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  1. Platinum #38 - Melody of Memory Complete Master Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Very fun rhythm game! The latest in the Kingdom Hearts games; here we see pieces be put together for the future of the series. Since the game just came out, I won't say anything more regarding the story than that. As for the gameplay, you have a wide selection of songs, representing the series so far. With a vast selection of difficulties, alongside neat collection bonuses of character designs and other cool art, there's lots of fun to see what each song has to offer. The harder songs especially feel very rewarding when you finally obtain a full chain. I know I've said it earlier on this, but there really are a heap of songs, like lots! There's bound to be a favourite for anyone who's played through this series so far. Very fun. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  2. Finally got this plat done, holy moly what a doozy! That level 50 grind... I'm never doing that again lol. 😅 Hope you're doing well with the online wins, Viqueeeez! Keep at it, you can do it! Another good tip I can give is to look at what car a majority of people use; they tend to use the one used in the best qualifying replays. By doing this, you can usually be on the same pace as the others. Good luck! What Megaman80 said is also helpful, 2-3 hours is generally a good amount of time to get a good qualifying lap.
  3. Platinum #37 - Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy Gran Turismo Sport I can't believe I got this plat! With getting 91 wins in ranked online, alongside a really long grind to level 50, this is my hardest plat and it was a doozy! An amazing racing game by Polyphony, they really did an incredible job with this game. It's usually pretty cheap, so if you're up to the challenge, this is a great game to get into! Difficulty: 10/10 Enjoyment: 10/10
  4. Currently doing the Level 50 grind at the moment. As for the 3 online trophies, it can definitely be a bit boring waiting around 10 minutes per online race, especially if you get a track like Monza where people kill you on the first turn so you've practically got no chance of winning. Despite this however, there is always that sense of fun; getting wins all the way to 91 felt exciting and never got old for me personally. Even the 322 races grind while long was cool since I finished my wins and just enjoyed cruising at the back of the pack. As for the Level 50 trophy however... hoo boy, this is really something else. It's by no means hard like the wins/poles but it is certainly very tedious. First there's the X2014 Nations Cup Race 5 which gives 4300xp per race which lasts just under 8 minutes... Given that, you'd need to do the race hundreds of times to reach level 50. The other option is Premium Sports Lounge Race 1 which gives like double the experience in around 12 minutes, but that features an oval track. So in the end, there's one where it's a fun track but you need to do more races, and then there's the oval one where while it'll take less time, it'll be more repetitive. To make things a bit more interesting, I love listening to music and whatnot to keep my mind occupied with something, definitely makes things more doable. Apart from that though, the game is very fun! The circuit experiences especially were really engaging, especially the missions.
  5. Very nice!!! I like to say that if you can win once, you can win 91 times. Just gotta repeat that process. All I have left is level 50, currently at level 45 but that just means I'm only halfway there lol. 😅 Might do GT6 on the PS3 after I plat this I reckon. As for some tips, be sure to look at the top times of your region to see what the best players do to get their good times. Look at their replays and try to copy what they do (braking points, if they apply the throttle a bit on turns or a little bit of braking). Also, if you haven't already, it's good to learn manual on the track you're doing. Don't worry though! When it comes to Race A and B, tracks are generally short so you'll get the hang of where to change gears, especially since you'll be doing lots of qualifying, and also by looking at those replays. Change gears when they do and you'll be set. Being on manual alone can put you above the rest in some cases, especially in lower ranks. One final tip, I find that having no traction control also puts you above the others. If you're doing races on a grid start however, I found that leaving traction on 0 at the beginning makes your car start slightly slower (from what I found with the Greddy Fugu Z in my final week of racing for wins). Therefore, what I found helpful is to temporarily put the traction control on 3 for the startup, and then quickly change it back to 0 for the rest of the race once you go up a couple gears. Good luck!
  6. Congrats on finishing all the dev times in CTR! The mere mention of Turbo Track makes me shudder lol. The one that gave me the most trouble was definitely that, and especially Out of Time, I'm contemplating whether I should touch that track ever again. 🙃 So 4's platinum relics are comparable to the difficulty of Velo. This is good info for any others in this thread who've done the Velo times. 😀 Toxic Tunnels and Cortex Castle seem to be the hardest, alongside those bear levels since it seems the hit detection is the equivalent of spinning a prize wheel lol.
