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  1. Wonderful interview @Stardroid ! I definitely agree that the Chernobyl television series is an amazing work of art. It definitely makes you think about the many sacrifices people made to secure the wreckage. The 90 seconds on the roof scene especially really put you in the shoes of those who were exposed to the radiation, knowing that each second that ticked away would drain their lives. The usage of diegetic sound of the radiation ticking was so nerve-wracking and really hits hard that people in the world have dealt with so many issues and pushed through as best as they can. Seeing the firefighters arrive at the scene unbeknownst to how it severely shortened their lives is truly telling of the dangers people have been subjected to, but dealt with nonetheless. Chernobyl had a purpose and message it wanted to tell, and it's something I cherish. And in terms of movies, seeing you place Gattaca also made me smile. It's also one of my most beloved films of all time. Seriously, Gattaca is such an amazing film and like Chernobyl, is a work of art. I vividly remember watching it during my English class when I was in high school and it's left an impact on me ever since. Seeing Vincent overcome the odds despite being automatically judged as a waste by society and cast aside for who he is at birth was very inspirational. The scene where Vincent swims against Anton is one of the best scenes in any film I think; as Vincent saves nothing for the swim back. It succinctly describes his sheer passion to give it all he's got with the body he was born with. It's a pure testament to the unrelenting nature and courage of never giving up and having faith in your ability. While Anton conserves his energy in the swim, Vincent doesn't let his genetics get in the way. It's a great reflection to the end of the film as well, with the whole idea of using all your energy to the end; Vincent's heart problems were likely to make him die soon, but he used what life he had left to live his dream of going to the stars. Even Jerome, who deemed himself a failure for not living up to his "perfect genes" was willing to give Vincent the shot that he threw away, and the scene where he cast himself into the flames was so poetic since the silver medal that he deemed a failure appeared to turn golden. You've got a fantastic taste in film and television that I support, cheers.
  2. Sonic Unleashed has a 9/10 difficulty rating mainly because of the hot dog missions, especially Eggmanland. You're required to do time trials, enemy trials, and ring trials for every day stage, and survival trials for night, and must be done without dying. It's definitely tricky and I'd argue Eggmanland is the hardest level in the Sonic series but that in my opinion makes it one of the best. I really like Unleashed personally, it offers good challenge, has a good story, and I don't mind the werehog in all honesty. It's not everyone's cup of tea though but I do like Unleashed a lot. I struggled with the hot dog missions when I played the game way back on the 360 around a decade ago, but I had a better time replaying it on PS3. It's all about practice and the plat is doable with perseverance despite it's difficulty. As for Forces? Eh, another mediocre game unfortunately. The story is all over the place and the gameplay is way too simple. They shoved in classic Sonic because of pure nostalgia thinking it'd automatically make the game great, but what classic Sonic lacks is what I mentioned earlier, the focus of momentum that the original trilogy had. His physics are very janky. I've seen the "boost to win" argument before, which I didn't agree with because of games that did it right like Unleashed and Gens, but to tell the truth, every modern Sonic stage in Forces is essentially running through straight corridors with no thought, it's way too easy and simple. The story also suffers because while the premise is really cool, the execution just doesn't work. In one example, Tails is desperate for Sonic's help because of Chaos, even when he lacked any of the emeralds which makes no sense; he fought Chaos in SA1 when he had 4 emeralds in possession. Not to mention it completely erases his entire progression of the Adventure games where he learns to fight for himself. Tails did kind of do the same thing in Unleashed in one of the first cutscenes, but at least in that game he still helped Sonic by flying him to each continent and wasn't afraid to fly headfirst into Eggman's base of operations at the end.
  3. With what BGriff1986 just said, I also recommend playing non-Sonic games after you're done with 4 since it's good to have a break from things every now and then. It's all good, at least you're trying out the series again. There's many people out there who judge Sonic without having touched a single Sonic game, so seeing as you put an effort into the series, whatever game it may be, is something I respect. πŸ‘ If you're unsure about SA2 because of Knuckles, I do think you'd still like Mania, but there's no rush.
  4. A good tip I can give for the Oil Desert boss is, if you feel you can't get away from a falling crate in time, quickly transform into Super Sonic as it's about to fall on you to not lose your rings, and then immediately grab onto Tails to exit the super form so you only lose a couple rings at most, which can conserve your ring amount and ensure you have enough for the finale of the fight. It makes it a ton easier I reckon.
