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  1. My guess would be combination of the fact that not a huge amount of people own this game in general and that they patched in the checkpoint system after launch. It is still a decently challenging platinum because of the impossible lair, but the checkpoint system definitely takes it from a 7/8 difficulty down to a 4/5 in my opinion.
  2. Some of my favorite games are from Obisidian and from the various Zenimax studios (Doom, Wolfenstein, Prey, Dishonored) and I'm also a huge Elder Scrolls/Fallout fan (despite 76 being pretty rough) so this makes my decision for next gen really tough. My first console was the OG Xbox. I went Xbox -> Xbox 360 -> PS4 after being unimpressed with the Xbox One, but I gotta say I haven't be impressed with Sony the last week and they have a real lack of variety in their exclusives. Way too many 3rd person action/adventure games for my taste. I'll probably end up getting both, but I'm conflicted on which one will be my main platform.
  3. I found turning to be to difficult and inconsistent and instead revert off the ramp and then grind. If you grind quickly enough after reverting, it keeps your combo.
  4. For me personally, I'd rank them as follows: Philadelphia Marseille Skatestreet Mall Roswell (Landing the 1st gap = hardest part) Venice Beach The Bullring School 2 Out of these, Venice Beach & Bullring took me like 45 minutes each. Roswell took about 2 hours because I could only land the 1st gap like 5% of the time. School 2 took me like 4 to 5 hours though. It was awful.
  5. Yeah, wow, I just got it. Venice and bullring were nowhere near as difficult as school 2 for me. Glad I stuck with it. Just got the grind to 100 left
  6. After 200+ attempts I just got School 2 last night. My balance meter was always going nuts by the time I reached the last gap there. I might stick with this at this point. I'm already in this deep lol. The Get-Theres in THPS 1 weren't that bad outside of Roswell. Not looking forward to Venice or Bullring though.
  7. I think I might throw in the towel for this one. Just finished the gap trophy which went smoothly until skate heaven where a few of the gaps were very tedious. Not sure I want to go up against the difficulty of the hard Get-Theres when I know there would be a big grind still waiting for me after. Think I'll leave this one at 34/37 and call it a day.
  8. I love Tony Hawk. I've been playing the series since its inception. The game is still great and I'm still having a lot of fun. Me thinking the level 100 trophy detracts from the trophy list doesn't change how fun the game itself is. I've gotten grindy trophies before like level 50 in Rock Band 4 or level 50 in Star Wars Battlefront 2, but there doesn't seem to be any good, consistent xp once you've done the major challenges here. You are on a community for trophy hunting so I'm not sure why you are surprised by the discussion of the game's trophy list.
  9. Agreed. Honestly ruins an otherwise good trophy list.
  10. Yeah, the xp grind kind of kills this trophy list for me. Love the game and the trophy list is great outside of the grind to 100.
  11. Going by what I've tested, it doesn't work. It would seems to count as a loss if you quit. There seems to be no way to cheat the trophy. Guess you'll have to try something else? Unless someone finds a way to cheese it. Don't forget to go for it in a party, it helps.
  12. As someone with the platinum, I do NOT believe it should be removed OR altered, lol.
  13. Well over 20 wins. I just hit level 40 and managed to get a 6 win streak during my grind from 39 to 40 so I guess Infallible will be the rarest trophy I likely ever earn lol
  14. As others have already said, I'm going for every trophy besides Infallible and if I happen to get infallible along the way, that's great, but if not ill just move on to my massive backlog.
  15. At Least Mein Leben is entirely on the player's skill and doesn't have the potential to be disrupted by something like the Team Tail minigame where you can hold onto your tail the entire round and still lose because of your teammates.