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  1. @Spinacheq 😮 That was my first try at making donuts. I may be not knowledgeable enough with them 🤔. ... I'll make dangos next time ☺️.
  2. July 2021 summary for everyone! 🎁 We have 10 participants and 11 played games/DLCs so far. Casual Event Spreadsheet Leaderboard: Place Participant Points Trophy Country 1 (02) Spinacheq 7 🇺🇸 2 (06) sindrics 2 🇬🇧 3 (01) Arethien 1 🇯🇵 3 (03) Tenzai1980 1 🇩🇪 4 (04) willythom88 0 🇺🇸 4 (05) Kishnabe 0 🇨🇦 4 (07) AffectatiousDonk 0 🇦🇺 4 (08) milk-aholic 0 🇩🇪 4 (09) gazdavis11 0 🇬🇧 4 (10) cjninja125 0 🇺🇸 I've made a few simple donuts for you: 🙂 *Genre names are not in any way official or standardized. They're decided by me and highly subjective.
  3. @sindrics Congrats on your clear! 🙂 Looking at you clearing strategy games reminds me I also have a few bought on PC waiting for me. 😬 I'm still stuck at Wand of Torture R. I cleared 7 routes out of 9 and all endings for them. So 1 more and... to fan disc that is also in that compilation.
  4. You've learned to understand English, do the same with Japanese. Dictionary (or phone) in one hand, controller in the other and learn that vocabulary. With you liking Visual Novels it should come pretty naturally. Until you achieve that ability to actually read Japanese I think we can't give you credit for Visual Novels, as they are supposed to be read, not only dialog listened.
  5. I did it! I cleared Neverwinter main story! Good game, 7/10. My list post link. Neverwinter 36 of 96 Trophies 25th July 2021 14 areas done. Took me 3 weeks and 2 days. I played only this game! I'm proud of my own commitment to it! Such focus! Not like myself. It was hard to stick to it, but with that hammer of an incoming "overhaul" over my head, which will disable, delete or whatnot quite a few areas, I felt I had to. Hate missing out on a story. I feel tired. Not of the game, of that play routine. Game surprised me positively. It looks nice graphically, cell-shaded, with an amazing area design. Areas don't feel boring, just the contrary, they're interesting! There's always something to aww about. They aren't neither too small nor too big. Just right. Perfect for someone who wants to travel Faerun, well Sword Coast part of it, after reading books or playing tabletop Dungeons & Dragons. On PS4 Pro with an SSD everything was fine, but on PS4 assets load pop-up is pretty bad. Story was ok. Not many quests and not many dialogs, but all is voiced. As for me story in the quests is not sufficient to fill my story hunger. Additional Lore parts that are scattered in the areas or pop-up automatically are a must read! Loved them. It's sad that in quest instances you can miss out on these Lore parts, as you can't return to these areas afterwards! Unless you bring someone who is on that quest and tag along with him/her. Also they can pop-up at a bad time, when you start fighting, and finding the one that just popped up afterwards in Journal - Lore isn't easy. I tried my best to find all, but I wasn't using any guide for them so probably missed a few. Gameplay wise I liked how easy it is to target enemies with a controller. Skill cross hot bar is also so controller friendly. I had fun fighting solo and in dungeons. As a wizard I was able to solo 98% of these 14 areas. I got overpowered 2 times. Had to call my Alliance member for help. Once by goblins and then, in the very last area, by "brain dogs"... This game battle system had somekind of an overhaul recently-shly, that may be why? It's just impossible to defeat solo if there's more that 5, even weak, enemies in a pull. Dodge mechanics keeps you awake, so it's not bad, but as a wizard I could dodge only 2 times before stamina regenerate, which sometimes wasn't enough. I also had to use potions from about halfway through. I didn't feel much of a server lag, with servers being across the globe from me. The thing that shocked me the most is that this game doesn't really support keyboard to write in chat. Seriously?! You have to first swipe touchepad to make chat window appear, then press □ to start writing, here you can type with a keyboard, and then you have to press × to send! Why not make it as it should be, enter for all? One enter to rule them all? 🤔 It wasn't such a biggie, as I solo story played, until I had to call my Alliance for help. Then a switch to Voice Chat is a must. On a side note, Sony's OS update broke my wireless keyboard. It throws an error and doesn't work with PlayStation anymore. Very angry about that. I won't comment too much about it being a Free-to-Pay game. I hate these, but nothing can be done about it. Came with the times I guess. I can't buy much anyway as this game is not released in Japan. 