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  1. ...may the gods or whatever you believe be with you. 😬😅😂
  2. @cjninja125 Congrats! Thanks for bold text 😃. I gave you points for both story and platinum of The Order: 1886 as you played the whole game after your event join and because it's probably a horror game category, which are shorter while still being a full developed games. Nice you gave it a high rating, as from what I remember that game got flamed for... being too short. I suspected as much, but it's good to know that Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory touches upon Kingdom Hearts III story,
  3. As I've been mentioned I'll try to respond to that. Firstly a positive. I loved how you interacted with everyone in this thread. Responding, commenting, cheering, asking what's next to each individual person. It was a very kind and nice community here in big part thanks to amazing event host, you. Game pyramid, while too difficult to most, is also a great and interesting event idea. Event rules here being kind of directed to casual gamers, not only trophy hunters, also made this event stand out in a good way. But then suddenly you went from very active forum member and gamer to dead silence. You didn't tell anyone anything before disappearing. People tried to contact you, nothing. I know it's just internet forum where we barely know each other, but people here were genuinely worried something very bad happened to you! After what was about 5 months of that dead silence you came back and said that you "just changed hobbies"... That is just cruel. One forum post, one message to someone saying you got burned out and will be absent for a long time, maybe ask someone to take over taking care of this event, would be enough to not make everyone feel... I don't know, bad? I can't speak for everyone feelings here, but for me that behavior was shocking. People here, then me and @Spinacheq , tried to keep this place active and warm until your return from whatever you struggled with. I made a spreadsheet with everyone's progress during these 5 months and shared editor rights with him. I hoped that would also help you with catching up when you're back. What we couldn't do was enforce rules, as we weren't chosen by you to keep this event during your absence. As this is a casual event rules weren't strict and you would think it'll be fine, but... We had a trophy list auto pops. Thanks to PS5 and a few remastered games on PS4 that allow save transfers. You missed one of these auto pops while you still were here and that made the person think it's ok to do it. Maybe it is? Maybe it isn't? It wasn't mentioned in event rules, so only you knew. That was the deciding trigger to make new event, as we didn't want to break this one with silly arguments we have no real right to do. Event didn't have a caretaker and after you came back you yourself decided it's too much for you to take care of this event and became just a participant in your own event. It's not about lack of the leaderboard. Serious competition was not what people came here for. It's about a headless event going wild. Even casual events need an active guidance, a host, to keep things together. It's totally up to you what you do with this thread, it's yours, but saying event is still open while taking no responsibility at all probably won't encourage many to join.
  4. Very late summary time for October (10.2021)! Participants numbers haven't changed. At least in thread activity 🙃. One active person, me, didn't finish any game. I was close though! At least one person forgot to give update of a clear in time for my month lockdown. Which is why donuts and leaderboard are inaccurate again 😬. Our absent user never came back to this thread after giving us his list. Probably changed his mind about participating in this event? Leaderboard October (10.2021): Place Participant Points Games Country 1 (08) milk-aholic 22 3 (6) 🇩🇪 2 (06) sindrics 12.5 4 🇬🇧 3 (02) Spinacheq 11 0 (1) 🇺🇸 4 (03) Tenzai1980 9.5 1 🇩🇪 5 (01) Arethien 6 0 🇯🇵 6 (09) gazdavis11 5 1 🇬🇧 7 (10) cjninja125 4 6 🇺🇸 8 (04) willythom88 2 1 🇺🇸 9 (07) AffectatiousDonk 1 0 🇦🇺 9 (11) Gretchen27 1 1 🇺🇸 10 (05) Kishnabe 0 0 🇨🇦 Leaderboard Current (22.11.2021): Place Participant Points Trophy Country 1 (08) milk-aholic 24.5 🇩🇪 2 (02) Spinacheq 16 🇺🇸 3 (06) sindrics 15.5 🇬🇧 4 (03) Tenzai1980 9.5 🇩🇪 5 (01) Arethien 8.5 🇯🇵 6 (09) gazdavis11 7 🇬🇧 7 (10) cjninja125 6.5 🇺🇸 8 (04) willythom88 2 🇺🇸 9 (07) AffectatiousDonk 1 🇦🇺 9 (11) Gretchen27 1 🇺🇸 10 (05) Kishnabe 0 🇨🇦 I won't be posting genre donuts this month and starting next month I probably need to think of some new summary format. Current one takes too much of manual work and is very prone to user error. If it was prepared as event spreadsheet, where most of things are auto filled... 🤔
  5. It's taking much more time and energy than I anticipated, so a small update where I disappeared. I got one of my TVs replaced by warranty, which caused my TV stand to not be long enough for them. I'm trying to DIY to fix it and as of right now I still have no displays connected. So no PC or home consoles for about a week already and continuing.
