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  1. PSN 100%: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: the Game


    Wow. I'm glad that I've finally managed to 100% this game for the first time since first trying it from PS+ in 2012 before proceeding to playing it a couple of other times over the years. Definitely one of my favorite indies and PS3 games overall that I've ever played. I'd have to say that I'd enjoyed pretty much every aspect about it- the gameplay, the phenomenal soundtrack by Anamanaguchi, the art style, and so on. My only complaints are relatively minor ones such as the online component featuring a fair amount of lag when you have multiple players in a session or it being initially pretty difficult until you grind for enough money to purchase items that enhance your items. However, thanks to a useful exploit involving 2 controllers, I managed to bypass the grind within a few hours, and upgraded all relevant characters to become rather overpowered. I'm not opposed to difficulty, but I wanted to finish it this time in a timely manner so that I could focus on other games as well. 


    Trophy-wise, it's a fairly straightforward list with the exception of the Chaudown and Ninja Somersault trophies. Chaudown requires you to use all strikers at least once (They're support characters that briefly appear to attack the enemies or replenish your health.), but it's rather notorious for being buggy. However, I'm glad to say that I was extremely fortunate to unlock without any hassle. Probably the most tedious trophy in the game though since you have to complete all 4 base game characters to unlock a certain striker, but I persevered through it. As for Ninja Somersault, you're supposed to do 10 head stomps in succession with Knives Chau. I did it in the last stage on Gideon's second form since I was already familiar with using the same attack on previous runs, but he would move away from the screen after the 8th or so stomp. Thankfully, after consulting a video, I managed to obtain it fairly quickly. Everything else came either by natural progression or without much of a hassle, so I felt like it was a pretty balanced trophy list in regards to its objectives. 


    Additionally, I'd like to focus a bit on one of the prominent reasons why the game's 100% eluded me until now: the online component. I've never had any people to assist me with the online component despite it being fairly easy, but I decided to take the initiative and host a session on here for the first time ever. Thanks to @JSRF38 and @Leivoso, I managed to complete it under 2 hours. It was an enjoyable experience for the most part, but sadly it was hindered by the prominent issue of lag occurring in our 3 player session. Still, I'm glad that it proceeded smoothly, especially since I rarely play games with online trophies. 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. Sword


      Glad you were able to nab those online trophies! Especially with all the shaky performance issues via lag. Congrats. :) 

  2. Days Gone. I would have already obtained its platinum had the last 2 story trophies not glitched on me, but I'll return to it after I complete the challenge mode first, although I've been prolonging it after making some brief progress on it last month. I'll have to do a NG+ run anyway for the 100%, but I'll be prepared by backing up my saves before those missions to prevent it from happening again.
  3. Platinum #46- Mulaka 


    Decent enough action-adventure title that features Mexican mythology. The game didn't initially resonate with me due to factors such as its combat system taking a while to adjust to, but after returning to it many months later, I found that it was an enjoyable enough title after making considerable progress to obtain upgrades and different abilities. Its art style is also rather unconventional, certainly an interesting decision on the developer's behalf.


    Most of its trophy list consists of various miscellaneous trophies, but the one that I worried about the most was the completing the game with only 8 lives or less lost in the process. Mainly as some of the later enemy encounters led to me being on the verge of death quite a few times, but I managed to persevere through it. 


    Until now, this was the oldest incomplete game on my profile, so I only have 3 incomplete games left now. Making considerable progress towards my eventual goal for 100% completion on my profile, although it'll be a while before I achieve it. However, in the meantime, my next title will very likely be something from the backlog. Some possible candidates include Call of Cthulhu, Kona, or Ruiner. 

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    2. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Very congratulations! :D 


      Also, thank you for reminding me I needed to finish strong bad's cool game for attractive people.  <3 

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. VoxAnimi


      Thanks everyone! 


      @Froopy the Cowbear Yeah, I definitely would suggest finishing up the rest of the series, especially since you've already done the first 3 episodes. I was fond of it since I'm familiar with the source material it's based off on, and it certainly lived up to my expectations. Hope you enjoy it as well. :) 

  4. Platinum #45 and 2,000th obtained trophy- Super Time Force Ultra


    Extremely enjoyable side scrolling platformer that features the ability to rewind time, although the twist is that your previously deceased self can provide additional support in terms of attacks up until the point they die. However, you are able to save them either if you reach that point just in time, which ends up enhancing the attacks of the character you are currently using. Having a combination of characters with powerful attacks to obliterate enemies provided a decent amount of variation to the core gameplay. I was also fond of the light-hearted tone of the game, plus the diverse cast of characters. From a parody of a Jedi to Shuhei Yoshida himself (I loved his charged attack where you can fire a barrage of tweets to harm enemies. xD), there certainly isn't a shortage of characters to experiment with. 


