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  1. So, since I have managed to obtain the trophy since then, I suppose I'll share some relevant information that benefited me immensely: (Thanks @APCGrayLocked for assisting me with some of the following information, I genuinely appreciate your help.) 1. Copy your mech's design for the 3 members of the squad since you'll have decent statistics presumably, and you don't want them to hinder you throughout the mission. I tended to put them on standby or self-defense mode since they were prone to being killed if I enabled it to attack mode. 2. To avoid the issue of collateral damage to certain mission objectives, try to attack the enemies from a distance with weapons such as the cannon or the rifles. It can make a considerable difference, so I strongly urge everyone to use this method. Such as for the Olympus Tunnel, I shot down the enemies that were resting on the top with my cannons to lessen the possibility of facing mission failure. 3. Try to level up a significant amount before attempting this since it is a drastic increase in terms of difficulty in comparison to the base game. I managed to obtain this when I was level 46, so this will understandably be a trophy that is only feasible towards the end of the game. You'll want to enhance at least of a couple components to the maximum level that ensure you have a better chance of surviving for longer periods of time. 4. Muting the volume of game to focus solely on the objective is recommended, at least in my opinion. You won't be distracted by the sounds of the environment, and therefore, less vulnerable to distraction. 5. Don't be deterred if you fail initially. Perseverance is key here, and the last 2 missions required a couple of tries for me before I successfully completed them. Try to play the missions on an easier difficulty to get accustomed to the layout though before attempting them on hard, although I managed to do the last 2 successfully on hard despite not clearing them on the easier difficulties. To anyone pursuing this 100%, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
  2. 1. Why bother? I already had the mentality of wanting to explore a game as much as possible prior to owning a PS3 with certain titles I enjoyed like the Lego titles or certain Mario iterations on the Nintendo DS, so I suppose trophies provide additional incentive to play the game in a way I may have not ordinarily done so. I also want to feel like I received my money's worth from the games I purchase, so obtaining trophies is just another method of ensuring that happens. 2. How do you motivate yourself to complete the games you didn't enjoy? To be honest, I have encountered many games that didn't quite captivate me for reasons such as time constraints or not turning out to what I was anticipating initially, so my methods differ from title to title. I try to purchase games that I know will appeal to me, so it's not like I deliberately seek out games I have no interest in, although it just doesn't always work in my favor if that makes sense. However, I find the best way is to shelve it in the backlog for an indefinite period of time until my mood is appropriate to return to it. Play some other games in the meantime usually. Some of my favorite games have been titles that initially didn't resonate with me at first until I returned to them at a later date with a willingness to give them a second chance, such as Gravity Rush or Mercenary Kings, so I think this is a viable option for me. 3. When did you start this completion trend? I've owned a PS3 since late 2010, but my first platinum wasn't obtained until March 2013- the title being Telltale's the Walking Dead. Since I had less patience during that time period though, I only obtained platinums sporadically for a while. I suppose 2015 was the year in which my trophy hunting habits changed drastically though as I felt compelled to pursue more platinums, although my completionist side only started to emerge about the year after or so. Truth being told, it's interesting to reflect in retrospect about my younger days where my behavior was more volatile as opposed to now where I'm more collected and less prone to frustration over gaming in general. 4. Do you feel like 100% completion is an overall better experience than a normal playthrough (where you don't mind the trophies)? Indeed, I do like the satisfying feeling of exploring and completing everything there is to possibly do in a game, provided I enjoy it. There's an abundance of discoveries I would have been oblivious about if I hadn't taken the initiative to complete games, such as collectibles that provide exposition to the game's lore, boss encounters, or certain items, so I generally prefer 100% completion both in terms of trophies and in certain titles where I go beyond the trophy list requirements if I genuinely liked it enough.
  3. [Assault Gunners]


    Finally completed Heroes of the Battlefield trophy!!! 

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    2. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Yeah man, I am glad you are done with that tough DLC trophy.

      Transistor next? :)

    3. VoxAnimi



      Not quite yet, I still want to finish Colossus and Tron before proceeding to Transistor, so I assume Transistor will be a March title. I'm almost finished with my hard playthrough of Tron since I'm on the last chapter, so I imagine I could possibly clean that up first. 


    4. Bodyodorthegrave69


      You can do it! Don't give up!

  4. [Help regarding Assault Gunners]




    Posting my thread in a status update so that anyone who has experience can help me out with this predicament. I'd be most grateful since I want to clear this 100% off my list already.

