story also suffers because while the premise is really cool, the execution just doesn't work. In one example, Tails is desperate for Sonic's help because of Chaos, even when he lacked any of the emeralds which makes no sense; he fought Chaos in SA1 when he had 4 emeralds in possession. Not to mention it completely erases his entire progression of the Adventure games where he learns to fight for himself. Tails did kind of do the same thing in Unleashed in one of the first cutscenes, but at least in that game he still helped Sonic by flying him to each continent and wasn't afraid to fly headfirst into Eggman's base of operations at the end.
  13. With what BGriff1986 just said, I also recommend playing non-Sonic games after you're done with 4 since it's good to have a break from things every now and then. It's all good, at least you're trying out the series again. There's many people out there who judge Sonic without having touched a single Sonic game, so seeing as you put an effort into the series, whatever game it may be, is something I respect. 👍 If you're unsure about SA2 because of Knuckles, I do think you'd still like Mania, but there's no rush.
  14. A good tip I can give for the Oil Desert boss is, if you feel you can't get away from a falling crate in time, quickly transform into Super Sonic as it's about to fall on you to not lose your rings, and then immediately grab onto Tails to exit the super form so you only lose a couple rings at most, which can conserve your ring amount and ensure you have enough for the finale of the fight. It makes it a ton easier I reckon.
  15. It's a shame Sonic 4 is the way it is, being given the big title of "Sonic 4", making it seem like a successor to the original trilogy. I found episode 2 to be alright at best, but ep 1 just reused ideas from Sonic 1 and 2 and lacked any real originality. Ever since 2010, Sonic Team has been playing it way too safe. The trophies can be a bit tricky for ep 2, but seeing as you have the Untouchable trophy from ep 1, I'd say you've got the trickiest stuff out of the way at least. However... judging the series as a whole based on Sonic 4 alone isn't the best, as that game really doesn't leave a good impression of the series I believe. I still have faith in this series, and I do have hope for it seeing how Mania was officially released by Sega. I fully agree with BGriff1986, I really do implore that you at least try out Mania especially since you have it. It's a game that was made with love and passion; It was headed by Christian Whitehead, the man behind the ports to Sonic 2 and CD, and was given the task of forming a crew to make a new 2D Sonic which is far better than Sonic 4. The guy knows his stuff and it truly shines through the game, it's a blast to play and has some great talent put into it. There's so many great twists on older levels and actually innovates them with new ideas rather than the copy-paste mentality of Sonic 4, along with actually adding some brilliant new levels and specials stages. The bosses are also a lot more fair which seems to be one of your gripes with 4. I also recommend Sonic Adventure 2 as well, one of the best 3D Sonic games of all time in my opinion. I believe there are 2 big factors with how Sonic games used to be; exploration and momentum. With SA1 and SA2, Sonic's gameplay is a great exemplification of the philosophy the original trilogy had which is using your built up speed to reach new areas and secrets; you can perform really cool shortcuts and tricks with his spindash, and you can approach each stage in an entirely different approach with how versatile he can move, and Knuckles emphasizes the idea of exploration since he can traverse areas of stages that Sonic can't reach and even has his own set of unique levels in SA2. It can be a bit tricky finding each master emerald shard but you can use hints which can give you a good idea. There's so much more to these older games that I feel Sonic 4 just doesn't have. SA2 also got the characters right as well. I feel as though the Shadow we have today is just an edgy Vegeta clone, which is weird since Shadow was never like that. His entire motive in SA2 was fulfilling the wish of his best friend, and upon finding out she wanted him to be a companion to humanity, he sacrificed his own life to save the Earth. He's a really compassionate character at the end of the story and SA2 had so much depth in it that the newer games just lack. Do give these games a go, they're really great unlike Sonic 4.