  5. It's a shame Sonic 4 is the way it is, being given the big title of "Sonic 4", making it seem like a successor to the original trilogy. I found episode 2 to be alright at best, but ep 1 just reused ideas from Sonic 1 and 2 and lacked any real originality. Ever since 2010, Sonic Team has been playing it way too safe. The trophies can be a bit tricky for ep 2, but seeing as you have the Untouchable trophy from ep 1, I'd say you've got the trickiest stuff out of the way at least. However... judging the series as a whole based on Sonic 4 alone isn't the best, as that game really doesn't leave a good impression of the series I believe. I still have faith in this series, and I do have hope for it seeing how Mania was officially released by Sega. I fully agree with BGriff1986, I really do implore that you at least try out Mania especially since you have it. It's a game that was made with love and passion; It was headed by Christian Whitehead, the man behind the ports to Sonic 2 and CD, and was given the task of forming a crew to make a new 2D Sonic which is far better than Sonic 4. The guy knows his stuff and it truly shines through the game, it's a blast to play and has some great talent put into it. There's so many great twists on older levels and actually innovates them with new ideas rather than the copy-paste mentality of Sonic 4, along with actually adding some brilliant new levels and specials stages. The bosses are also a lot more fair which seems to be one of your gripes with 4. I also recommend Sonic Adventure 2 as well, one of the best 3D Sonic games of all time in my opinion. I believe there are 2 big factors with how Sonic games used to be; exploration and momentum. With SA1 and SA2, Sonic's gameplay is a great exemplification of the philosophy the original trilogy had which is using your built up speed to reach new areas and secrets; you can perform really cool shortcuts and tricks with his spindash, and you can approach each stage in an entirely different approach with how versatile he can move, and Knuckles emphasizes the idea of exploration since he can traverse areas of stages that Sonic can't reach and even has his own set of unique levels in SA2. It can be a bit tricky finding each master emerald shard but you can use hints which can give you a good idea. There's so much more to these older games that I feel Sonic 4 just doesn't have. SA2 also got the characters right as well. I feel as though the Shadow we have today is just an edgy Vegeta clone, which is weird since Shadow was never like that. His entire motive in SA2 was fulfilling the wish of his best friend, and upon finding out she wanted him to be a companion to humanity, he sacrificed his own life to save the Earth. He's a really compassionate character at the end of the story and SA2 had so much depth in it that the newer games just lack. Do give these games a go, they're really great unlike Sonic 4.
  6. I definitely do think Sony will hopefully add PS Now to Australia, there's quite a lot of us down under! πŸ˜… Seeing as the PS3 store will stick around a bit longer after all, I'll give Sony a bit more time to decide if they wanna bring PS Now over... It really seems like they'd be missing out on a lotta money from people here. πŸ€” Well done with Sonic 2! Definitely a fantastic game. It's a shame there's no separate trophy list for S3&K, but there's all that legal jazz happening with that game I guess, but Sega DID port it to Steam so I've got no idea what's going on with that... πŸ€” Anyway, I agree with your difficulty rating. The special stages can be frustrating but even for newcomers to Sonic, you can save whenever you want. If there were no save states, I could see Sonic 1 and 2 definitely being a lot tougher. Also, it's cool to see you had a Genesis back in the day! A classic console that had a stronghold on the market in the 90's and pushed against Nintendo themselves... It's a darn shame to see that Sega ended their consoles, but the Dreamcast was definitely a great finishing bang for them, especially with Sonic Adventure 2. Good job with the completion for Sonic 2, a good game for anyone to have on their trophy list! Sonic Adventure (+DX DLC) - PS3 Completion time: 3 days, 19 hours With my next completion, it's Sonic Adventure 1! An original Dreamcast game ported over to the Gamecube in the form of a director's cut, and now onto PS3! There's already been so much said about this game online, ranging from it being a masterpiece to being downright terrible... But as for my thoughts? It's a really good game for the most part. There's definitely a few gripes I have with this game, but it does have a lot of amazing stuff going for it despite it's age. For one, the story and characterization of the cast in this game is some of the best in the series. I don't want this to look like a thesis or something, so I'll just talk about the 3 characters who I think have the best stories in this game, starting off with Tails: Tails especially has an endearing arc where he gains the courage to fend for himself and not overly rely on Sonic, which is great character progression and not to mention a great parallel to Sonic Adventure 2; in SA1, Tails stops Eggman from launching a missile on Station Square, to then defeating Eggman aboard the Space Colony Ark in SA2 under the assumption that Sonic was dead. It's the same overall premise of him fighting Eggman solo, but the entire pretense of Sonic potentially having met his demise makes Tails' courage shine, and really solidifies the idea that he's learned to be more mature and form his very own heroism. It made him such a cool character and it's embarrassing to now see him be reduced to exposition fodder in Sonic Colours onward, and don't get me started on him cowering in fear in Forces because of Chaos WITHOUT any emeralds. Tails literally fights Chaos in this game with FOUR emeralds, and now he's a dummy who needs people to help him... It's really a shame, it may seem like just a small moment in Forces, but to me, it seems as if they don't care about Tails anymore. Next up is Knuckles, who has the experience of finding out more about his past; everyone has flashbacks to the Echidna Tribe's abuse of power and want for the Master Emerald, but I'd argue it has so much more significance with Knuckles, who is the only renaming member of his ancestor's race. For his entire life, Knuckles