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  1. 9 hours ago, Sunnyburrito said:

    Nexomon Extinction, I always wanted to play and platinum that one, I have it in my backlog for months but never got to play it lol

    inFamous Second Son. Was one of Sucker Punch's first games for the PS4, and it's so cool to see how far they've come with creating games. Great plat!


  2. 28 minutes ago, SirWaWa said:



    Need higher completion rate and more S and A ranks

    Great assortment of plats; you've got the Kingdom Hearts series, God of War Series, Final Fantasy; a lot of games that I'm interested in as well!

    You don't have the plat for it, but I see you've got both online Gran Turismo 5 trophies, which means you could potentially get it all done. The GT5 plat would be an awesome completion, so you should go back to it one day; it'll look awesome on your profile! It'll be tough, but give it another go. 👍


  3. 48 minutes ago, AJ_Radio said:





    :gold: Bless You :gold:

    Earn the Buddha's blessing (SONSON)


    You did it!!! Fantastic work mate, I knew you could do it! This has gotta be your proudest completion for sure, or at least be very close to your proudest. It must be a relief to finally have it done. 😅 You've been working at it on and off for nearly 2 years, and it's finally come to an end. 
    Next I assume you'll be finishing off Assassin's Creed Odyssey, so good luck.


  4. 52 minutes ago, MisterGibraltar said:

    PS3 100% Dead Island. Beat it once with my brother on PC and we both agreed that once is more than enough :P

    Playstation Home 100% for sure! It was a really cool experiment by Sony and it's definitely a rare 100% since it's no longer obtainable.


  5. 7 minutes ago, Neocarleen said:

    Surgeon Simulator


    Wow, that's amazing!

    Definitely Fall Guys for sure. There's been a lot of discussion regarding the game's trophies, especially for it's difficulty, so well done for getting the plat for it!


  6. 3 hours ago, OFFICER_OILDAB said:

    Nice trophy collection friend. I love your variety of games, and your list isnt clogged with multiple stacks (like mine, sadly). 


    Id take Kingdom Hearts 2, finished the first, but there are some tough fights thrown into the second. Its on my backlog as ive already put in so many hours and have a few of the more difficult trophies already... one day...

    Your Overwatch plat is seriously impressive mate! The Floor is Lava trophy for Lucio is notoriously difficult so good work!

    Keep working on KH2, you can do it! The Data Org can be tough, but take your time. Since you can face them in any order I like doing the hardest ones first. I remember Vexen being tough for me personally but it's pretty subjective, you may find him easier. And of course, you don't need to fight them on Critical or anything, so that can make it a bit more doable. Keep fighting them over and over, and you'll slowly adapt to their patterns and know when to dodge or when to punish. Good luck, you got this!


  7. 3 hours ago, AJ_Radio said:


    Thanks. I don't get too many compliments, so I always appreciate when someone takes the time to compliment on my profile.


    Yours is really good as well. SonSon definitely isn't as hard as Gunsmoke or Commando, the main issue is the last few areas, need to practice more on them. Sonic Adventure is good, I played it way back in the day when I was still a kid, but never got around to beating the story. I have to wrap up the other character stories and then it's grinding out the A rank stages and Chao. Any tips you can give me on the Chao?


    Would also like your input on Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Awesome work for getting that 100 percent. Fallout 4 will be my next 'marathon' game, but after Assassin's Creed Odyssey I'll be good for a while.

    I'd be glad to give some advice. 🙂 As for tips regarding the Chao garden, I can say from experience that the Chao garden in SA1 isn't nearly as long as SA2. For SA1, you mainly just need to raise one Chao so it isn't too tedious. There's an assortment of different animals located through each stage that can be used to buff a Chao's specific stats, and there's this really good site that shows which animals appear in each level:
    Personally though, I prefer just rushing through Emerald Coast with Sonic over and over and using the rings I get to buy Chao fruit from the black market; it's a food that raises all of a Chao's stats at once and I find that using the animals I get in the stages are more of a bonus. In SA2 on the other hand, it gets a lot longer since you pretty much have to raise 2 Chao and hope that one of them has really good stats to finish the Chao Karate. There is technically a glitch where you can raise a Chao's stats by reusing an animal repeatedly, but I find that such glitches that circumvent a major portion of the game take away from the experience so I resorted to doing it legitimately, and it definitely takes quite a while.
    I find that the Run stat is absolutely the most important for the races since that's what a Chao spends the most time doing, but there are specific races that focus on it's other stats so maxing out everything (more so on SA2) is your best bet.