  16. I definitely do think Sony will hopefully add PS Now to Australia, there's quite a lot of us down under! 😅 Seeing as the PS3 store will stick around a bit longer after all, I'll give Sony a bit more time to decide if they wanna bring PS Now over... It really seems like they'd be missing out on a lotta money from people here. 🤔 Well done with Sonic 2! Definitely a fantastic game. It's a shame there's no separate trophy list for S3&K, but there's all that legal jazz happening with that game I guess, but Sega DID port it to Steam so I've got no idea what's going on with that... 🤔 Anyway, I agree with your difficulty rating. The special stages can be frustrating but even for newcomers to Sonic, you can save whenever you want. If there were no save states, I could see Sonic 1 and 2 definitely being a lot tougher. Also, it's cool to see you had a Genesis back in the day! A classic console that had a stronghold on the market in the 90's and pushed against Nintendo themselves... It's a darn shame to see that Sega ended their consoles, but the Dreamcast was definitely a great finishing bang for them, especially with Sonic Adventure 2. Good job with the completion for Sonic 2, a good game for anyone to have on their trophy list! Sonic Adventure (+DX DLC) - PS3 Completion time: 3 days, 19 hours With my next completion, it's Sonic Adventure 1! An original Dreamcast game ported over to the Gamecube in the form of a director's cut, and now onto PS3! There's already been so much said about this game online, ranging from it being a masterpiece to being downright terrible... But as for my thoughts? It's a really good game for the most part. There's definitely a few gripes I have with this game, but it does have a lot of amazing stuff going for it despite it's age. For one, the story and characterization of the cast in this game is some of the best in the series. I don't want this to look like a thesis or something, so I'll just talk about the 3 characters who I think have the best stories in this game, starting off with Tails: Tails especially has an endearing arc where he gains the courage to fend for himself and not overly rely on Sonic, which is great character progression and not to mention a great parallel to Sonic Adventure 2; in SA1, Tails stops Eggman from launching a missile on Station Square, to then defeating Eggman aboard the Space Colony Ark in SA2 under the assumption that Sonic was dead. It's the same overall premise of him fighting Eggman solo, but the entire pretense of Sonic potentially having met his demise makes Tails' courage shine, and really solidifies the idea that he's learned to be more mature and form his very own heroism. It made him such a cool character and it's embarrassing to now see him be reduced to exposition fodder in Sonic Colours onward, and don't get me started on him cowering in fear in Forces because of Chaos WITHOUT any emeralds. Tails literally fights Chaos in this game with FOUR emeralds, and now he's a dummy who needs people to help him... It's really a shame, it may seem like just a small moment in Forces, but to me, it seems as if they don't care about Tails anymore. Next up is Knuckles, who has the experience of finding out more about his past; everyone has flashbacks to the Echidna Tribe's abuse of power and want for the Master Emerald, but I'd argue it has so much more significance with Knuckles, who is the only renaming member of his ancestor's race. For his entire life, Knuckles has been guarding this emerald without a reason, spending day and night, essentially sacrificing what he could do with his life in order to protect the last remaining relic and only connection to his people. In 3&K, the very idea of Eggman wanting to abuse the emeralds was no different to what his ancestors did, even though he knew little to nothing about them, and yet he was determined to help Sonic at Sky Sanctuary to get him to stop Eggman's rampant desire for power. It exemplifies that Knuckles, while being the last survivor of his race, is also in a way their last hope, as he wants to protect the Master Emerald rather than abuse it like they once did. It's an ironic sense of beauty to see Knuckles seeing the good of the power he protects, and using it to preserve Angel Island and it's animals. This idea was definitely captured well in SA1, as he does whatever he can to restore the Master Emerald and bring back peace to his island. Now I'll talk about Gamma, a new character in SA1. Gamma's story is definitely one of the best in this game. Born out of the cold confines of Eggman's territory, Gamma is immediately tasked with versing against Beta, a newer model of his series, in deciding who will serve under his rule. This moment in of itself cements that Eggman is not a good man; he has has comedic moments in newer games, but his ultimate end goal is to dominate the Earth with his authority, and pitting to machines against