has been guarding this emerald without a reason, spending day and night, essentially sacrificing what he could do with his life in order to protect the last remaining relic and only connection to his people. In 3&K, the very idea of Eggman wanting to abuse the emeralds was no different to what his ancestors did, even though he knew little to nothing about them, and yet he was determined to help Sonic at Sky Sanctuary to get him to stop Eggman's rampant desire for power. It exemplifies that Knuckles, while being the last survivor of his race, is also in a way their last hope, as he wants to protect the Master Emerald rather than abuse it like they once did. It's an ironic sense of beauty to see Knuckles seeing the good of the power he protects, and using it to preserve Angel Island and it's animals. This idea was definitely captured well in SA1, as he does whatever he can to restore the Master Emerald and bring back peace to his island. Now I'll talk about Gamma, a new character in SA1. Gamma's story is definitely one of the best in this game. Born out of the cold confines of Eggman's territory, Gamma is immediately tasked with versing against Beta, a newer model of his series, in deciding who will serve under his rule. This moment in of itself cements that Eggman is not a good man; he has has comedic moments in newer games, but his ultimate end goal is to dominate the Earth with his authority, and pitting to machines against one another is a mere game for him, and perversely, a means of testing his machines with the same scientific strive as his grandfather in SA2. Gamma wins, and even retrieves a mysterious frog with a tail under Eggman's orders... only to see the rest of the E series line of robots be abandoned at the mere failure of a single mission. What's more, even though there was the task of beating Beta, Gamma was mortified at the idea of Beta being modified and used like a tool. The rivalry between the two was not a choice, it was imposed by Eggman. Upon seeing Amy's reluctance to give her bird away (who was at this time captured by a robot named Zero), Gamma's soul reignited and was determined to free his friends by destroying their metallic husks, and breathing life once again to the animals locked inside. It's an amazing callback to the idea of saving animals all the way back starting with Sonic 1. Near the finale of his story, Beta has been reconstructed, and we view a new robotic and metallic version of it's former self. Beta is the antithesis to Gamma; Gamma was once eager to appease to his authority, but he is now a lone fighter, throwing away his robotic duties to reach forward to his past life, whilst Beta strays more and more to the modification and construction built by Eggman. It swiftly answers the main idea of his story; Gamma strives for freedom, while Beta strives for oppression. Gamma and Beta destroy each other in his final push to free their true selves, and both birds contained within them live in peace and prosper with the freedom they've regained. This story, like Big's, ultimately doesn't serve the overall plot in the long run, but what makes Gamma's story so great is that it ties back with the lore of freeing animals held in captivity in previous games dating back all the way to Sonic 1, along with having an identifiable message and theme that makes Gamma's point of view so appealing in contrast to Big who's story really didn't mean anything at all. Sonic has always been about fighting against the authority and striving for freedom, and Gamma is the exact same. Anyway, next up is the gameplay. Sonic's gameplay here is some of the best in the series. For people who say Sonic had a rocky start to 3D, I do agree that Big was a big misstep, but Sonic himself is so fun to experience in this one. The controls are fluid, and definitely works in tandem with the level design, filled with tons of secrets and extra lives, and the best part of all; there's lot's of innovative skips that you can perform with spindashing. You can skip an entire section of Ice Cap (the part where you jump across icicles) with a well-timed spin dash jump. It's a great part of gameplay that ties with the original trilogy; the idea of using momentum to your advantage. Next up is Knuckles, who is tasked with finding the Master Emerald shards in his gameplay, tying in thematically with his story line. What's cool about Knuckles is that it links back to the premise of S3&K where his perspective allowed you to explore, which is the main idea here. You can search entire areas that weren't intended for Sonic's portion of the levels, like the upper areas of Casinopolis for instance. A good tip I can give to anyone doing the Level A emblems for Knuckles is to find the 3 emerald shards without touching them and then restart the stage to reset your timer; the emeralds don't change places so once you know where they are, you can get them under the time limit with no problem. Tails on the over hand isn't necessarily bad, but the premise of his levels is racing against Sonic, but since your flight lasts a long time, you can skip entire platforming sections and easily beat Sonic, even with the Level A challenges where he's supposedly faster. There's not really much I can say about his gameplay since there isn't much substance to it honestly. It's quite an issue since while Sonic and Knuckles' gameplay reflected the philosophy of the original trilogy (momentum and exploration), Tails doesn't offer much in terms of either challenge nor discovery in the levels. Up next is Amy... Her gameplay revolves around escaping the grasp of a robot named Zero, the first of the E series created by Dr. Eggman. She has arguably the shortest prominence in the game, with only 3 levels (yes, apparently Sonic Team wanted Big to have more levels). In her gameplay, you traverse through the levels while running away from Zero in search of the end goal in the form of a balloon which can whisk Amy to safety. She has a bit of a slow run cycle but you can do acrobatics with her hammer to jump really high, which can lead to some neat minor skips. Not gonna lie, being chased by Zero is unironically a bit scary, even though he isn't too dangerous. I guess that means Sonic Team succeeded at making you feel how Amy feels πŸ˜… Following that is Gamma, with a fresh new take on the series; shooting. This form of gameplay would ultimately serve as inspiration