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  1. Thx. Im way too far yet. Yesterday I won 200 points and Im sitting at 1337, after a lot of drop races because of stupid guys. Sad thing is that only with C and D ratings I get nearly full lobbies, while with above ratings rarely I cant get in top positions
  2. How many points do I need to get the trophy, 1500 or 2000?
  3. Can you share set ups? I can´t get near good times in multiplayer
  4. That´s what Im doing now, started a new career after getting the cool and calm trophy. Im with ferrari in the 4th race
  5. jmrblacrose23
  6. The video above gives you a very good idea of what to do. Tag as many as possible without been discovered and then straight to the church. Once everyone is dead, take a tour searching for some others.. just tag them and back to the church so you can shoot them from there... for the final part, tag the soldiers at the back of the church and go as far as possible to shoot them. I finish this with at least 300feet above requirement
  7. Once again.. is online working?
  8. well.... I'm working on this game again after a long time.... like harry said its not an easy game because of the handling. I suffered a lot with the drift and the endurance modes, the rest are quite simple if you have the right car. I'm not the greatest driver but I've managed to get this far where I only got left 2 rivals, 1 car to get and then start working in the 100% curves for many tracks, although I got a lot done there. Hardly remember the online but according with my stats it says I spent about 13 hours there. I would rate this game with a 7.5-8 score in the difficulty department. I havent get the trophies in prestige for NFS 2015, I got to comeback to that but definitly this shift 2 feels lot simpler than that, just different handling style
  9. Thanks for the tip, I was missing this trophies
  10. ok... dont know what happened, but I got the trophy with 11 wins in my statics. The thing is that I'm pretty sure that that 4 of those wins came from players that quitted before the match ended.. lucky bug or maybe they count if you win at least 1 of the 3 matches..
  11. Terribly boring game in ps3, specially if u already platinum in ps4 like me... im 3 rtophies away now in ps3 but it keeps crashing in same track in australia in wrc2, I skipped and hopefully in season 3 will work...
  12. I´ve help people with games like top spin 4, virtua tennis, quantum of solace, F1 2011, fifas.. too many fifas... kind of rewarding help people in need,, gladyly I have foud same kind of help when Im huntng for trophies
  13. thats one way, I got the trophy yesterday, all I did was to make one online race and quit after the SC came back to pits. Then I started a quick race in monaco and ram the guy in P1. That way I get consecutive SC and therefore the trophy.
  14. my story so far... multiple atempts, same monaco set up and most of them nothing happens, I went online trying to find a race (harder than it seems and long time to start each race) but there I had 2 consecutive SC. Then I came back to offline race and I had 1 sc, but then nothing again... I deleted my saves, tried again and only VSC popped, went back online but found no one with the right set up and no one log in my race.. Ill keep trying today.. at least I go 4 laps on my count now, 6 to go...
  15. Im having trouble with the silver lob shot skill challenge. I just cant make past 5000 points. Also, I dont know how to get the CONTROL TROPHY and the WE R brothers in FUT. I've tried everything for change formation and still dont pop, and for FUT I have players with 12-15 matches and nothing yet....