one another is a mere game for him, and perversely, a means of testing his machines with the same scientific strive as his grandfather in SA2. Gamma wins, and even retrieves a mysterious frog with a tail under Eggman's orders... only to see the rest of the E series line of robots be abandoned at the mere failure of a single mission. What's more, even though there was the task of beating Beta, Gamma was mortified at the idea of Beta being modified and used like a tool. The rivalry between the two was not a choice, it was imposed by Eggman. Upon seeing Amy's reluctance to give her bird away (who was at this time captured by a robot named Zero), Gamma's soul reignited and was determined to free his friends by destroying their metallic husks, and breathing life once again to the animals locked inside. It's an amazing callback to the idea of saving animals all the way back starting with Sonic 1. Near the finale of his story, Beta has been reconstructed, and we view a new robotic and metallic version of it's former self. Beta is the antithesis to Gamma; Gamma was once eager to appease to his authority, but he is now a lone fighter, throwing away his robotic duties to reach forward to his past life, whilst Beta strays more and more to the modification and construction built by Eggman. It swiftly answers the main idea of his story; Gamma strives for freedom, while Beta strives for oppression. Gamma and Beta destroy each other in his final push to free their true selves, and both birds contained within them live in peace and prosper with the freedom they've regained. This story, like Big's, ultimately doesn't serve the overall plot in the long run, but what makes Gamma's story so great is that it ties back with the lore of freeing animals held in captivity in previous games dating back all the way to Sonic 1, along with having an identifiable message and theme that makes Gamma's point of view so appealing in contrast to Big who's story really didn't mean anything at all. Sonic has always been about fighting against the authority and striving for freedom, and Gamma is the exact same. Anyway, next up is the gameplay. Sonic's gameplay here is some of the best in the series. For people who say Sonic had a rocky start to 3D, I do agree that Big was a big misstep, but Sonic himself is so fun to experience in this one. The controls are fluid, and definitely works in tandem with the level design, filled with tons of secrets and extra lives, and the best part of all; there's lot's of innovative skips that you can perform with spindashing. You can skip an entire section of Ice Cap (the part where you jump across icicles) with a well-timed spin dash jump. It's a great part of gameplay that ties with the original trilogy; the idea of using momentum to your advantage. Next up is Knuckles, who is tasked with finding the Master Emerald shards in his gameplay, tying in thematically with his story line. What's cool about Knuckles is that it links back to the premise of S3&K where his perspective allowed you to explore, which is the main idea here. You can search entire areas that weren't intended for Sonic's portion of the levels, like the upper areas of Casinopolis for instance. A good tip I can give to anyone doing the Level A emblems for Knuckles is to find the 3 emerald shards without touching them and then restart the stage to reset your timer; the emeralds don't change places so once you know where they are, you can get them under the time limit with no problem. Tails on the over hand isn't necessarily bad, but the premise of his levels is racing against Sonic, but since your flight lasts a long time, you can skip entire platforming sections and easily beat Sonic, even with the Level A challenges where he's supposedly faster. There's not really much I can say about his gameplay since there isn't much substance to it honestly. It's quite an issue since while Sonic and Knuckles' gameplay reflected the philosophy of the original trilogy (momentum and exploration), Tails doesn't offer much in terms of either challenge nor discovery in the levels. Up next is Amy... Her gameplay revolves around escaping the grasp of a robot named Zero, the first of the E series created by Dr. Eggman. She has arguably the shortest prominence in the game, with only 3 levels (yes, apparently Sonic Team wanted Big to have more levels). In her gameplay, you traverse through the levels while running away from Zero in search of the end goal in the form of a balloon which can whisk Amy to safety. She has a bit of a slow run cycle but you can do acrobatics with her hammer to jump really high, which can lead to some neat minor skips. Not gonna lie, being chased by Zero is unironically a bit scary, even though he isn't too dangerous. I guess that means Sonic Team succeeded at making you feel how Amy feels 😅 Following that is Gamma, with a fresh new take on the series; shooting. This form of gameplay