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  1. It was supposed to come out on the same day as other regions for PS4 but I guess something is going on at Sony and it wasn't pushed live when it should have been
  2. I have nothing to base this on other than my own experience but so far I've had better luck getting clues when I give them items they like that I haven't got a clue with before. So like I get clue one from giving a max potion but no matter how often I give them a max potion I haven't had much if any luck getting the next clue once I have the first treasure in each area. Something else they jump for seems to give me better odds of getting the next clue. It's still going to be hell but since I took notice of this and keeping a list of items I've given I seemed to be getting them a little more frequently. Like I said this is just from my own experience and I've only done 2 and a half areas so far but I thought I'd put it out there just in case it can help
  3. Bit disappointing that only 4 out of the 10 potential crowns in the quest are for the Iceborne monsters needed for the plat but after spending a good 100 hours and only getting 5 of them using investigations and guilding lands I'm not gonna pass them up
  4. I am beyond happy to help these silly little games get even the smallest bit more attention I honestly forgot this was a patapon thread and just got carried away talking about whatever For those that want a quick relatively easy plat you should absolutely check out the guide wltrsjcwvita wrote on the first page. For everyone else, enjoy playing this wonderful little game in whatever way gives you the most fun
  5. Sekiro has been on my to play list for a while now! Maybe after I finish Death Stranding and Patapon 2 So many of the games I played just for their easy plat ended up being fun in some way but some go beyond and become some of my favourite games of the generation. Cat quest 1 and 2 are absolutely wonderful short experiences if you like the genre and as many cat puns as you can imagine
  6. That's a fun way to play and something I do myself! Sometimes I sprinkle in added challenges to do with my own stats on this site. Like last year I noticed I was close to both 200 plats and 10000 trophies so I planned out a bunch of easy plats and trophy lists so I could make Kingdom Hearts 3 both my 200th plat and 10000th trophy. I'm not the biggest fan of using debug menus for games I know I want to enjoy for as long as possible but I do also enjoy breaking a game I know I wouldn't otherwise play without such options. I guess it is sort of the same feeling of putting in a bunch of silly cheats in a GTA game and just messing around for a while before you get back to whatever you were doing before. If you were planning on checking out this game until you found out about the debug menu you could try the first remaster. It's essentially the same thing but with a few less features and doesn't have a debug menu
  7. Then I apologise if that was your intention. You just seemed quite upset that his own style of trophy hunting wasn't up to your standard in your first post. I don't agree with the tone of his reply but I do agree that people should enjoy video games the way they want to and not be shamed if it is different from someone elses. It was not my intention to start anything but I do understand how my reply could have come off as such so I apologise for that as well.
  8. @BloodyRutz I'm so sorry people aren't playing the fun little video game in the way you want them to. We will now all band together to make sure our fun is in line with your own personal expectations. Thank you for sharing your feelings with the group.
  9. I will agree that it would ruin my fun with the game and will not be using it myself outside of my curiosity earlier to see if it still worked. People playing the game in a different way than I am does not however stop people like me from grinding for everything or make it any less fun to do so. Everyone is free to play games in whatever way they want. They're meant to be fun and if people find that fun by being ridiculously overpowered from the start of the game then more power to then. God knows I enjoy breaking games now and then if I know them well enough like Final Fantasy 8 for example.
  10. You can essentially pick and choose what you want to unlock depending on what things you choose to make use of in the debug menu At a quick glance you could get Raise a rarepon to Level 10 Acquire a Divine/Demon Weapon Unlock every memory in the Yaripon/Tatepon/Yumipon Evolution Maps Acquire a Babassa/Mogyugyu/Wagyanba rarepon From using the Add all items and ka-ching option or pick and choose what you add if you just want one or two from the list. There's less drastic options like adding 10,000 ka-ching or adding one of each material each time you use it. I guess you could also get the use a miracle trophies earlier than normal by adding the miracles to you inventory as well. Another option is to add units and max them out. That will make pretty much the entire game a walk in the park. I've not tested it because I don't want any more trophies to pop in weird places but under the SAMPLE option you can play minigames you haven't unlocked yet. This could possibly make getting the minigame trophies a fair bit faster as long as you can clear the level 3 versions.
  11. The debug mode from the psp version still works so people that want an even easier time can use it to get the best equipment and materials to max out whatever you want along with a bunch of other options. The code is Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right L1 R1 Square I just tested it and you can unlock trophies with it if you're struggling or just want to blast through as fast as possible. I got the demon and divine weapon trophies then reloaded my game because the game is already incredibly easy after importing my Patapon 1 platinum save.
  12. Me and a friend had everything after sky garden glitch out including the level 60 and 65 trophies. Once we got to 65 we both tried to level up a reaper to 60 and do a couple of the dungeons after sky garden but no luck there. Has anyone tried making a new character on another server to see if the trophies are still glitched or not? Might give it a go if I have time over the next couple weeks
  13. Ah thank you! That'll make it a lot less frustrating when I go for the red gem in slippery climb
  14. If you die at the start of a coloured gem stage before getting a checkpoint do you need to quit out to map to get another chance or can you just continue and have it still count as a no death run?