    As for Shovel Knight, it's one of my favourite indie games out there. I love indie games and Shovel Knight is no different. One of the things I love about the game is that it's mostly skill-based; everything from Shovel, Specter and Plague Knight has no influence of luck in the way and it comes down to perseverance. I will say that Plague Knight's gameplay takes the most getting used to but he's got some handy upgrades; there's one in particular that allows him to descend at a much slower rate (and I think you can even cancel the slow descent as well which makes it quite versatile) and it makes the platforming a lot more doable so I'd look into mixing up Plague's arsenal. Specter on the other hand is more "hands on" than Plague, and instead focuses on melee combat with his scythe. I find him to be the most fun of the 4. As a good tip, Specter Knight has a great upgrade, the Will Skull, that allows his health to be restored by a couple increments, it's very helpful to stay alive and ensures your health never gets too dangerously low.

    Then there's King Knight... I love his gameplay for the most part, but when I say that Treasure Trove is "mostly" skill-based, that's because King Knight's got this card game, Joustus, that you need to do for the 100% and it is the one thing in Treasure Trove that has the factor of luck... It's a fun little mini-game, but you need to beat every opponent and you need really great cards to get through. The moves they do are a bit random and it can come down to redoing battles until the game decides to go in your favour. To be fair, it does still require skill as each card has a set of abilities that you can use to your advantage, but it has that little hint of luck that can sway the tide. It isn't incredibly difficult, but when you have one luck-based concept in a skill-based game, it does stick out.
    Apart from this though, King's gameplay is a lot of fun. His gameplay has a Wario-esque emphasis with how you charge ahead, and it can lead to some very fun platforming sections. I'd say the difficulty across the 4 knights is pretty even, so you should find it consistent throughout.

    Fallout 4 is also a fantastic game! Story-wise I think it's great, I think what people have issues with is the idea that the main character has a set identity, and the dialogue options aren't as transparent as 3 and New Vegas. Regardless, Fallout 4 is still really fleshed out and there's so much stuff to do, the map is huge and everything has a cool landmark. Going through each vault is like discovering a new story and the exploration always gets you wanting to search more, it's definitely a load of fun. The sarcastic options always give me a chuckle, and Nick Valentine is an incredible companion and one of the best in the entire series. One of the DLC's, Far Harbour, actually flesh out his character more so I'd definitely suggest having him tag along when you get to that.


  8. On 13/06/2021 at 4:48 PM, Shrooba said:

    A 10/10 for sure. Profiles like this inspire me with some of my own games too; I've been considering doing Furi for my 50th platinum milestone despite it's difficulty because profiles like these make me realise that I, too, can accomplish such things if I put in the effort.

    An update to @DeepEyes7, I finally got the Furi plat! Wasn't my 50th milestone because I couldn't wait to play it, but it was a huge challenge nonetheless. Whenever I struggled, I'd remind myself to just persevere and keep going just like what profiles on this thread show. There's been a ton of incredible people on this thread and it's just the tip of the iceberg as to what great players come to this site; it all tells me that if these people can overcome difficult challenges in gaming, then that means I can push through as well if I just keep at it.
    I definitely recommend getting Furi, I think you'll love the game; check out gameplay of it's Furier difficulty specifically as I feel this represents the best of what the game offers. But yeah, I wanted to again thank you and many others on this thread for inspiring me! 

    On the note of impressive profiles, @xenomorfi2 I can tell you've also put in a great deal of effort as well! Seriously man, the Crypt of the Necrodancer is insane, I'd arguably place that as the hardest platinum of all time. You've also got a lot of other impressive platinums like I Am Bread, Surgeon Simulator, and Black Ops 3 and that's only a couple out of your list.