for the mech stages in SA2, where you control Eggman and Tails in mechs where you can lock on to multiple enemies and shoot them all at once. Unlike SA2 where you do that to get huge combo bonuses, you do so in SA1 to increase the time, since Gamma's levels are on a time limit. The times weren't so bad on my playthrough of this on PS3, but I do remember it being a bit tough my first time playing this game. What's fun about this gameplay is that it also mixes in the same platforming of other characters, as you even get to explore some of Sonic's levels with Gamma. And finally...... Big the Cat.... so much has been said about this cat before, but as for me? Yeah, I agree, he makes me very upset. His gameplay is essentially here for players to take a break from the main story... but there's already the Chao Garden??? Eh, on top of that, fishing just does not work in a Sonic game. Like I said earlier, I do think Sonic himself started great in 3D, but Big the Cat really does not belong here. His Level A emblems are utterly painful. You need to pray that the RNG gods let the fish decide to not resist capture. What's most annoying is spending so much time catching a fish only for it to be SLIGHTLY below 2000g for the Level A emblem. I know specific fish are needed for the right size requirement but they do range in size which is frustrating Other than that, Big the Cat is the only main hard part when it comes to getting 100% completion for this game. However, there are a couple other things that are a bit tedious: DX Mission 53 and 54 - Most missions for the DX dlc aren't hard, although you do need to catch more fish with Big, but that isn't the problem surprisingly. The problem lies in mission 53 and 54, each revolving around tasks in the snowboard section of Ice Cap. In mission 53, you need to hit the final ramp of the stage in such a specific manner as to jump the furthest along a line of rings midair. Sounds simple, but all the jumps on the ramps leading up to it need to be done at the very last moment to preserve speed and momentum for the final jump. It's annoying since if you fail, you need to redo the entire snowboard section (which lasts around a minute and half before the point where the mission actually happens) before you can even try again. Then, there's mission 54 where you need to tightly hit 13 flags with Tails on the same snowboard section. The problem with this one is that the flags are at the very end, and you can't take your time nor backtrack since Sonic will reach the end and finish the level if you're slow. Because of this, you need to be very fast in hitting the flags, but the hitboxes are so small that if you're even slightly off, you're gonna miss and be forced to restart the section again. Luckily I got this done in only a few tries but it could've easily taken many more. When doing the DX missions, definitely get these 2 out of the way first. The default camera - The camera in this game is definitely something to behold... it can really, and I mean really do you dirty. Sometimes the camera can often get confused and get stuck, forcing you to either progress blindly until the camera finally finds you, or just stand still and wait for it to sort itself out. This is really only a big offender in Sonic's gameplay specifically, but it definitely is one of the main things that hasn't aged the best alongside the cutscenes. From my experience though, this only happens sometimes, it isn't an occurrence you'd encounter often at all with the other characters. But yeah, that's it for my look at Sonic Adventure. I wrote quite a wall of text with this one, I hope you enjoyed it. πŸ˜… I did my best to capture my thoughts on the game and put them here. This is definitely a fantastic game, but it's a shame that Big the Cat bogs it down a bit. However, this still is something worth playing. There's a lot of different gameplay styles to choose from and experience, and Sonic Team were definitely ambitious when it came to this installment in the Sonic series. A lot of the gameplay here would serve as the groundwork for Sonic Adventure 2, with the mech shooting stages of Eggman and Tails, treasure hunting with Rouge and Knuckles, and speed stages with Sonic and Shadow in the Dark and Hero stories respectively. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 6.5/10 (This game would've been around a 4/10 or 5/10 since the only tricky bit would've been DX mission 53 and 54, but Big the Cat really is a piece of work you gotta endure, which bumps up the overall difficulty quite a bit)
  7. Fantastic work mate! The trophies for this definitely seem brutal, but you’ve made it this far! You can get this done man, I’ve seen your profile before and you’ve got one of the most impressive ones on this website in my opinion. You’ve got what it takes to finish this off. With perseverance, you’ll get this to 100%.
  8. Sonic the Fighters, definitely a cool game! Played it a bit on my 360 in the past, it's definitely a fun one. I've been wanting to get it myself before the PS3 store shuts down but it's not available on the store in Australia... On top of that, PS Now isn't in Australia either so I don't think I can play this game which is unfortunate! I think there is a way to get games from other regions based on your account or something, I may have to look into that since I'd love to have it on my trophy list. Anyway, nice work on the completion! Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - PS3 Completion time: 1 day, 22 hours As for me, I've also been playing Sonic too! Figured I'd 100% the other Sonic games before the inevitable PS3 store shutdown, and I figured there's no better time to get these done than now. Already finished some other games like Unleashed and Gens, but recently my goal has been to work on the 2D games as well (already played through them a ton as a kid, so I held them off in my backlog for a while... but the PS3 store shutdown is happening and all that, so looks like I'm doing them now! πŸ˜…). Finished Sonic 1 and CD in the past week, so I continued on with good ol' Sonic 2. Same with Sonic 1, this version of 2 has save states. It certainly makes getting those Chaos Emeralds a lot less painful! Unlike Sonic 4 Ep 2's special stages, Sonic 2's ring requirements are extremely strict, and if you bring Tails along then he's likely to run into the bombs causing YOU to lose rings too... Needless to say, I did them solo with Sonic to make it more doable. I reckon Sonic 2 is a ton better than Sonic 1 in every league; a new spindash feature was added that has become a staple of the series, there's better level design that greater encapsulates the core idea of speed (unlike Sonic 1 where you had places like Labyrinth Zone that'd slow you down), and not to mention the big prize for getting all 7 (not 6 anymore) Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic! Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Difficulty: 4.5/10 (Can't really decide between a solid 4 or 5. The game isn't hard, but the special stages must be done with a lot of precision, and it's best to do them with Sonic only. The thing that makes me unsure to give this a solid 5 is the fact that there's tons of checkpoints and opportunities to enter the special stages, and there's also save states so you can just save when you enter a special stage if you want.) Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I - PS3 Completion time: 6 hours, 8 minutes Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II - PS3 Completion time: 7 hours, 27 minutes Lumping these games together for my introspective since they're essentially two halves of a whole I reckon. Here we go, Sonic 4... Gonna be honest, not really sure I can concretely say I "like" episode 1. Sure, it plays fine and nothing is buggy or anything, but the physics are certainly awkward and is definitely a far cry from the momentum-based gameplay from the original trilogy. Not to mention the fact that Tails and Knuckles are now noticeably absent and it's just back to Sonic and Eggman. At the very least, Tails does make a return in Episode 2, but I get the feeling they cut a lot of characters in 4 as a whole due to a lot of backlash with the more heavier stories of modern games from time, and the annoyance video game critics had with Sonic's friends a decade ago. Not sure why they couldn't bring back other characters like Amy as even she appeared in CD. This is especially considering that the Advance games had the same modern style in 2D, but you had a ton more personality there. Those were great games (Ironically, I actually think Dimps may have worked on Sonic 4, might be wrong). Sonic 4 could've been a cool chance to bring back Mighty and Ray, but Mania ended up doing that. On the note of unused characters like Amy, Sega and Sonic Team were just playing it WAY too safe with this game, from the music, to the zones. Every zone in episode 1 is a rehash of past levels from Sonic 1 and 2. Green Hill, Casino Night, Labyrinth, and Metropolis all clear as day. Even the special stages are based off of the ones from Sonic 1. It's a real shame, since every game in the original trilogy kept surpassing each other, with 3&K ultimately being not just one of the best Sonic games, but one of the best platformers of all time in my opinion. You'd think a game with the grandiose title of "Sonic 4" would be brilliant, but it just tries too hard to be safe, and this same thing would happen with Lost World and Forces. It's crazy to think that if it weren't for Mania, it literally would've been an entire decade since the last great mainline Sonic game, which was Generations. At first, I considered giving ep 1 a 6/10, but after thinking about what I just wrote, and how this game was essentially the start of Sega playing it safe and what this would mean for Sonic for the next ten years? Eh, episode 1 gets a 5. Sorry. I seriously do hope that the 30th anniversary game is good. As for episode 2... This is gonna seem pretty ironic given what I said of episode 1, but honestly?... Episode 2 is kinda alright! It certainly isn't bad like the first part. I say this mostly because a majority of the zones, Sylvania Castle, White Park, Oil Desert, and the Death Egg actually have some originality, which is great! (Oil Ocean does lean towards the rehash side unfortunately, being a bit comparable to Sonic 2's Oil Ocean, but at least it does have some original aspects like the change of setting) White Park is great especially, as it's not just based on a cold snowy environment like Ice Cap from Sonic 3, but you're even exploring the theme park that you see in the background from the first act, which is some cool progression as the zone itself changes midway through. Very nice first half of ep 2! Unfortunately, Sky Fortress is a carbon copy of Wing Fortress from Sonic 2... and the special stages are also the same as the ones from Sonic 2. It's a shame, since it lowers this half of Sonic 4 from a 7/10 to a 6.5/10 in my opinion. This half could've been a solid good game, but it just comes down to an alright since while they did try more with this, it just doesn't quite reach the mark. Well, that's it for my reflection on Sonic 4, thanks to anyone who read through all this lol. I hope I haven't come across as some kind of 2D elitist or anything... Trust me, I love the 3D modern games as well, Adventure 2 and Unleashed are some of my favourite games of all time. I also do think that Classic Sonic didn't belong in Forces and bogged down the experience of that game. Like I said earlier, I truly hope this next Sonic game will be great, and I hope it focuses on modern's 3D gameplay. Speaking of 3D Sonic games, next for me to get to is Sonic Adventure 1! πŸ˜€ Can't wait to get into it again on PlayStation this time, it's a great game! Episode 1 enjoyment: 5/10 Episode 2 enjoyment: 6.5/10 Overall enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 5/10 (The Untouchable trophy in episode 1 is definitely tricky, but it's the only hard thing in ep 1 so it doesn't make the overall score too high. Ring Collector in episode 2 is also tricky, but with a few attempts it can be done)
