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  1. Just picked up this great game and I figure I'll try to get the 91 wins. Been doing the Autodromo Nazionale Monza and whew boy those first few turns are killers haha. You gotta pray other players don't knock you off track or it's over. Managed to get a win after around 20 races by improving my time and not getting sent to the shadow realm on that first turn, so just 90 to go. As of Thursday though, even with the E rank of the other drivers, they're getting insane qualifying times around now, so I look forward to what races will be held next week! I may grind out the missions in the meantime. Edit: Now at 35 poles and 18 wins, so far so good for the first week. especially since it's Monza with that first turn. Edit 2: From my experience, playing against E rank sr drivers is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it's generally simple to stay ahead of the pack given that a lot of people behind play bumper cars, but in the event that someone DOES catch up to you, you need to pray for dear life that they don't ram you into the shadow realm.
  2. Platinum #36 Rayman Origins - Sweet Dreams! What a fantastic platformer with tons of challenge and fun! There haven't been any Rayman games in ages so I'd really love to see more in the future, especially after seeing how much of a blast this game was. The characters don't necessarily speak, but their movement and body language alone displays a great level of comedy, charm, and charisma from Rayman's adventurous nature to Globox's gluttonous and carefree nature. Great game.
  3. Platinum #35 Legendary Phantom Thief - Persona 5 Absolutely fantastic game. After platting Persona 5 Royal, I knew I had to get the vanilla version and play through this too, especially for that steelbook. Great music, great gameplay, and a fantastic story that all leads to an amazing 100+ hour experience. Seeing the compendium reach 100% after fusing all those Personas was so satisfying, and the secret NG+ boss was a great final challenge. One of the best games of all time in my opinion, and with the new Royal version out, I hope many people give the game a shot! Whew, what a good game.
  4. I think he meant that Warzone isn't a separate list and it's just part of the regular Modern Warfare list. If they don't add any new trophies by season 4 then I don't think they'll add more, but I do agree that it'd be cool to see what trophies they could do in Warzone so long as it's not too demanding of a multiplayer trophy (like coming 1st without getting shot or without blinking once lol).
  5. Got the KH3 platinum and cleaned up the Re:Mind DLC list too. With this, I've 100%ed all games in the KH series... what an incredible journey! I recently got into the KH series last year and they've quickly become some of my favourite games of all time!
  6. If you download the F2P Warzone, I believe it's just that Warzone part, although it actually seems to add the main game trophy list to your account according to HusKy. Basically this means that unless you have the paid, full game, I believe nothing in Warzone goes towards the trophies leaving you at 0% (but it can be hidden). If you have the full MW game already and play Warzone, nothing should happen I don't think as you'd already have the trophy list on your account. 👍
  7. So this wouldn't affect those who have already got 100% on the game, right? Just wanna be on the safe side if I ever boot up Warzone 👍 Also, thank you for testing it for those doing F2P! I myself already played MW prior but this'll definitely be helpful for those new to the 2019 MW. Edit: Considering the next CoD is coming out very soon, it seems that no trophies were added to Warzone after all.