    @AJ_Radio You're extremely close to 100%ing Capcom Arcade Cabinet, keep at it, I know you can do it! Considering you've got the SMB and Surgeon Simulator plat, I know you'll be able to overcome the challenge. I also see you've started Sonic Adventure as well, definitely a great game! It's aged a bit and I do prefer SA2, but SA1 still is a pretty good game so that's a swell game to have on your list.
    I've seen your thoughts on the matter already, but yeah, GTA5 on PS3 is just too risky to do at this point, I agree that it's better to not touch it. There's been a ton of debate regarding the online, but seeing as it's soon coming to an end, it's probably for the best.
    A 10/10, you've kept going on your account for nearly a decade and you've accumulated some impressive games.
    I know I've given quite a few 10/10's at this point but I can't help it since so many of you have great profiles! 😅 I do promise that I'm putting consideration into this!

    An overall completion percentage does play a factor into things, but it goes to show that the most important aspect of a profile are the games you play. Regardless of difficulty, what matters the most is that people seek games not just for easy platinums, but for great times. I think everyone on this thread all have games that matter to them, so well done to you all. 😎 


  9. Hope I'm allowed to review more than one person! 😅 Like I said in my earlier post, I love seeing people's profiles and getting an idea of what games they love and the challenges they've pushed through. It's a really great aspect of a trophy-hunting website such as this where we're all congregated together. I find it to be really cool, and I figured this would be the appropriate thread to discuss it best.

    1 hour ago, GraniteSnake said:


    With you mentioning MGS and all, not gonna lie, I got partially interested due to those Ocelot gun spinning videos on YouTube! I entered a real rabbit-hole with that a couple weeks ago. There's some really talented people out there who can truly replicate Ocelot (But I digress 😅)! It was worth it as your list has some really good games! Especially Gran Turismo 5, you're so close to getting the platinum so I hope you'll go back and consider finishing it, that'd be a legendary plat in your collection. The Vettel challenges are tough, but you're on the final stretch!

    In terms of other games, the GTA 4 plat is also very well done! That's a huge game with a lot of planning necessary for the online, so pulling it off is an impressive feat and has a great place on your trophy list. I see you've not only got the platinum, but also the 100% as well! You're so close with GTA 5 as well, but it's a shame that the online on PS3 is way too risky, and I believe Run Like the Wind is unobtainable now. Due to that, making it that far in GTA 5 is still a very great accomplishment.

    Another thing I like looking at with profiles is a person's first platinum. It's always an interesting tidbit that speaks to me about the gaming interests of a trophy hunter, and you've chosen Assassin's Creed 2! That's a really great game, and you see a lot of diversity as you reach each milestone, from GoW 3 as the 20th plat, to Spyro 3 as your 100th. Submerging yourself in different genres is a very respectable thing and shows to me that you love to try out many different games which is a great quality in a profile.

    Overall, a very nice profile with some impressive trophies and some great history with your milestones! 8.5/10, but it'd definitely be a 9/10 with the GT5 plat! Good luck if you go back to it, you can do it! Believe!


    18 minutes ago, Marvy_G23 said:


    98% completion with alot of fun games

    Your profile is pretty solid too! Personally I don't find enjoyment out of cheap games with quick platinums, but you've evened it out very nicely with some great quality games like the Witcher 3 which is a wonderful completion. Horizon Zero Dawn is another great game and definitely one of the big IP's when it comes to PlayStation and the legacy of the PS4. You've had your profile for quite a long time and inFamous Second Son is an awesome first platinum!
    You don't shy away from hard games either; Even if it isn't complete, it's really cool to see Wolfenstein 2 on your list!

    Looking through your list further, I see you have a liking for the Madden games! I personally enjoy motorsport games, and it shows that no matter how different sports can be, from football to racing, it's an aspect of life that connects cultures and people, so games that reflect that on your profile is really cool!

    And also, I like your Persona 5 Royal background! Definitely one of my favourite games of all time! It's really an amazing game, I hope they port over Persona 4: Golden to PS4 at one point since it was initially a PS2 game that got ported to the Vita after all. I guess we can only wait and hope! 😅

    A 7/10, there's some quick plat games here and there, but it's portioned well with some very great game picks. Those Madden plats are really awesome and even just seeing Wolfenstein 2 there even if not completed shows that you're willing to try games from every corner! 👍



  10. 2 minutes ago, DeepEyes7 said:


    Really like your profile, great completion rate and a really good collection of UR plats, very impressive, congrats!