  9. I think I've seen a couple posts on other sites where people claim to be put in a lobby on their own, so it seems to be very, very rare. In the chance you ever do end up in a lobby solo, the odds aren't likely enough for it to be done 91 times for the trophy. From my experience of joining sport mode's lobbies at much later times, there's typically always at least half the lobby occupied, more or less. Usually there's always people who play the game religiously that you'll spot here and there. Gran Turismo games are quite populated until the servers get shut down like Gran Turismo 5 and 6. However, they should keep Sport up until at least 7 comes out, so you've got a year at minimum still, which is plenty of time. As a good tip regarding being sent to the shadow realm and ending up losing like you mentioned; sometimes it's certainly possible to win if you start off in 3rd. There are times where the people in 2nd and 1st can be too busy competing against each other to focus on you, and that's a good chance to slip by. It doesn't always play out like this of course, but it's a good way to at least get a few wins, so always see a race through, even if you don't begin in 1st. Plus, it'll make the 322 races trophy less grindy in the long run. Take a look at the other threads too, lots of people have given some great suggestions for how to maintain 1st place. Good luck! 😎
  10. Sonic CD - PS3 - 100% Completion time: 3 hours, 7 minutes One of my favourite Sonic games of all time, an absolute classic. Played the game a ton as a kid so I figured I'd get it on PS3 since the stores are shutting down. I'm very happy with the time I got for completion as well, I can't believe I ended up 2nd on the leaderboard! I was so close to a sub 3 hour run but you can't win 'em all πŸ˜… For my first playthrough, my goal was to get the time stones done and out of the way, and I had more knowledge of the ring layout on the present day zones (admittedly, the layout of the past zones are a slog), so I planned out my route and got a few other trophies done in the run as well, like reaching the higher signpost on Collision Chaos' second zone. After getting the time stones, I then wrapped up some other trophies like finally going to the past to get the 88 Miles per Hour trophy, discovering the angel statue on Wacky Workbench, and getting Metal Sonic done without getting hit. I distinctly remember that Metal Sonic no-hit trophy being annoying as a kid, but since I've played the game a ton in the past, it luckily wasn't bad now. Anyway, with my time stone run done, I then went ahead and did the Just in Time! trophy as I had a warmup from my run with the time stones. After getting that done and dusted, I then went ahead and destroyed all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms, and then ended with a run of Palmtree Panic Zone 1 to get 200 rings for the final trophy. Overall, one of the best 2D Sonic games in my opinion, fantastic game. It's up there with 3&K and Mania for sure. Enjoyment: 9/10 (A bit of odd level design in Wacky Workbench and the past layouts.) Difficulty: 3/10 (The UFO's in the special stages can be a bit unpredictable, but other than that there's nothing complicated here. If you're new to the game, you may find Metal Sonic without getting hit a bit tricky at first, but don't give up!)
  11. Just saw this thread, and I'm impressed mate! The Gran Turismo plats are all tough and demanding, and you just got the hardest one of the three, well done! I enjoyed reading through your experience of it all; I like how you planned it all out once you got your hands back on the game, and stayed committed to it all the way to the platinum. A job well done indeed. 😎
  12. Fantastic work! I knew you could do it. πŸ˜€ You've now got all 3 Gran Turismo plats, that's awesome!
  13. Platinum #42 - True Phantom Thief Persona 5 Strikers Another great game in the Persona series! This game is set as a direct sequel to Persona 5, with a new story that spans across many different places with new and familiar characters; from well established ones like Yusuke, to newcomers like Zenkichi, the cast is all well written and good as ever. In this story, the Metaverse makes a return in the form of jails, and it's up to the Phantom Thieves to change hearts and change the public's perception once again. Gameplay-wise, we see an interesting stray from the regular turn-based formula to something akin to a more action paced venture. While playing P5S, I really enjoyed the gameplay a ton, and the function to switch to other characters on the fly is really cool and makes progressing through the story very open as you can tackle each area with whoever you want. I'd go into more, but seeing as the game just came out, there's not much I can say other than the fact that this game is fantastic! Difficulty: 3/10 (you can play the game on any difficulty) Enjoyment: 10/10
  14. I personally find the D-Pad to be the better option; Air Braking needs to be executed pretty quickly, so already having your thumb on the right area makes it a lot easier. πŸ™‚ When it comes to Air Braking during a jump, you need to let go of X, and then hold square whilst holding down and either left or right, and then going back to accelerating before you hit the ground to keep the momentum. I THINK it's possible with the left stick, but I imagine it'd be a lot less precise, so just stick with the ol' reliable D-Pad. As for doing the Oxide times, you don't need to worry about Air Braking since Oxide does make mistakes. It's really only essential for the Velo and Dev times who don't lose their flames, and rather just make minor mistakes or none at all. However, those aren't necessary for the platinum trophy and are completely optional. There are a couple tracks with particularly tight turns however (ones that come to mind at the top of my head are Turbo Track, Hot Air Skyway, and a specific shortcut on Electron Avenue). When you start Oxide, I recommend beginning with Coco Park and Inferno Island as those are the easiest tracks in the game and will give you a feel of how Oxide performs. Most importantly, don't give up! You can do it! πŸ˜€
  15. When it comes to DR, according to this article on GT Planet ( ) it's relative to your position on the grid at the end of a race depending on where you started. If you aim to lower it, then you'll see results by finishing in a place lower than what you began with. So say you're in 4th place at the beginning of the race; if you intentionally let yourself come last, you'll see a dip. As for dropping SR, it's good that you don't want to hit people. There are certainly methods for lowering SR without causing trouble for the others; a good way is to let everyone pass you, and then rack up some penalties in the form of bumping walls and cutting corners. This is the cleanest method since it doesn't interfere with the other racers and ensures that everyone will still have a fair time. PLEASE don't hit other players... πŸ˜“ This is not a good idea in my opinion.
