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  1. 1. Who is your 2nd waifu? (I wonder who is the first one 🤔) 2. Who is your favorite male character on animes? (trap does not count ☹️) 3. ara ara or onii chan? 4. Your favorite body part? (no explanations needed 😳) 5. Do you drink milk, and how? Congrats on 69 followers btw
  2. Yup, I wish I wasn't, I grew up playing on ps2/ps3 and now I'm playing on ps4. I never bought a Xbox or a nintendo's console, so I have no idea of how they are. And I'm not willing to pay just to see it yet 😕, because of the trophies too
  3. What a name for a platinum lol Man of Steal . 3.88% I was waiting for it to be on sale for a long time, I didn't know what it was all about, but this game's image looks so cool that I added it to my "wishlist". Last week, it went 90% off (2dollars/7reais), cheap, so I decided to see what people think about it... Most of them said it was boring, then I looked up for the trophies in this guide. "It looks like a game that I would like to plat", so I bought it. I really don't like to do +1 playthrough just because for the trophies, My first run is just to enjoy the game while on a specific difficulty setting, do the missables (collectables included, only if the game is long) and the grind ones (do everything, basically), however, in this game, you can replay the story to pick up the collectables, so I thought: "I'll pick them later, because on the hardest difficulty is kinda hard😅). This will sound dumb, but I forgot that I can't change the difficulty setting... so... Either I play everything again or I just begin another story on the easiest difficult, red wins and I did +1 playthrough for nothing (at least the jobs were easier too) It's my 49th platinum and I was thinking about hold some almost finished ones, and plat Super Bomberman R because it would be nice if it was my 50th platinum ( a 0.72%), but nah I still have some 130 hours of just grind and I have other games to play 😄 Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  4. I did only one playthrough for the platinum. 1999 mode isn’t that hard, you really should do the “Scavenger Hunt” trophy as well, it will save a lot of time I used this video for the “Heartbreaker” trophy it is an exploit
  5. If you're going for the platinum, you will get this trophy in your 1.000.000 bombs/blocks jorney and yes, you can just replay the battle by spamming (you will see the bomberman celebrating its victory) 3 round = 1 battle so it's better to change the number of rounds down to 1 and you can just kill yourself to play another battle You can play w/ a second controller or against a CPU btw
  6. There is one actually: HERE or just see right HERE
  7. No, but I only watched 2 horror movies (Mama / The Conjuring), so I don't have that much opinion, which I found them boring; I'm only scared of jumpscares, however, I think it is a cheap way to get people screaming, you don't even need to be in "that mood". Horror games are another thing, though. I couldn't even play Five nights at Freddy's, because I knew what was about to happen lol😅
  8. I've heard this song 3 years ago, I never thought it was the Boku no Piko theme lol I watched it (I can't say that I did't know 😶, I was curious, OK?!?), but I always skip the OP, I don't even see it for first time *shame* The song is good ngl
  9. I don't. I'm more afraid the ad-blocker give virus than the ads themselves lol I watch kissanime on mobile and I idk how to install an ad-blocker anyway In these sites I'm already used to click on the spots to close the ads, so it doesn't bothers me. Since I'm watching it illegally, I can't complain of anything, I guess Still better than free crunchyroll tbh, it has 3 ads within the anime 20 seconds each I have no idea about the pc though Edit: oh we are in the PC & Desktop section 😅
  10. My first "just cute girls doing cute things show" that I ever watched. Yuru Yuri as the title suggests... Has yuri stuff and I love this kind! I'm actually impressed how entertained it was for me (I'm watching the second season), after I watched the first two eps of K-ON!! and not enjoying it (I may give it another try), I gave up on just cute girls then I started watching harem. I also love perv. it doesn't have that creepy or excessive one, just that kinda of love/friendship they have, makes me happy. Like others of this genre, there isn't one proclaimed MC (sorry Akari/ we all know it's Kyouko, right?), even though I like Yui more, she is independent, smart, gamer, cute and protects all the others. In a total, it was a good vibe this anime gave me, because of it, I will definitaly watch more Since this is my first of this genre, I don't know how to set a score for it, but seeing my others score sets that i gave on MyAnimeList and judging "Yuru Yuri is better than it or not"... I will give it a good 8/10 or 9/10 but 8/10 suits better I recommend it <333 Update: Just watched seaon 2, not as good as the season 1, but the eps 1 and 11 were 10/10. Because of them I changed my score from 7/10 to 8/10. Both eps featuring Akari as the MC, she is my best girl of this show rn Update2: Rewatched ep 11 and I cried, 8/10 to 9/10
  11. I'm not into buying cheap platinums, but one time I bought Drowning (I didn't know about the plat., ok?) I'm not really ashamed of any of mines, however if I have to choose one it will be "SEA OF SOLITUDE", because: also I did such a childish thing,like: my "friend" had earned it, and me "the trophy kid" needed to have it too I didn't buy the game, I had the ea access, but it was silly
  12. Thanks for the follow there, Megumin fan! ^_^




    We all know who is best girl in KonoSuba! :awesome:


    1. Ryudi1998


      Agreed! Thanks to you I have 5 anime girls following me rn 😅


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      5 is enough. Time to get the harem going!! 😂



  13. No... I got my Ps4 kinda late, so I still have a tons of games from it to play But if the "compatibility" with the others consoles happens, I don't see why not to buy it("5" consoles in one), I'm minor though, guess I'll have to wait my Ps4 to crash to my dad buy another console 😅 If I had a choice, I would wait a while, because: The "compatibility" is doubtful to me, I will wait for someone to confirm it first In its launch won't be much games for us to play, I'm hyped for the SP, but I wouldn't buy the ps5 just for it Money and I live in Brazil. The main problem, for me, is if the "compatibility" isn't what we expect.
  14. "Sometimes it takes a real man to become best girl." ~ Gigguk uh oh P.S: I don't care if it is an old man or not, I wish I were a cute anime girl/ a Vtuber tbh (I would be Megumin of course)😘
  15. The most probable to really happen of all you guys said, I think, it's the progress tracker, like, Xbox has it, so why PS still doesn't have it >: It would help a lot grind trophies But don't give up, guyyysss There is a chance they listen to us and do what you're all asking for 😄