    Very impressive profile; lots of difficult games in the fighting genre like Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I also see you recently finished P4AU which is also another fantastic game as well. FighterZ is another game with a ton of passion put into it with some stunning animations and visuals which makes it great to see on any list. You've got the Jak trilogy, the GoW games, alongside DB Xenoverse 2; plenty of variety with the games you choose which is really neat!
    You've also been going with your account for over a decade which is a very admirable milestone. I always played the PS1 and PS2 in my childhood but moved to the Xbox line of consoles from 2011-2019, and only recently started a profile on PS so it's cool to see that you've been with Sony for so long.

    A great UR trophy ratio too!

    One of my favourite aspects of coming to this website is always finding new people with insane trophy lists; seeing the determination that people put in to make their profiles shine. Through your years, it shows that across accumulating very great platinums and 100%'s, you've put in a lot of work and I must say that I wish you the best of luck with any future game endeavors you decide to conquer next. I see now you've got Street Fighter X Tekken across the PS3 and Vita, alongside some others down the list like Street Fighter V that I know you'll be able to finish. You can absolutely do it considering the other feats you've managed to do.

    A 10/10 for sure. Profiles like this inspire me with some of my own games too; I've been considering doing Furi for my 50th platinum milestone despite it's difficulty because profiles like these make me realise that I, too, can accomplish such things if I put in the effort.



  11. 8 hours ago, Baker said:

    Well I got it. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected it to be. Managed to skip Yozora, Master Xehanort and Xion. I really enjoyed it. And with the completion of this game I wrapped up all KH games. Except the Melody one.


    Also very cool video. He uses some sort of Fire stunlock I also accidentally did once against Xemnas. His Magic stat must be maxed out though. He does insane damage.

    Nice work with the 100%! Funnily enough those are the exact same three fights I didn't need to do codes for either.
    Melody of Memory is a pretty fun game, it's got a good selection of songs throughout the entire series. Since you've finished all the other KH games then I reckon you'll like it a lot.
    And as for the fire stun in that speedrun, it's pretty insane. This is sorta the same kind of strat used with KH2 Data Org speedruns so it's cool to see that it carried over into KH3.

    But once again, good work with the Risk-taker trophy! 😎


  12. 10 hours ago, Baker said:

    In the meantime I’ve finished the game with 143.500 points, but I haven’t fought Dark Inferno yet. I used Shotlocks again in the Ansem, Xemnas, Young Xehanort fight although that wasn’t necessary at all. I didn’t remember that fight had checkpoints. I somehow first beat Xemnas in 20 seconds by stunlocking him with a fire/firaga combo with Micky Clasp and Magic Combo Thrift. Such a strong combo, I also used it to destroy Demon Tide. 


    Anyway. At first I wasn’t happy with this DLC at all. I thought and still think it is way overpriced. But I’m now playing KH in a way I’ve never done before. I usually just spammed attack and even on critical mode that’s enough. Now I’m actually learning the attack patterns in the Boss Battles and I have to say it’s a lot of fun! I’m actually looking forward to Limit Cut. But first I need to grind to Lvl. 99.

    Whoops... after reading this first part it clicked in me that you meant the trio fight in the keyblade graveyard and not the individual fights against them in the Data Org. I wanted to quickly mention this because I accidentally completely skipped the detail where you were referring to the base game fight against the three. Just wanted to clear up my mistake there as it would've looked like I said I struggled with base game Saix earlier which was not my intention. 😅 He's definitely the easiest fight in the entirety of KH3 with how OP Roxas is.

    Anyway, as for your current progress, I do think your move of turning off a pro code for the trio fight in the base game was good as well, because the beginning is really tricky with all three of them. Even if it's only one or two codes, anything that gives you more options during that part makes it a ton more manageable. Funny how you mention the checkpoints mid-fight; when it's the solo Data Org fights they usually progress to harder attacks as the battle goes on, so you'd think with ALL THREE of them there they'd just unleash everything at once and make it easy for themselves, but they never do. I know, video game logic and that'd be too unfair, but those three really didn't work out their plan it seems! 😅 I figure they'd have a much easier time beating Sora if they went all out.