  16. Kudos for at least giving the game a go! You've got the GT5 and GT6 plats anyway so that in itself is already very impressive! In the possibility that you do try Sport again, I'll give some advice. Based on what you said, it seems the prospect of winning in lower lobbies is possible but the rammers seem to impede and send people to the shadow realm... However, there is a good side to this. Based on my experience in lower lobbies, I find that such players often ram in the first turn, netting them penalties and whatnot. So the strategy here is to approach the first turn in an area you find that the rammers don't slam into (or by just getting lucky if I'm being honest), and scrape by cleanly and leave the rammers in the dust. They'll have a hard time catching up to you from here because: 1. They'll have penalties to serve 2. Since they're in lower tiers, this means they'll generally have slower lap times on top of that (even if their best lap is a second slower, that can be a lot of time in a race, and such time adds up as you'll gain a bigger lead) From here on out, try to do the rest of the race as fast and cleanly as you can based on your practice in qualifying, and you should have more success winning so long as you can survive the infamous shadow realm onslaught at the beginning (especially on tracks like Monza, YIKES!). Of course though, there'll be drivers who don't ram and manage to stay on your tail, but if they wouldn't ram on the first turn, then chances are they'll be clean and friendly racers, and from here the winner will be determined on skill. πŸ™‚ I had a lot of trouble in my first 20 races or so, but once I managed to start getting wins, it's good when you have the momentum going! And of course, time and patience are virtues when it comes to this game. But anyway, at the end of the day, you've still got 2 other GT plats which is really cool! Congrats on that, man! 😎
  17. Platinum #41 - Bye Bye, Xenoverse Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 To my surprise, despite this being a game released in late 2016, with several newer DB games released since then, this is still receiving new updates and characters to this very day! The amount of support put into this game is something I didn't expect, but something I welcome a lot. This particular game is one of my favourite Dragon Ball games due to the amount of content there is to get into. You've got 100 side quests in the main game, a cool premise behind the main story with being able to see the history of events in different scenarios, expert missions, and tons of moves you can apply to your very own custom character! With DLC added, you've got a ton more characters to fight alongside you, and even more side quests on top of the 100 you can tackle already. Another new feature is the Hero Colosseum, a neat mode in the game where you can fight in figure battles based on many of the DB characters. My big criticism here however is that getting specific figures requires a lot of RNG; it's pretty much out of your control as to what figures you get. As a result, you'll find yourself spending quite a while grinding TP Medals so you can beat all the Free Battles. Despite this however, Xenoverse 2 is very fun and is a fantastic game! Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Difficulty: 5/10 (mostly a 3/10 but the Hero Colosseum and Expert Mission 15 bring this up just a bit)
  18. Good advice here! I also had a week where the selection of races weren't my favourite; it's all good to let it go and get back into it the following week with new race/car combinations. If I were to try getting wins on tracks I didn't like, it'd be really tedious. πŸ˜… The second piece of advice there with maintaining a level of calmness is one that is very, very vital. 91 wins is a big task, and keeping your cool under pressure is an important aspect of racing. There's the objective factors of maintaining speed, the way you approach turns etc, but there's also that mental game of trying to hold the position you're in. When you lose that grip, you start to make mistakes, and this gives the person in 2nd a chance to catch up. Also, I see you just got your 91 wins too, congratulations! The platinum is within reach. πŸ˜€
  19. Thank you for the nice regards as well! Don’t worry about my Mania and Crash 1 completion times though, those games are very different from the racing genre. I actually had an Xbox account that I mained from around 2011-2019 and those 2 games were indeed tough when I first played them on that! However, most of my friends had a PS4, so I made the shift so I could play with them, and I started off with some games I had already finished on Xbox, those 2 game times are just from experience (also Unleashed and Generations). My first times playing them, they were definitely hard and took me much longer! There are easily many people who are far, far better than me. πŸ˜… I’ll be honest, GT Sport can be a hard plat; when I first played the game, I accepted the possibility that my account might not be at 100% anymore. However, if you really give it your all and have determination, it is doable, but yes, it can be quite hard. If you can get those 91 wins though, then the rest is all just a grind you can do at whatever pace you like. There are some tips on this forum that may help you out. Best of luck if you give this a go! πŸ‘ Edit: The servers should stay up for a while too (definitely at least until GT7), they usually take their time with GT games so Sport’s servers should still stick around for enough time. Edit 2: Another detail I think is worth mentioning is that GT7 aims to be a return to form of GT, so the devs are definitely gonna make sure it's all polished before release and will definitely take their time which is good, in turn meaning that Sport's servers will definitely be up for longer.