would ultimately serve as inspiration for the mech stages in SA2, where you control Eggman and Tails in mechs where you can lock on to multiple enemies and shoot them all at once. Unlike SA2 where you do that to get huge combo bonuses, you do so in SA1 to increase the time, since Gamma's levels are on a time limit. The times weren't so bad on my playthrough of this on PS3, but I do remember it being a bit tough my first time playing this game. What's fun about this gameplay is that it also mixes in the same platforming of other characters, as you even get to explore some of Sonic's levels with Gamma. And finally...... Big the Cat.... so much has been said about this cat before, but as for me? Yeah, I agree, he makes me very upset. His gameplay is essentially here for players to take a break from the main story... but there's already the Chao Garden??? Eh, on top of that, fishing just does not work in a Sonic game. Like I said earlier, I do think Sonic himself started great in 3D, but Big the Cat really does not belong here. His Level A emblems are utterly painful. You need to pray that the RNG gods let the fish decide to not resist capture. What's most annoying is spending so much time catching a fish only for it to be SLIGHTLY below 2000g for the Level A emblem. I know specific fish are needed for the right size requirement but they do range in size which is frustrating Other than that, Big the Cat is the only main hard part when it comes to getting 100% completion for this game. However, there are a couple other things that are a bit tedious: DX Mission 53 and 54 - Most missions for the DX dlc aren't hard, although you do need to catch more fish with Big, but that isn't the problem surprisingly. The problem lies in mission 53 and 54, each revolving around tasks in the snowboard section of Ice Cap. In mission 53, you need to hit the final ramp of the stage in such a specific manner as to jump the furthest along a line of rings midair. Sounds simple, but all the jumps on the ramps leading up to it need to be done at the very last moment to preserve speed and momentum for the final jump. It's annoying since if you fail, you need to redo the entire snowboard section (which lasts around a minute and half before the point where the mission actually happens) before you can even try again. Then, there's mission 54 where you need to tightly hit 13 flags with Tails on the same snowboard section. The problem with this one is that the flags are at the very end, and you can't take your time nor backtrack since Sonic will reach the end and finish the level if you're slow. Because of this, you need to be very fast in hitting the flags, but the hitboxes are so small that if you're even slightly off, you're gonna miss and be forced to restart the section again. Luckily I got this done in only a few tries but it could've easily taken many more. When doing the DX missions, definitely get these 2 out of the way first. The default camera - The camera in this game is definitely something to behold... it can really, and I mean really do you dirty. Sometimes the camera can often get confused and get stuck, forcing you to either progress blindly until the camera finally finds you, or just stand still and wait for it to sort itself out. This is really only a big offender in Sonic's gameplay specifically, but it definitely is one of the main things that hasn't aged the best alongside the cutscenes. From my experience though, this only happens sometimes, it isn't an occurrence you'd encounter often at all with the other characters. But yeah, that's it for my look at Sonic Adventure. I wrote quite a wall of text with this one, I hope you enjoyed it. 😅 I did my best to capture my thoughts on the game and put them here. This is definitely a fantastic game, but it's a shame that Big the Cat bogs it down a bit. However, this still is something worth playing. There's a lot of different gameplay styles to choose from and experience, and Sonic Team were definitely ambitious when it came to this installment in the Sonic series. A lot of the gameplay here would serve as the groundwork for Sonic Adventure 2, with the mech shooting stages of Eggman and Tails, treasure hunting with Rouge and Knuckles, and speed stages with Sonic and Shadow in the Dark and Hero stories respectively. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 6.5/10 (This game would've been around a 4/10 or 5/10 since the only tricky bit would've been DX mission 53 and 54, but Big the Cat really is a piece of work you gotta endure, which bumps up the overall difficulty quite a bit)
  17. Fantastic work mate! The trophies for this definitely seem brutal, but you’ve made it this far! You can get this done man, I’ve seen your profile before and you’ve got one of the most impressive ones on this website in my opinion. You’ve got what it takes to finish this off. With perseverance, you’ll get this to 100%.