  6. I story cleared and platinumed Yu no Hana Spring!. It was a good game, 7/10. It lacked in stimulation department for me, as caring for hot springs hotel in normal world without any terrible happenings is pretty bland. May be nice for someone who doesn't like any fantasy, sci-fi and want to play something not stressful. ゆのはなSpRING! • JP All 34 Trophies 3rd November 2021 • Platinum in 2 months, 4 weeks I did restart The Legend of Herores: Sora no Kiseki yesterday. It looks like I made it to second chapter before. I won't be looking at my save how much it took me then. Better not to know how many hours I'm wasting by playing from the beginning again 😅. I will play some other game/games at the same time this time, but I'll try to keep this one as my main time consumer. I probably should try and focus on my given list games 😂...
  7. @Spinacheq We actually do award quarter (0.25) points for Out of List DLC story or 100% clear 🙂. Our Sample User on the Spreadsheet always had 0.25 listed for it's sample Out o List DLC clear. It also had 1 point given for one of it's Listed DLCs, which was a mistake I fixed now 😅. It hasn't popped on anyone's list up until now, because the only *EDIT* people who informed about Out of List DLC clear was me *EDIT* and you. It took me only 3 hours to story clear it *EDIT* and your clear time was also too short, so it wasn't eligible for any points. The Last of Us Remastered: Grounded Mode (DLC) theoretically should count as it has it's own trophy list, is about clearing a story and has Grounded and Grounded Plus two trophies, not sure what's the difference, but... It's kind of very greyish area with these tiny additional trophy lists. Is it really a DLC? You're actually clearing base game story again just on a lot harder difficulty. Not really a new game content, more like an update? When setting the rules about listing DLCs as separate entries for half points I had more in mind expansion like DLCs. It's even listed as Expansions/DLCs in opening post. As these are like new tiny game additions. That's why they have to follow the same rules as game listings to be eligible. These new DLC trophy lists that just add a mode or other strange thing probably shouldn't be counted as separate. Even you, @Spinacheq 😭! October clears are already locked 😶. Donuts will pop sometime this month when I'll find the will and time to "bake" them. @Spinacheq You're free to update your own entries after you post them in event thread, no problem with that ☺️. I find it a lot easier to update my own games, as I know how long I played and what genre it is without any additional checks 🙃.
  8. @cjninja125 Okay! 🙂 As always point out any mistakes or places I was too strict/lenient.
  9. I story cleared The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki. It took me... 228 hours. Amazing game, 9/10! I love it! 😍 英雄伝説 黎の軌跡 • JP 39 of 53 Trophies 2nd November 2021 Now I'll probably finish Yu no Hana Spring, as it's still inside my Vita, and then start The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki. I already played it a little when I bought my Vita 3 years ago, but I'll probably start from the beginning, as these games are VERY story heavy, so I probably don't remember all sub NPCs daily troubles after such a long break.
  10. @Tenzai1980 Added your Nexomon. Congrats on clears! @sindrics Added both games. Congrats on clears! @cjninja125 Added your games, but most are not eligible for points with our current event rules. (@Spinacheq Please check me thoughtfully on this if you can.) Either way congrats on many clears! PS. Next time please use enters or bold games you cleared. Would be much easier to read and update. As a reminder to clear times: count starts after you joined this event. So for example if you finished 8 out of 10 sequences in AC game before joining their play time doesn't count for story clear time, just the remaining 2. Did you @cjninja125 post overall clear time or since you joined and played clear time for your games? I tried to check that with trophy dates, but I'm bad at it. @willythom88 Very useful information about the game there. Difficulty spikes sound scary.