  20. Platinum #40 - Never Fade Away Cyberpunk 2077 My 40th plat! Cyberpunk is truly a popular game, for better or worse at the time being. I played the game on a PS4 Slim, and I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones since I didn't crash too often. πŸ˜… This is truly an interesting game to me; it definitely has it's share of bugs and glitches, which is a damn shame since underneath it all, Cyberpunk has the potential to be a classic in the future. Where the game does work, the story immerses you, the characters like Johnny motivate you, and the lives you can connect with through the side quests with key characters really makes you feel like the people behind CDPR really put love and soul into this game. I won't spoil anything, but there are certain side quests where you really get an understanding of your main metallic-armed partner in crime, which makes him such a fantastic character. Seriously, some of the side stuff is arguably as important as the main story in my opinion! The gameplay itself can even be really fun too; focusing on blades and wielding all sorts of weapons like katanas makes you feel like a god when you shred through opponents standing in your way. I also focused on handguns, and being able to shave down the health of enemies with strong weapons after a ton of grinding to make your abilities work is very satisfying. I have no doubt that once Cyberpunk is truly finished, this will absolutely be one remarkable game, which makes it unfortunate to see the state it's in right now. Beneath the problems, this really is one brilliant game, and they should've given it just a bit more cooking before taking it off the frying pan. In the future though, I do believe this game will be a completely different and better experience. As of now, I do like Cyberpunk, and I'm glad the team is continuing to support the game and make it what it should've been initially. Enjoyment: 7.5/10 (however, it could easily be a 9/10 or even 10/10 when they fix everything and add more content) Difficulty: 3/10
  21. Firstly, fantastic work on platting GT6 and especially GT5! GT5 is a really skilled plat so I'll give you kudos for that. πŸ˜€ Anyway, since Gran Turismo games are pretty popular and their online player base generally lasts until the servers go down, I think it's good when it comes to that. The big thing however, is that there's usually some people in each DR and SR that play religiously; so you're gonna come across the same people often if you play specific times a day, at least from my experience. However, we're all human, so they'll have tracks they don't perform as well in. You'll only encounter gods in high DR/SR tiers I'd imagine. πŸ˜… When it comes to manual transmission, I found that it definitely gives an edge over other players, especially if you intend on being in a low DR/SR. If you're playing in the higher DR/SR brackets then I reckon you'd definitely need to. Manual gives you more control, which can greatly help. The idea of using manual may be a bit daunting, but people on YouTube usually give great guides on using manual for certain cars on each track, and they can certainly help for knowing when to change gears (looking at the top player replays of each daily can also help). The main concern however is that we have no idea how long the servers are actually going to be up. The game did just receive an update about a month ago or something so personally I think it'll still be around for a while. I definitely don't think they'll shut it down before GT7 comes out. If GT7 comes out at the end of 2021, and we use GT6's servers shutting down about half a year after GT Sport as an example, then based on that; Sport's servers could (at minimum) be shut down midway through 2022. That's plenty of time in my opinion. Since you've platted GT5, I believe you can do this! The OP of this thread, Megaman80, also platted GT5, and got the Sport plat too. As for me, I don't even have much experience with proper racing simulators and even a guy like me managed to get the plat, so considering you have even more experience, I reckon you can do this!
  22. If you're gonna try a new save, here's a point early on you could do (around an hour in or so): at the beginning of the game, with T-Bug's training, she'll offer 2 additional training courses revolving around stealth and advanced combat. For the sake of this trophy, the stealth one is irrelevant, but at the end of the combat one, you'll have to face 3 enemies, and it's possible for an enemy to throw a grenade here. Since it's at the start of the game (it's even possible to get this before The Fool) and easy to predict them throwing one, I recommend trying it at this point since you can just save when the 3 of them appear and try it over and over until one eventually throws a grenade. Of course, you could just get it at any other point, but this is the earliest possible way to do it. Good luck and I hope I could help. πŸ˜€
  23. Platinum #38 - Melody of Memory Complete Master Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Very fun rhythm game! The latest in the Kingdom Hearts games; here we see pieces be put together for the future of the series. Since the game just came out, I won't say anything more regarding the story than that. As for the gameplay, you have a wide selection of songs, representing the series so far. With a vast selection of difficulties, alongside neat collection bonuses of character designs and other cool art, there's lots of fun to see what each song has to offer. The harder songs especially feel very rewarding when you finally obtain a full chain. I know I've said it earlier on this, but there really are a heap of songs, like lots! There's bound to be a favourite for anyone who's played through this series so far. Very fun. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  24. Finally got this plat done, holy moly what a doozy! That level 50 grind... I'm never doing that again lol. πŸ˜… Hope you're doing well with the online wins, Viqueeeez! Keep at it, you can do it! Another good tip I can give is to look at what car a majority of people use; they tend to use the one used in the best qualifying replays. By doing this, you can usually be on the same pace as the others. Good luck! What Megaman80 said is also helpful, 2-3 hours is generally a good amount of time to get a good qualifying lap.
  25. Platinum #37 - Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy Gran Turismo Sport I can't believe I got this plat! With getting 91 wins in ranked online, alongside a really long grind to level 50, this is my hardest plat and it was a doozy! An amazing racing game by Polyphony, they really did an incredible job with this game. It's usually pretty cheap, so if you're up to the challenge, this is a great game to get into! Difficulty: 10/10 Enjoyment: 10/10