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  1. I'm out. Peace people ;). It was cool to be on the forums. This place is not very welcome to differing opinions. I respect everyone's opinion no matter how ridiculous. I know ya'll will cheer me away. No one has my back. I need to go... - 6/11/2020

    1. SinisterPledge


      Please stay. You'll be ruining the moderators' streak if you don't let them ban you within the week.

  2. What? OP spelling in title??? Never mind I fixed it!
  3. What it looks like doesn't matter. But it do look like a router.
  4. Don't defend that PS5 All Digital edition. But when Xbox does it, it's funny or something.

  5. LOL I have a PC. I'll just play them joints on their at 4K 60. Don't need no PS5.

    1. SinisterPledge
    2. SantaMonicaZero


      LMFAO. Horizon 2 will be on PC in a few years.

  6. I agree. I used to have over 200 physical games from PS3 to PS4. I understand that mindset but I moved on. I just wanna play games now, not matter how or where I get them. I also think PS Now has incredible value, $25 for 3 months!
  7. I remember it was only last week this forum had 0 posts. Now look at it LOL.
  8. It doesn't LOOK like PSN Profiles at all. I know it has the same features but it LOOKS different dude!
  9. Definitely. I got AW in 2016 with my Quantum Break console bundle. Didn't finish it until 2019 lol, I was lazy. I wish it were remastered or even remade. The new Control DLC is called "AWE" which goes into aspects of Alan Wake and Bright Falls!
  10. Yes this is for ANYTHING related to the Xbox One/S/X.
  11. Thanks for the support. No, I said it DOESEN'T matter if your a low level or what you play. The "true" gamer tag is dumb. Everyone who plays games is a gamer, it's that simple. That's awesome to hear. Glad you like it! I also love PS Now with access to The Evil Within 2.
  12. Nice to see a fellow Mirrors Edge fan. My profile pic at first was of Faith. 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Thanks, likewise! 


      Loved that game. Took me by storm as soon as I saw the cover in the discount bargain bin (talking about the ps3 mirror's Edge). Been a fan ever since. 

  13. Understandable I don't think there's a site just like this for xbox. I grew up with the 360, so nostalgia take a part in me liking Xbox. Game sales are good, better download speeds and more powerful box. I also bought an Xbox One at first for the exclusives or FOMO. Thankfully I have all the time to play and finish any game. I know what its like to start and want to be like the rank 20+ people on psn. I have 3 psn accounts only this one is at 20 or above. I also felt that I needed to get a higher rank to seem important or to look like I am a serious gamer or something lol. It's ok to be a low level, dosen't mean your not a "true" gamer haha. Hey, I never had any either lolol.
  14. The $500 price on the One X was wayyy to much money for me to spend. I found a new one for $300. A good deal and I hear they might be discontinued soon. I have the following: PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X. The reason I say that is because that's it. I'm never buying a PS5, maybe not even a Series X at all. I'm happy with what I have an need no more consoles for the foreseeable future. Maybe I'll hop on the PS6 lolol. I also think Game Pass is like the best thing in gaming. It allows me to pay $15 for a month of Ultimate and play new game for a low low cost. I see Forza 7 for $20, good deal. When you just say X I get confused since there's the Series X and the One X. I won't buy a Series X for many reasons including financial. UPDATE lol you know what, i'm buying Forza 7 right now. $20 is too good of a deal to pass up.
  15. 5th Gen- Crash Bandicoot 6th Gen- Shadow of The Colossus 7th Gen- LittleBigPlanet 8th Gen- Watch_Dogs