95% of in game store is account bought, so I can't share it for my main Japan account from European one I use to buy games sometimes. I got one tradable set of companions though. Companions of the Hall! I just had to 😅. I'll let them have it for these 14 areas, they earned it. That's probably the first and last time they get me to buy anything, hopefully. Game being an MMO is of course a big minus also. Haven't felt it much yet with these 14 areas, but I foresee a lot of grind and time locks. I don't want to waste my time on that. I will continue playing this game for as long as there's story to keep me, but slower. Single player games are much more gratifying with much less time spent. MMOs and "live service" games are a trap! If anyone want a peek of how this game flows when doing storyline I streamed few last areas from start to finish on my YouTube channel. Here: Neverwinter Arethien's YT Playlist 😅
  6. Yup yup. Congratulations! 🙂 @sindrics Congratulations! Thanks for a short review. 🙂
  7. @cjninja125 No, it's fine. You don't have to change any games. It looked ok to me, so it's accepted. 🙂 Me and @Spinacheq won't be discussing every list each time together before accepting, would take too much time. Either of us can add a list. Although we can miss something, that's why even after accepting a list he or me can add correcting objection.
  8. @cjninja125 Welcome. 🙂 Very nice list of games. Especially that 10th. 😉 Everything seems to be eligible for a story point, although Assassin's Creed Odyssey is probably in a just margin, as main story-wise you already completed about 70%. Doom Eternal seems to have a campaign, but I have no idea about it's length. Looking at your PlayStation profile you seem to play good variety of games casually at your own pace, so probably all is good. You sure you want to play PS3 version of Mass Effect, not the remaster on PS4? I'll accept your list. @Spinacheq feel free to re-check me on that. 🙃
  9. Forgot to tell, a tiny disclaimer. Clear dates on spreadsheet filled by me are in Japan Standard Time. So if you guys see your clear dates are in the future that's why. 😅
  10. @Spinacheq Congratulations! You took the first event clears. 🙂 One Moe VN and one Point & Click game. Never played neither of these genres 😅. There will be games, probably mainly indies and maybe few Telltales, Resident Evil 2 Remake? 🤔, that will come just close or just not close enough for our 10 hours rule. Heavily depending on who plays them also. I think we can count them fully, as it's a casual gaming event, and give a person reporting on them some trust on their given clear time. Event is about playing games you enjoy, or you thought you'll enjoy and missed 😅, not strictly about their length. So as long as these types of games aren't overused for point gains or lied about how long it took a person to clear, it's ok to count them normally. Although I think time lost on game bugs and save restarts shouldn't count to overall clear time.
  11. @gazdavis11 Okay, list accepted. 🙂
  12. @FFATMA Welcome back! Sure, looking forward to your list. 🙂 @gazdavis11 Thanks for adding your progress information. I've talked with @Spinacheq and we think that Olympics Games Tokyo 2020 is not eligible for story/stage point, as it doesn't have any campaign. If you're not going for platinum with that game that will be 0 points, if you do 1 point. You ok with that game on your list?
  13. @gazdavis11 To signup you have to give us a list of your chosen 10 games and have it accepted. Please use my opening post to make sure your list follows event rules.
  14. @Kishnabe Ah! I just found you "sneak" edited your given games list. Thank you for the change, list fully accepted. Reminder for everyone: If you don't post your updates as a new post in this thread we won't notice it, as it doesn't give any notification of users editing their posts. Also new quality of life feature for everyone. I've added links to everyone's given list posts in our spreadsheet! You'll find them in Accepted Lists tab! 🙂 Now you won't have to look for yours, or others if you wish, list in this probably very long to be thread. 😁 When telling us about your clears you can now just say what game, without copy/paste of the whole given list. Instead of a copy/paste of your whole list in every update post, just edit that originally given one if possible.
  15. Please do. Just include your chosen platform. List accepted, so start whenever you want.