  18. Sonic the Fighters, definitely a cool game! Played it a bit on my 360 in the past, it's definitely a fun one. I've been wanting to get it myself before the PS3 store shuts down but it's not available on the store in Australia... On top of that, PS Now isn't in Australia either so I don't think I can play this game which is unfortunate! I think there is a way to get games from other regions based on your account or something, I may have to look into that since I'd love to have it on my trophy list. Anyway, nice work on the completion! Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - PS3 Completion time: 1 day, 22 hours As for me, I've also been playing Sonic too! Figured I'd 100% the other Sonic games before the inevitable PS3 store shutdown, and I figured there's no better time to get these done than now. Already finished some other games like Unleashed and Gens, but recently my goal has been to work on the 2D games as well (already played through them a ton as a kid, so I held them off in my backlog for a while... but the PS3 store shutdown is happening and all that, so looks like I'm doing them now! 😅). Finished Sonic 1 and CD in the past week, so I continued on with good ol' Sonic 2. Same with Sonic 1, this version of 2 has save states. It certainly makes getting those Chaos Emeralds a lot less painful! Unlike Sonic 4 Ep 2's special stages, Sonic 2's ring requirements are extremely strict, and if you bring Tails along then he's likely to run into the bombs causing YOU to lose rings too... Needless to say, I did them solo with Sonic to make it more doable. I reckon Sonic 2 is a ton better than Sonic 1 in every league; a new spindash feature was added that has become a staple of the series, there's better level design that greater encapsulates the core idea of speed (unlike Sonic 1 where you had places like Labyrinth Zone that'd slow you down), and not to mention the big prize for getting all 7 (not 6 anymore) Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic! Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Difficulty: 4.5/10 (Can't really decide between a solid 4 or 5. The game isn't hard, but the special stages must be done with a lot of precision, and it's best to do them with Sonic only. The thing that makes me unsure to give this a solid 5 is the fact that there's tons of checkpoints and opportunities to enter the special stages, and there's also save states so you can just save when you enter a special stage if you want.) Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I - PS3 Completion time: 6 hours, 8 minutes Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II - PS3 Completion time: 7 hours, 27 minutes Lumping these games together for my introspective since they're essentially two halves of a whole I reckon. Here we go, Sonic 4... Gonna be honest, not really sure I can concretely say I "like" episode 1. Sure, it plays fine and nothing is buggy or anything, but the physics are certainly awkward and is definitely a far cry from the momentum-based gameplay from the original trilogy. Not to mention the fact that Tails and Knuckles are now noticeably absent and it's just back to Sonic and Eggman. At the very least, Tails does make a return in Episode 2, but I get the feeling they cut a lot of characters in 4 as a whole due to a lot of backlash with the more heavier stories of modern games from time, and the annoyance video game critics had with Sonic's friends a decade ago. Not sure why they couldn't bring back other characters like Amy as even she appeared in CD. This is especially considering that the Advance games had the same modern style in 2D, but you had a ton more personality there. Those were great games (Ironically, I actually think Dimps may have worked on Sonic 4, might be wrong). Sonic 4 could've been a cool chance to bring back Mighty and Ray, but Mania ended up doing that. On the note of unused characters like Amy, Sega and Sonic Team were just playing it WAY too safe with this game, from the music, to the zones. Every zone in episode 1 is a rehash of past levels from Sonic 1 and 2. Green Hill, Casino Night, Labyrinth, and Metropolis all clear as day. Even the special stages are based off of the ones from Sonic 1. It's a real shame, since every game in the original trilogy kept surpassing each other, with 3&K ultimately being not just one of the best Sonic games, but one of the best platformers of all time in my opinion. You'd think a game with the grandiose title of "Sonic 4" would be brilliant, but it just tries too hard to be safe, and this same thing would happen with Lost World and Forces. It's crazy to think that if it weren't for Mania, it literally would've been an entire decade since the last great mainline Sonic game, which was Generations. At first, I considered giving ep 1 a 6/10, but after thinking about what I just wrote, and how this game was essentially the start of Sega playing it safe and what this would mean for Sonic for the next ten years? Eh, episode 1 gets a 5. Sorry. I seriously do hope that the 30th anniversary game is good. As for episode 2... This is gonna seem pretty ironic given what I said of episode 1, but honestly?... Episode 2 is kinda alright! It certainly isn't bad like the first part. I say this mostly because a majority of the zones, Sylvania