    At any rate, if you only turned off the shotlock restriction with Lump of Horror, Skoll, and then this, then you're not missing out on too many points. 143,500 points is a really solid point to be at for the base game! You do get a lot more points from the Dark Inferno and Data Org fights than you do the other bosses, so the rate now will be pretty fast and exponential.

    As a good tip, and something that's seemingly missable; the Armored Xehanort fight in the Re:Mind section (before the Data Org episode) can actually give you points as well. I think you only get 10,000, but every bit counts. I believe it's the part when you fight him with Sora and Kairi, but keep the codes on before that just in case.

    But with that said, good luck with the lvl 99 grind, and make sure to stock up on some cooked food from here on out as it'll really come in handy. You got this. 👍

    Edit: On the note of the Data Org, I stumbled upon this cool speedrun of it, it's really cool if you wanna check it out, and I thought it'd be interesting:



  13. 52 minutes ago, Baker said:

    I’m trying to get as much points as possible in the base game because my plan was to skip Yozora, Master Xehanort, Xion & Young Xehanort in Limit Cut. At the minimum I want to skip Yozora. But missing 500 points for Lump of Horror & Skoll seemed the better idea because those bosses are pretty tough and it wasn’t worth the time and effort to beat them with all pro codes on. 

    I might turn off some pro codes for the upcoming Ansem, Xemnas & Young Xehanort fight in the base game. That will be hard with all pro codes on, although I can’t quite remember the fight. I’m thinking of grinding some Defense & Attack Boosts before I go to Limit Cut though, just to make it as easy as possible.


    As for muscle memory in Limit Cut. All I did was spam attack and Ariel to blast through it easily 1f605.png. So I probably need to learn the attack patterns. The only boss fight I learned was Luxord, and although he is supposedly the easiest one, he took me by far the most attempts to beat. 

    If you at the very least want to skip Yozora, you're doing very well so far, so definitely don't worry about him. He's only an absolute last resort if you really miss out on a ton of points. In retrospect I turned quite a few codes off for the base game bosses and some Data Org members, and even then I still didn't have to go through Yozora with the codes, nor Xion and Master Xehanort, so I'd say you're all set. 😉

    Turning off some pro codes for Young Xehanort and Xemnas is a good idea, I did the same as well, alongside Saix, and I believe Marluxia too. I did turn off some codes for quite a few of the members.
    I'd still recommend giving Luxord a go with all codes considering you did beat him before, even if it took a while. If you still have trouble, definitely make use of the food you can create (the ones that give you temporary buffs), their effects last during the Data Org fights and they don't lower your pro code score, so it's a good thing to keep mind of.

    If you find you have trouble for the other fights, then I'd suggest turning off the battle item restriction as having tons of potions can make sure you have enough HP (it should be enough to negate the HP slip).


    28 minutes ago, Deadly_Ha_Ha said:

    I know this isn't on topic, but I was so thankful for this dlc. It turned a game whose platinum was a joke, and whose combat was bad, into a super thrilling, very hard trophy run with BEAUTIFULLY designed boss fights and some really exciting story. A year later and I still look back with pride on finishing this 100%. It saved this game in a lot of ways
    for me

    I agree. A lot of complaints I'd seen of KH3 was it's lack of difficulty. Heck, I don't even think it had critical mode at first. The Data Org was such a great implementation into this game. There's so much challenge and detail that's been put into their fights and you really feel the progression when you slowly learn their battles more and more. Dodging and parrying their attacks feels so awesome.
    They're very difficult bosses when having pro codes enabled, but they're all completely fair and that's what I love. Whenever I die to them, I always know it's due to my own fault like with KH2's Data Org. It's never a situation where you blame the game. Alongside this, the Risk-taker trophy is definitely a great feat.
    Being able to actually see Final Fantasy characters in it was nice as well. 😅

    The Re:Mind dlc added some much needed difficulty that the base game lacked. It's great they added some more challenges, Yozora especially.