    Trophy-wise, most of the trophies are pretty simple to obtain, including the various miscellaneous trophies that require you to perform an action as a certain character. However, the Helladeck levels provided a decent amount of challenge, especially since some of the levels used mechanics that I was previously oblivious about such a rocket jump. Still, nothing that couldn't be overcome with a bit of persistence and guidance from video guides. I had a pleasant time pursuing this platinum trophy though, it provided a nice amount of variety in its requirements, and didn't feel overtly difficult nor effortless. 


    Anyway, I decided to return to Mulaka for the time being, as I'm currently trying to clean up my profile a bit before Ghost of Tsushima releases. Hoping to platinum that sometime over the next few days. 

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      @VoxAnimi I like your trend ;). My 200# will be also #50 UR xD.

    3. Sword


      @VoxAnimi Totally understand. :) Good luck with Shadow Warrior then once you get to it!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  5. July predictions: Concrete Genie Horizon Zero Dawn
  6. Mercenary Kings (1.41%) Strike Vector EX (2.24%) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (3.41%) Lone Survivor (4.78%) Apotheon (6.15%) I'll ideally have a new rarest platinum that dethrones Mercenary Kings from its position in the coming months- Shadow Warrior.
  7. Platinum #44: Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner (PS3 edition)


    I think I summed up my experience best in the MRP thread, so feel free to take a glance at it. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/187-most-recent-platinum/?page=1755#comment-2076698



    I'm currently working on Super Time Force Ultra as my next platinum, which I'm enjoying so far. Should be able to make its platinum my 2,000th obtained trophy on my profile. 

  8. Platinum 44: Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner (PS3 edition) Desperately Seeking Dingo Difficulty: 4/10 Hardest trophy: The Great Rescuer Most annoying trophy: The Ace of Frames (I'll explain why.) Enjoyment: 8/10 Ah, Zone of the Enders. A series that managed to allure me for many years, yet I always prolonged purchasing the games until I finally decided to in 2019. However, my experience with the first title ended up with myself feeling ambivalent, so I put the series on hold until I felt it was an appropriate time to start the second title. Did this game prove to be superior in comparison to the first one? My response would be affirmative as it exceled in pretty much every comparable aspect that the two titles had in common. The game's plot is of course a relevant aspect in a review, so let's begin with that. Its protagonist is a miner named Dingo that stumbles across an Orbital Frame named Jehuty from the previous game in the opening section of the game. Shortly after using it, he encounters a former comrade of his from an organization called BAHRAM, which proves to be fatal after he turns down an offer from him. After that encounter, Dingo is incapacitated to the extent where merely leaving the Jehuty mech will ensure his death since he is on life support, so he begrudgingly accompanies another character if he wishes to live. I thought the plot itself was fairly intriguing since I enjoyed Dingo's personality and discovering about his backstory in addition to his interactions with the other characters. The supporting cast were sadly not as memorable as Dingo with the exceptions of Ken and ADA. Not to say their contributions to the plot are necessarily negative, but I just didn't experience the same feeling that I did with the aforementioned characters themselves. Furthermore, the gameplay is one of the best aspects of this title in my opinion. The mechanics feel rather intuitive to control, so it didn't take long for me to acclimate to it fortunately. The combat is rather satisfying as well, both in regards to the core features and the sub-weapons. I was fond of the versatility in options you were provided, whether you wished to grab an enemy and throw it at its companion or using a combination of dashing then slashing any foes that dared to oppose you. Additionally, the sub-weapons provided a nice amount of variety as it prevented the game from feeling stale when you are offered with an abundance of enhanced options that increase your damage output. If I had to decide on a favorite one, it would undoubtedly be the zero shift that you unlock later in the game since your movement is a lot more rapid, plus it doesn't consume any of the energy that you need to operate the other sub-weapons. Finally, the trophy list itself was fairly varied in its objectives, which is commendable. You have your standard story progression and collectible trophies, plus a couple of miscellaneous and rank-related ones. The rank-related ones require you to complete certain scripted events without any ally casualties or the destruction of buildings in the first one, which happen to contain innocent civilians. Its description doesn't do it justice though as it doesn't take into consideration a feature of the game that proves to be a hindrance during these events- the lock-on system. Ordinarily, it works perfectly fine without any complaints on my end, but during these events, I felt disoriented initially since it tended to shift between allies and enemies frequently, so I wouldn't manage to kill the enemies in certain sections on time. However, using the upgraded version 2 mech in the NG+ alleviated this issue eventually, plus making a save beforehand to reload if I made an error. It's a bit of a shame since without taking trophies into consideration, I liked the change of pace these events provided, especially the second one since it's a large-scale battle that was one of the more memorable events in the game. My other complaint lies in the trophy where you are required to complete the game with an A rank. The game's grading system relies on criteria such as the amount of saves, the amount of times you continue after dying, etc. Since I followed what the guide recommended, I ended up with a SS rank at the end of my NG+ playthrough. However, the events that occurred afterwards can be best described as tedious since I spent countless hours in vain trying to lower it to an A rank, but alas to no avail. Eventually, I managed to obtain it after finding some conflicting information online on how to obtain it, but not without having to accumulate a fair amount of deaths and saves. Rank-related trophies aside, the trophy list itself was an enjoyable one to pursue. I had my enjoyment with this game, but I'm glad to be finished with it. Unless I decide to stack this on the PS4 for some inexplicable reason, I doubt I'll ever touch these games again. Might be a while before I play another PS3 game as well. I'm currently working on Super Time Force Ultra on the PS4, which I intend to align its platinum trophy with my 2,000th obtained trophy on my profile.
  9. Platinum #43: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime


    A brief yet pleasant game that I'm glad to have finally experienced. More about my thoughts regarding it can be read in the MRP thread: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/187-most-recent-platinum/?page=1751#comment-2072527



    It's also my 4th UR platinum I've obtained and 2nd one obtained this year, so I've already surpassed the mere total of 1 I've obtained in past years on this profile. xD Have a few more planned out for this year though. 

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      Thanks everyone!


      @snakebit10 Yeah, I've been aware of this title for many years, but only purchased it when it appeared on sale last month unlike many others who received it from PS+. Definitely worth a try, whether you're into co-op games, indies, or just want a fairly easy UR platinum trophy. 

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MidnightDragon
  10. Platinum 43- Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Master of Spacetime Difficulty: 3/10 Hardest trophy: Underwater Expedition Enjoyment: 7.5/10 My interest in this title arouse from the period of when it was a PS+ title back in 2017, especially because of its vibrant and colorful aesthetic. However, I somehow managed to neglect downloading this for some reason until my interest was reinvigorated in this title years later after reading more in-depth about it, so I decided to finally purchase it when it was on sale from the hidden gems sale a few weeks ago. Glad that I finally got to experience this out for myself though since it did prove to be a brief yet enjoyable experience. While this game is certainly oriented towards a co-op audience, it is definitely playable solo. The core concept of the gameplay is pretty simple- traversing throughout levels in a ship in order to rescue animals before fulfilling your tasks and heading off to the next level. You also have an AI companion that you can assign to either defend your ship with the shield, fire the various weapons, etc. It certainly was competent enough, although I did occasionally have some frustration towards the manner it behaved in. Variation is provided besides the normal levels in the occasional wave mode in which you have to fend off enemies from your ship after acquiring a certain engine or 4 boss levels that you play at the end of each campaign. The boss levels were entertaining enough, especially Orion, since they provided a nice change of pace from the leisurely manner that I proceeded in while doing the regular levels. My only real complaint is that the core concept never really evolved from its initial stage, leading to the occasional instance where I felt it was monotonous, but the various ships you can unlock alleviated that since they either functioned in different ways or provided certain gems right away, thus changing my playstyle a bit. Wouldn't have minded a bit more variety in regards to its objectives, but it didn't detract significantly from my enjoyment. Trophy-wise, don't let the low rarity of the trophies deceive you. It's a quick and somewhat simple completion, although it certainly is optimal to play on a lower difficulty to make certain requirements less demanding. Besides the natural progression trophies via defeating the certain bosses, it also features various miscellaneous ones such as finishing a campaign without using any gem upgrades to enhance your ship or using a weapon in a certain way. Additionally, there are certain trophies for fulfilling certain conditions in boss levels such as destroying all the shields or killing it by an indirect shot via a ball of flame that is produced, but the only one that posed a challenge was the Underwater Expedition one. It requires you to defeat the second boss of the game while its head is submerged completely underneath in water. It doesn't sound that difficult initially, but I struggled with it initially as the AI would either kill it at a different position or our health would get depleted, either by collision with the boss itself or the environment. In an ironic twist of fate, I managed to finally obtain it due to the AI finally firing in the right position for once. Overall, while it was a step outside of my comfort zone, it was a pleasant experience in terms of the actual game itself and the platinum journey. While I wasn't a member of its intended audience, it still managed to resonate with me in a way that I didn't anticipate. Next up will be commencing my NG+ run in Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner before I proceed to platinum it. I'll probably then proceed to either finish up Yesterday Origins or start another game from the almighty backlog.
  11. I'd appreciate your verdict on my profile, would be curious to hear a different perspective on it.
  12. Platinum #42: Odin Sphere (PS Vita)


    Relieved to finally complete this game after prolonging it for many months. Enjoyable enough title, but it has a tendency to feel repetitive after a while, which is why I shelved it initially. Despite that issue, I did genuinely enjoy this game. The art style was rather phenomenal, the intertwining nature of the plot was executed well enough, and the pick up and play nature of the game appealed to me. 