  11. @willythom88 It's ok 🙂. Thanks for checking. You never know when I slip and make a mistake. Ah, just for everyone's information. If you got a heart from me or Spinacheq, that means we updated your data on spreadsheet with that post. If you didn't get it and next post person did, there's a high chance you got missed, as I do it in post order. Or try to 😋. Spinacheq is very busy so it's mainly me for now filling it, but that's the idea with hearts here.
  12. @willythom88 You are, but not for last month. Look at spreadsheet.
  13. Late September 2021 summary for everyone! 😅 We have 9 active, 1 inactive (Came back this month.), 1 Absent, 0 New, 11 in total participants. 18 this month (The same amount as last month?!), 52 in total played games/DLCs so far. Casual Event Spreadsheet Leaderboard: Place Participant Points Trophy Country 1 (08) milk-aholic 17 🇩🇪 2 (02) Spinacheq 11 🇺🇸 3 (06) sindrics 9 🇬🇧 4 (03) Tenzai1980 7.5 🇩🇪 5 (01) Arethien 6 🇯🇵 6 (10) cjninja125 4 🇺🇸 7 (09) gazdavis11 3 🇬🇧 8 (04) willythom88 1 🇺🇸 8 (07) AffectatiousDonk 1 🇦🇺 10 (05) Kishnabe 0 🇨🇦 10 (11) Gretchen27 0 🇺🇸 *Genre names are not in any way official or standardized. They're decided by me and highly subjective.
  14. These are dungeons if I remember right.
  15. @willythom88 Great to hear you're having fun with Fire Emblem ☺️. I'm about 40 hours in The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki and I love it 🥰! The more I play the more I'm into it. I probably should wait with my opinion until I finish it, but... Story wise, it surprised me greatly with how mature it is. I honestly didn't expect such colorful cartoon game to have Yakuza level seriousness. World backstory, main story, sub quests, all is nicely written with very little of "That's silly!" moments. NPCs who change their places and dialogs with each story progress is also what gives the game more life like feel. You can see a progress in what not quest giving NPCs do in their lives. Graphically, NPCs looks, although cartoonish, are in a way realistic. So many variations in hairstyles, beards and fashion. There are also NPCs with different body types. Not only very slim or very fat, but also in the middle. That's still pretty rare in cartoons. Graphics overall is still not next gen level, but pretty enough. You can see through windows to/from buildings you can enter! Very importantly scale of the world objects to in game characters is right! Tales of Arise it was so off! These huge chairs and other enormous furniture hurt my eyes, which is not the case here. Also environment storytelling is good. You can feel world is, can be, lived in. Beds, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, many various containers, many doors even if you can't open them, other buildings in a city etc. Again I'll compare to Tales of Arise, where these things weren't there, and it was so obviously omitted that even my imagination had problems with filling in the gaps how people possibly can live there. Also the eye sore copy pasted objects it Tales of Arise... Here it's not so obvious. Tiny detail objects, for example spoons on the tables, are still not present, which takes a little from immersion. Also not reflective glass, mirrors and floors got my attention, as even in 2D Tales of on PSP I had that. Optimalization problems? Food looks so beautiful and delicious in game, that it makes playing hungry very dangerous 😂! I'm already planning to go to Kyoto to eat something I saw in game. Enemy design leaves an impression. It's memorable. I prefer it here from Tales of. Although that may just be my taste. A negative for me is that there are still characters I think should be older. Having a 13 year old party member and hearing that 25 year old is an uncle level adult with so much life experience will always feel off to me. I would also like to have more voice acting present. At least full voice for main story. It's funny when in a cutscene only one character is voiced. Better than nothing I guess... As of now it's an amazing 9/10 game for me. Mainly because of how serious the writing and world building is.