Castle, White Park, Oil Desert, and the Death Egg actually have some originality, which is great! (Oil Ocean does lean towards the rehash side unfortunately, being a bit comparable to Sonic 2's Oil Ocean, but at least it does have some original aspects like the change of setting) White Park is great especially, as it's not just based on a cold snowy environment like Ice Cap from Sonic 3, but you're even exploring the theme park that you see in the background from the first act, which is some cool progression as the zone itself changes midway through. Very nice first half of ep 2! Unfortunately, Sky Fortress is a carbon copy of Wing Fortress from Sonic 2... and the special stages are also the same as the ones from Sonic 2. It's a shame, since it lowers this half of Sonic 4 from a 7/10 to a 6.5/10 in my opinion. This half could've been a solid good game, but it just comes down to an alright since while they did try more with this, it just doesn't quite reach the mark. Well, that's it for my reflection on Sonic 4, thanks to anyone who read through all this lol. I hope I haven't come across as some kind of 2D elitist or anything... Trust me, I love the 3D modern games as well, Adventure 2 and Unleashed are some of my favourite games of all time. I also do think that Classic Sonic didn't belong in Forces and bogged down the experience of that game. Like I said earlier, I truly hope this next Sonic game will be great, and I hope it focuses on modern's 3D gameplay. Speaking of 3D Sonic games, next for me to get to is Sonic Adventure 1! 😀 Can't wait to get into it again on PlayStation this time, it's a great game! Episode 1 enjoyment: 5/10 Episode 2 enjoyment: 6.5/10 Overall enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 5/10 (The Untouchable trophy in episode 1 is definitely tricky, but it's the only hard thing in ep 1 so it doesn't make the overall score too high. Ring Collector in episode 2 is also tricky, but with a few attempts it can be done)
  19. I think I've seen a couple posts on other sites where people claim to be put in a lobby on their own, so it seems to be very, very rare. In the chance you ever do end up in a lobby solo, the odds aren't likely enough for it to be done 91 times for the trophy. From my experience of joining sport mode's lobbies at much later times, there's typically always at least half the lobby occupied, more or less. Usually there's always people who play the game religiously that you'll spot here and there. Gran Turismo games are quite populated until the servers get shut down like Gran Turismo 5 and 6. However, they should keep Sport up until at least 7 comes out, so you've got a year at minimum still, which is plenty of time. As a good tip regarding being sent to the shadow realm and ending up losing like you mentioned; sometimes it's certainly possible to win if you start off in 3rd. There are times where the people in 2nd and 1st can be too busy competing against each other to focus on you, and that's a good chance to slip by. It doesn't always play out like this of course, but it's a good way to at least get a few wins, so always see a race through, even if you don't begin in 1st. Plus, it'll make the 322 races trophy less grindy in the long run. Take a look at the other threads too, lots of people have given some great suggestions for how to maintain 1st place. Good luck! 😎
  20. Sonic CD - PS3 - 100% Completion time: 3 hours, 7 minutes One of my favourite Sonic games of all time, an absolute classic. Played the game a ton as a kid so I figured I'd get it on PS3 since the stores are shutting down. I'm very happy with the time I got for completion as well, I can't believe I ended up 2nd on the leaderboard! I was so close to a sub 3 hour run but you can't win 'em all 😅 For my first playthrough, my goal was to get the time stones done and out of the way, and I had more knowledge of the ring layout on the present day zones (admittedly, the layout of the past zones are a slog), so I planned out my route and got a few other trophies done in the run as well, like reaching the higher signpost on Collision Chaos' second zone. After getting the time stones, I then wrapped up some other trophies like finally going to the past to get the 88 Miles per Hour trophy, discovering the angel statue on Wacky Workbench, and getting Metal Sonic done without getting hit. I distinctly remember that Metal Sonic no-hit trophy being annoying as a kid, but since I've played the game a ton in the past, it luckily wasn't bad now. Anyway, with my time stone run done, I then went ahead and did the Just in Time! trophy as I had a warmup from my run with the time stones. After getting that done and dusted, I then went ahead and destroyed all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms, and then ended with a run of Palmtree Panic Zone 1 to get 200 rings for the final trophy. Overall, one of the best 2D Sonic games in my opinion, fantastic game. It's up there with 3&K and Mania for sure. Enjoyment: 9/10 (A bit of odd level design in Wacky Workbench and the past layouts.) Difficulty: 3/10 (The UFO's in the special stages can be a bit unpredictable, but other than that there's nothing complicated here. If you're new to the game, you may find Metal Sonic without getting hit a bit tricky at first, but don't give up!)
