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  1. I have been trying to find the original source of this rather than a random Twitter account but no luck so far. I'm genuinely surprised he didn't get arrested...
  2. Yes. If someone who has completed the game before him or in a faster time than him tracks their profile on this site, he will go down in ranking. That being said most trophy hunters are already tracked here, so...
  3. Profiles need to be tracked on the site to be on any of those lists.
  4. I wish we did too but we are taught to be reliant on the state for protection in all circumstances. You are meant to run, hide and call the authorities. Regarding COVID-19, death toll just keeps rising here and the lockdown will most likely become more draconian. Boris tested negative for the virus before being discharged from hospital. I think he is still isolating, though just to be on the safe side. That's about it, really. No sign of mass graves or anything like that. Yet.
  5. This country is an authoritarian shithole and has been for years, that's why. It's just the recent situation and their ever increasing powers have caused them to become emboldened. I just thank any God that may be out there that the UK has no actual influence in the world anymore. Technically, scissors can be counted as a weapon in the UK unless you have a good enough reason for carrying them out in public. Just about anything can be deemed an offensive weapon. A pensioner was arrested and dragged to court on a murder charge in a trial that lasted weeks because he stabbed a burglar to death with a screwdriver.
  6. This tweet is from an actual police force in England. I wish it was a parody... but it isn't. Don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  7. Here's an actual helpful reply: Earn another trophy, sync it, update your profile and you should be back on the leaderboards.
  8. Yeah, did you see Michael Gove was only in isolation for like two days and now he is out like normal, despite the recommended time being 2 weeks? On top of that he was given "special permission" to have his daughter tested even though they still haven't rolled out full scale testing for essential workers yet. Scotland's CMO was given a telling off by police and lost her job for not following her own guidelines while regular people are literally being arrested for doing just that but Gove is exempt. What a joke.
  9. ... and it's their job. Regular users who want to chime in and help out the CRT is fine, hence public disputes in the first place. What isn't fine is certain users potentially misleading newcomers by acting like they have authority. Reminds me of the countless "don't waste our time posts" from people who chose voluntarily to participate in disputes. It's hilarious. Anyway, nothing to add here in regards to the actual dispute. If anyone wants to continue this discussion then we can do so outside this thread.
  10. (A) Flags that shouldn't get approved, get approved all the time. An individual member of the CRT approving a flag isn't a final decision. (B) I'm not defending the OP. This particular flag will likely stick. However unless you have a purple title you shouldn't be saying anything with finality. It is as simple as that.
  11. I was actually wondering this as well. PlayStation UK only has the option of phoning them and I'm 99% sure there used to be a ticket system too. Wonder what happened. :/
  12. Maybe, maybe not. It isn't your place to make a final decision like that.
  13. I like the sound of that system, but the public disputes need better moderation because the dispute section rules are broken in just about every thread. That's not a criticism of the CRT by the way. There are only a small amount of them and they have lives outside PSNP after all.
  14. The Europeans finally agreed €500bn in 'safety nets' as they're calling them along with a separate €750bn rescue deal from the ECB. Talk of up to another €500bn that EU countries will be able to access once this is over.
  15. I wonder if he will be taking it easy on government stuff for a bit. Guy deserves a rest. In other UK news, our MPs (roughly our Congress equivalent) can now claim an extra £10,000 in expenses on top of the £25,000 they could already claim due to relaxation of rules. We have 650 MPs. Meanwhile not a single penny in raises or anything for nurses and other essential frontline workers. Doctor in East London who pleaded for more PPE died too.