  7. I definitely reckon Crash 4 would be harder, at least if we're just talking about the Oxide time trials. Oxide in his time trials tends to make mistakes and can't hold his flame for the entirety of the time. At first he can be hard when you get used to the mechanics, but after learning how to keep flames consistently and learning the drifting, it's pretty doable with practice. Where I think Crash 4 can be comparable to CTR is if we get into the Velo and dev times. When it comes to the Velo trials, I found that he generally only makes one crucial mistake in each track but is otherwise perfect, while when it comes to the dev times, you pretty much have to master each track with little to no errors. I do find that the devs, rather than make obvious mistakes like losing the flame like Oxide, they would only take specific shortcuts 2 out of 3 laps in some cases. At least only for a few of the dev times anyway. William P specifically is a god lol. Now if Crash 4's platinum relics are to be compared to CTR, I suppose it comes down to if there's leniency with the platinum relic times in three questions: Can you make any mistakes and still get the platinum relics like Oxide? Can you make a couple minor mistakes like Velo and still get the relics? Or do you have to do the levels perfectly to get the relics like with the dev times? Since I haven't played Crash 4 yet, I can't say if CTR's dev times would be comparable to 4's platinum or dev relics. If the dev times of CTR is how difficult the platinum relics in 4 are, then hoo boy we have ourselves one heck of a challenge. If they're comparable to Velo, then I'd say at the very least while it's hard there'll be some leniency. If any person with the Crash 4 plat who's done some of the dev times on the harder tracks in CTR could deduce this, then we have a very good lead to how difficult the platinum relics are with a good comparison. Purely on the perspective of someone who hasn't played Crash 4 yet, I would make a guess that 4's platinum relics would be comparable to the Velo times since the relics seem pretty hard, but I do think you can make a couple mistakes here and there looking at some YouTube videos. I've seen a couple videos where people accidentally miss a couple time crates but still get even the dev relics. Once again though, I haven't played it yet, so take what I said with a grain of salt. I hope what I said was somewhat useful though. 😅
  8. For anyone doing the X2014 Nations Cup Race 5 event, I have a good tip. If you tune the car in a specific way, you can actually go around 380km along the straight, and nearly 400km when in a slipstream, and you can shave off a couple seconds each lap which can lead to consistent times just under 8 minutes for 4300xp. A minor change, but every second counts. Here's the video I used as a guide (note that he uses mph, so for anyone using kmh like me, quickly change the unit to mph to follow the tune and then you can change the unit back after):
  9. Kudos to the recent people who platinumed the game in this thread! Well done fellas. 😀 Those platinum relics seem like a handful, and you all handled them like champs.
  10. Gran Turismo Sport, Wolfenstein 2, and Super Meat Boy completionists, step aside... Only the most elite, the most hardcore, the most unfathomably prestigious of gamers the world has ever seen will unlock this hardcore platinum. Noobs begone.
  11. I've finally done it, the 322 races are finally over! With that, the 3 online trophies are done. From here, I just need to tackle level 50 and some other single-player trophies. What a ride it was! Good luck to you Viqueeeez, I know you can do it!
  12. I'd say it is indeed doable with patience and determination. It can potentially be a long journey, but that in my opinion makes it all the more rewarding. Personally, the only other racing games I've played are Team Sonic Racing, CTR and Crash Nitro Kart. I also played a bit of Colin McRae Rally way back on the PS1 prior to around 2008 when I was a kid I think, so I probably wasn't that good at it. 😄 Where I'm getting with this is; these for the most part aren't comparable to the simulator-esque experiences of Gran Turismo, but even so, with my little experience of proper racing games, I managed to get the wins/poles done. If I can do it, I have faith that you can do it too! Don't let the experience of those first 15 races discourage you; I didn't even get my first win until like 20 races in, so you're not alone. As for the servers, I was also contemplating this on the thread while I was grinding out wins, and I'd say that they'll be up for at least 5-ish months after GT7 comes out, purely on the previous example of GT6's online shutting down around 5 months after Sport released. Luckily, I don't think GT7 will be a launch title, so if it releases Q4 of next year, you'll probably have at the very least another year to get them done so don't worry. Look at it like pacing it at 10 wins a month, you'll easily get it done in three quarters of that time. Heck, it took me 3 proper weeks to get it myself, and 2 for Megaman80, because we both had a race during a week that we were strong at. For my first week, I got 20 wins, then 14 on the second, a break on the third, but on that 4th week, with Tsukuba Circuit, I found it a lot easier to keep the lead and got 57 wins which took me from 34 to 91. Even if some weeks you don't get lots of wins, you just may come across one track that you're god-like at, and that's your chance to get as many wins as possible. I believe in you!
  13. That's fast! Props to the guy for getting one of the hardest plats like a boss. The dedication it takes to get this done that quick is impressive for sure.
  14. Congrats man! The Big Three are done! All you got left is some oval driving and the xp grind. The platinum is in reach!
  15. I did it!!! I got my 91st win today, and the poles and wins are now out of the way. I started off with 34 wins this week, and managed to grind all the way to 91 thanks to Daily Race A's Tsukuba Circuit. Week 1, I got 20 wins on Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Race A Week 2, I got 14 wins on the Autodrome Lago Maggiore, Race B Week 3, I took a break Week 4, 57 wins on Tsukuba Circuit, Race A. All I have left in terms of the online portion is the 322 races. That won't be hard, but it'll sure take a while, but it'll be a lot less stressful now that I can just cruise at the back of the pack, not having to worry about getting great qualifying laps anymore. Best of luck to anyone who tries to do this. If I can do it, so can you. 😀