  5. This isn't my first account, but I have switched over the years for various reasons such as not being satisfied with accumulating a plethora of incomplete titles for various reasons or my desire to have a new ID after a while. I will admit though that I think this is the ideal account for me as I have avoided tainting it with deliberately easy titles, but rather have played games I do have genuine interest in. I also have minimized my amount of incomplete games to a certain limit and am in the process to clear them out step by step. Plus, my name is one that I am pleased with as I devised it myself after pondering over it for a while. Ultimately, I am confident I can attain 100% completion in the long run. I do think there are certain upsides for having a fresh start as you are able to learn from your prior mistakes, such as playing more worthwhile titles that you actually want to play or not worrying about your status on the leaderboards. I wish you the best of luck and hope you reach a verdict that works out well for you as perhaps this is an opportunity to take advantage of.
  6. I think it's a mislabel since the previous list also had the same consoles listed, but a Vita port never surfaced. I know titles with Vita tags that never ended up occurring have had them removed from the site, so I imagine it is a matter of time until this one is properly labelled.
  7. Hello there everyone, I have been working on this title recently, and was wondering if people could provide assistance in general since information for this game is relatively scarce online. For starters, I am currently at level 43, but is the best approach to obtain level 50 before pursuing this trophy? Also, what are the best builds and strategies to use during these missions? Since it's listed in the Ultimate Arms Pack, I assume the only missions it pertains to are 36-40, but correct me if I am wrong. I would appreciate it immensely if anyone is willing to help me out.
  8. Platinum 34- Lone Survivor (PS4 edition) True Survivor Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment:8.5/10 Lone Survivor is a phenomenal horror game that manages to convey a tense atmosphere effectively. I have played it a couple of years ago, but felt compelled to revisit it recently for various reasons. I must say, it is a decision I will not regret. In terms of the game itself, its strengths are primarily from its soundtrack (I enjoyed the song they used in the trailer for instance- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fai0lkxf9FA), the atmosphere as it excelled in conveying it to the point where I genuinely experienced tense moments while maneuvering my way around the enemies, the plotline even if it isn't coherent initially (I liked the psychological aspects such as the endings being effected by certain actions you did such as helping or tormenting certain individuals or maintaining your sanity by consuming certain foods.), the enemy designs, and its pixelated art style. My complaints are relatively minor, but the map system took some adjusting to get comfortable with as I got lost initially a few times, and I would have liked a bit more content as the game itself is pretty short. This doesn't detract from my enjoyment significantly of course, but they are relevant points I thought about it in retrospect. The trophies themselves may seem daunting from first glance, but there is a wonderful walkthrough to supplement it from both this site and .org. I liked how they encouraged the player to engage in several of the side tasks. I personally also liked the more challenging trophies like not using any bullets in one playthrough, thus encouraging the player to be more stealthy in their approach as opposed to eradicating all the monsters in the general vicinity with your pistol . The different endings also provided incentive to replay it as there were noticeable differences, but it felt slightly tedious to lower my mental health from the white save playthrough to receive the blue ending. Overall, I will remember this as a fond and unique experience. My next platinum trophies will ideally be Tron: Evolution and Shadow of the Colossus before proceeding to start some newer titles.
  9. [Platinum trophy update]


    I have obtained my 34th platinum trophy today, which was Lone Survivor. Phenomenal horror indie title that conveyed its atmosphere effectively. I enjoyed pursuing its platinum trophy, and it's my 3rd ultra rare platinum as well. Next up will be ideally Tron: Evolution, followed by Shadow of the Colossus. Hopefully can finish both titles before February is over. 

  10. Telltale's the Walking Dead: Season One. While it is by no means a difficult platinum, I like to reminisce about it because it was the first platinum trophy I obtained despite being interested in trophies since owning a PS3. From that point onwards, I felt compelled to pursue more challenging platinums and when I look back in retrospect, it is astounding at just how many platinums I have managed to obtain over the years of varying difficulties. Also because I thought it was a phenomenal title, although the subsequent Telltale offerings didn't quite have the same impact on me with the exception of Borderlands.
  11. You’re following me. Should I be scared or honored? :P 

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      Consider it an ominous warning. 

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      Friends close, enemies closer.

  12. I don't anticipate it to be anytime soon. I still have a fairly extensive list of games to play on it and that isn't even mentioning the amount of games that I have interest in that are on the console.
  13. I haven't played it yet, but I know they removed the online component for the 2nd title in the remaster. The first title and Infinite never had the online feature, but the trophy lists are now entirely single player now.