    Next up will be Yesterday Origins, then I'll either do Ruiner, the Flame in the Flood, or Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner. A bit indecisive at the moment. 

  13. Yes, I've encountered the same dilemma right now.
  14. I've recently platted 2 games and obtained 1 PSN 100%. They are the following:


    Platinum #40: Broken Sword 5: the Serpent's Curse 


    This is a game that has remained particularly elusive from me up until recently. I've never played an iteration in the series prior to this title, but my interest was piqued when this was ported to the PS4 back in late 2015. However, I felt reluctant to purchase it until it went on a sale, yet I always seemed to have other priorities when it did appear sporadically with a reduced price. Eventually, I succumbed to temptation when I decided to purchase this for full price a few weeks ago alongside a plethora of other games that were on sale.


    Anyway, I am rather glad that I purchased this. It's a point and click narrative-based game revolving around retrieving a stolen painting, although other subplots do occur in the process. The 2 protagonists, George Stobbart and Nico Collard, were worthwhile characters that had their own distinct personalities, plus I did enjoy the interactions between the two. Additionally, the various side characters such as Moue, Sheers, or a certain goat were memorable enough. I thought the plot itself was an entertaining one that managed to convey many themes effectively. The humor also appealed to me, such as George being tormented by the presence of a goat that is apparently a recurring character throughout the series or the interactions with Moue. 


    Trophy-wise, the trophy list was a combination of plot-related and miscellaneous objectives. Nothing too demanding, although a guide definitely is beneficial. The trophy amount was enough to ensure that there weren't lengthy periods of trophy drought, which I definitely appreciated. Overall, I enjoyed the game enough to end up making it my 40th platinum milestone, which is a decision I don't regret. 


    Another World (PSN 100%, no plat): 


    This isn't my first time playing the PSN port of this title, but it's been a while since I last played it. This was a rather random pick on my behalf, mainly as I wanted to find a brief game from my downloads list to provide some quick trophy points so that I could make my next platinum trophy the one that leveled me up to level 17 on PSN. 


    Another World is a decent enough platformer with a rather distinct art style of its own. The gameplay itself was serviceable enough, although some of the enemy encounters were a bit tedious. I also thought the decision to convey the plot without using dialogue was interesting as well. It's a pretty brief completion, regarding both the game and trophy list, but I enjoyed its short nature since I felt like it did not overstay its welcome. 


    Platinum #41: The Assembly: 


    Well, this is one of those titles that was initially a PS VR exclusive, but was later patched to enable a non-VR mode. Pretty glad that they offered this option since I have been curious about this title for many years. Its premise certainly seemed promising enough. 


    The Assembly features 2 protagonists (Dr. Caleb Pearson and Dr. Madeleine Stone) involved in an organization that shares the same title as the game. The first one is attempting to expose the activities the organization conducts by accumulating evidence that is detrimental to the well-being of it while the second one undergoes a series of trials to evaluate if she is worthy or not to join them. I thought the plot itself was adequate enough, although I do still have some questions that I wish the game would have answered or at least provided in the form of collectibles. The world itself definitely intrigued me, so seeing it expanded upon a bit would have satisfied me. 


    Gameplay wise, Caleb's portion is typical of a narrative-based game in which you proceed to traverse throughout the facilities to find relevant evidence. Madeleine's perceptive primarily focuses on the trials itself, which are a series of puzzles or tests that she needs to solve. I personally enjoyed the various trials that were offered, especially the one that pertained to resource management in a hypothetical pandemic and the final one. Definitely provided a nice balance of genres. 


    In regards to the trophies, I liked the variety offered since there were a fair amount of side content or making certain decisions during the trials. The only somewhat annoying one was the one where you had to reach the 4th year in the resource management one since the criteria seemed to rely on RNG factors. I definitely had my enjoyment while pursuing this platinum, it once again provided a short yet sweet experience. 


    Anyway, I'm currently in the process of finally completing Odin Sphere. The only trophy I'm somewhat dreading is the all meals eaten at Maury's restaurant one, but I'll focus on that in the post-game cleanup. I also will do another narrative-based game in the meantime, perhaps Kona or Yesterday Origins. Quickly approaching my 2,000th trophy milestone, so I want it to align with the platinum trophy for Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime since I'm fond of its platinum title.