  21. Just saw this thread, and I'm impressed mate! The Gran Turismo plats are all tough and demanding, and you just got the hardest one of the three, well done! I enjoyed reading through your experience of it all; I like how you planned it all out once you got your hands back on the game, and stayed committed to it all the way to the platinum. A job well done indeed. 😎
  22. Fantastic work! I knew you could do it. 😀 You've now got all 3 Gran Turismo plats, that's awesome!
  23. Platinum #42 - True Phantom Thief Persona 5 Strikers Another great game in the Persona series! This game is set as a direct sequel to Persona 5, with a new story that spans across many different places with new and familiar characters; from well established ones like Yusuke, to newcomers like Zenkichi, the cast is all well written and good as ever. In this story, the Metaverse makes a return in the form of jails, and it's up to the Phantom Thieves to change hearts and change the public's perception once again. Gameplay-wise, we see an interesting stray from the regular turn-based formula to something akin to a more action paced venture. While playing P5S, I really enjoyed the gameplay a ton, and the function to switch to other characters on the fly is really cool and makes progressing through the story very open as you can tackle each area with whoever you want. I'd go into more, but seeing as the game just came out, there's not much I can say other than the fact that this game is fantastic! Difficulty: 3/10 (you can play the game on any difficulty) Enjoyment: 10/10
  24. I personally find the D-Pad to be the better option; Air Braking needs to be executed pretty quickly, so already having your thumb on the right area makes it a lot easier. 🙂 When it comes to Air Braking during a jump, you need to let go of X, and then hold square whilst holding down and either left or right, and then going back to accelerating before you hit the ground to keep the momentum. I THINK it's possible with the left stick, but I imagine it'd be a lot less precise, so just stick with the ol' reliable D-Pad. As for doing the Oxide times, you don't need to worry about Air Braking since Oxide does make mistakes. It's really only essential for the Velo and Dev times who don't lose their flames, and rather just make minor mistakes or none at all. However, those aren't necessary for the platinum trophy and are completely optional. There are a couple tracks with particularly tight turns however (ones that come to mind at the top of my head are Turbo Track, Hot Air Skyway, and a specific shortcut on Electron Avenue). When you start Oxide, I recommend beginning with Coco Park and Inferno Island as those are the easiest tracks in the game and will give you a feel of how Oxide performs. Most importantly, don't give up! You can do it! 😀
  25. When it comes to DR, according to this article on GT Planet ( ) it's relative to your position on the grid at the end of a race depending on where you started. If you aim to lower it, then you'll see results by finishing in a place lower than what you began with. So say you're in 4th place at the beginning of the race; if you intentionally let yourself come last, you'll see a dip. As for dropping SR, it's good that you don't want to hit people. There are certainly methods for lowering SR without causing trouble for the others; a good way is to let everyone pass you, and then rack up some penalties in the form of bumping walls and cutting corners. This is the cleanest method since it doesn't interfere with the other racers and ensures that everyone will still have a fair time. PLEASE don't hit other players... 😓 This is not a good idea in my opinion.