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  1. Casual Gaming Event Hosts: @Arethien & @Spinacheq Casual Event Spreadsheet Introduction As promised, new casual event is here! Originally started by @arsenal4life1471 in a form of a pyramid. Here in more simplistic and easy to complete 10 games list form. Rules are changed. Even more casual oriented, but not less organized. We have cleared games list, points and leaderboard. Still, we encourage playing games for fun, not competition. Lists here are supposed to help you focus on games which you want to play and give you that satisfaction of completion. There's no event time or member limit. Signups will stay open as long as hosts are here and maintain them. We hope that this event will be chilled out and fun. Share with us your joy of gaming! 😄 Eligible Games All gaming platforms allowed: Including SNES, PS1, PS2, PSP, PC, NDS, Switch, GC etc. (Not a trophy hunt event.) All platforms games/DLCs are eligible for story clear point, but only games/DLCs with PlayStation Trophy support get 100% clear point. (We don't cover other tracking systems or decide what counts as a 100% for games/DLCs without any tracking.) Backlog games: Game that you started and never finished. (For story clears.) Trophy list that you started and never finished. (For 100% clears.) or Game that you already bought, but never got to play it. (No matter when.) Trophy list you never had on any of your past profiles. (No replays.) Newly bought games: No matter how old a game itself is. (You just bought it.) Visual Novels and indie are allowed: If you play for the fun of a game itself. (Rules still apply. You need to understand language you're playing in for both story and Platinum/100% clear points.) Otome VNs require all routes & endings for story point. (It's like chapters in a book.) Moe VNish & VNs require all routes & endings for story point. (I used Japanese naming for this genre, as to my knowledge in the West there isn't any.) Other VNs require all routes & endings for story point. (Horror, Mystery, Yaoi, Yuri etc.) Action Narrative/Movie Narrative games require only one playthrough for story point. (Heavy Rain, Dark Anthology, Detroit etc.) Story or stage driven games: If it doesn't have either, it's not eligible for story points. (The Sims, CoD: BO4 etc.) To get story point you need to understand language you're playing in. Expansions/DLCs: Treated the same as games, but get half points. (Same rules apply.) To get full attainable points for eligible Expansion/DLC it has to be listed on your 10 games/DLCs list. (It'll take one spot, the same as any game.) If only Main Game is listed on your 10 games/DLCs list then Expansions/DLCs are counted as Out Of List Clear for half points. Compilations of two or more games with one trophy list: Each game gets a story point, but only one gets a 100%/Platinum point. (Same rules apply.) To get full attainable points each game has to be listed separately on your 10 games/DLCs list. (If not listed and cleared it'll be counted as Out Of List Clear for half points.) You don't have to story clear all games in this kind of compilation. (But in order to get 100%/Platinum point you need to get all trophies in it.) Last word if a game is eligible & in any disputes belongs to hosts! (Decided after discussion.) Rules Don'ts: No under 10h games/DLCs. (Actual play time by you. Not to skip or game guide time. For already started games/DLCs counted from the point you're at when you join this event.) No region stacks. (List hoarding not wanted.) No platform stacks. (Remakes are exempted. Remasters and Definitive/GotY Editions require 6 months in between playthroughs.) No auto-pops. (Includes all platforms. These are not point and list worthy.) No spoilers. (Please be careful, old games may be new to some people.) No lies about progress. (We do allow no trophy and all platforms games, but don't use that to cheat.) Do's: You need to have PSN Profiles Leaderboard ranking visible. (We depend on Cheater Removal Team with trophy available games.) Playing 1 to 2 games at a time is recommended. (Not enforced. Have fun!) Tell us how you liked your game! Rate it too/or. (Not mandatory, but highly encouraged! Of course no spoilers.) Report to event hosts if you see any errors or rule breaks. (By either PMs or posts.) How's: Make a list of 10 games/DLCs, with information on what hardware you play each of them. (Example listing: 1. Game Title (Hardware) 2. Game Title: DLC Title (DLC) (Hardware).) Tell us if you cleared a story already or where're you at for any game listed. (If story was already cleared before joining this event you're not eligible for story point.) Don't tell us if you plan to platinum/100%. (There's no need to state it beforehand. Only tell when you've finished.) Wait for us to check and accept your list. (Shouldn't take much time. If we find a game that's not eligible you will have to change it.) Then play whatever you want! Even out of list games. (It's supposed to be enjoyable for you most importantly. Don't stress out about points.) Give us updates of your progress regularly, as a new post each time. At the very least before month ends, to let us include your progress in monthly summaries. (We'll also cheer you up and update your list.) In update posts just write what you cleared, without copy/paste of your whole given game list. Just edit your given list post! (Example: Story cleared Game Title. Got a plat in Game Title. Your given list post links are provided on Casual Event Spreadsheet, in Accepted Lists tab.) Cross-out games you story cleared on your given list post. (Example: 1. Game Title (Hardware) 2. Game Title: DLC Title (DLC) (Hardware).) Add info or icon or color to games you platinumed/100%ed on your given list post. (Example: 1. Game Title PLAT (Hardware) 2. Game Title: DLC Title (DLC) (Hardware); 1. Game Title (Hardware) 2. Game Title: DLC Title (DLC) ðŸ’Ŋ (Hardware).) If no game clear date is provided in a post we're going to use update post date instead. (It would be the best if you write clear updates as soon as you get a clear.) You have 1 game swap available from the start. (If you have a game you want to play straight away and still get full points for it.) Additional swap every 3 months if stuck completely on clears. (We don't want you to lose interest and stagnate.) Special swaps may be provided. (Birthdays, Christmas etc. Doesn't work backwards, must be claimed on that day.) You can Lock a list with not platinumed games and platinum them later. (Half points for platinum then. We encourage playing various games, discourage stagnation.) You can start new list without finishing previous one if you're stuck on that one for a year. (No points or progress lost. Old list gets a Lock. Hopefully it won't come to that with 3 months stuck swaps.) Tell us that you cleared a game/DLC out of your list and you'll get credit for it. (Half points. Clears done after you joined this event.) Show us a start & then a clear screenshot/picture if game doesn't have trophies or your Steam/Xbox Achievement list if played on these systems. (Just so we can lightly proof check you. Only clear screenshot/picture if it's out of list one. Try to avoid pictures with spoilers, edit them out from the picture if necessary. Always use spoiler tab.) Points: Main Story Clear 1 Platinum/100% Trophies Clear 1 DLC Story Clear 0.5 DLC 100% Trophies Clear 0.5 Out of List Clear Half Points Not Eligible Clear 0 Leaderboard: 6 Months Points. (As name implies, points for 6 months period.) Total Points. (Never resets. Points counted since you joined this event.) Cleared List Spreadsheet Legend: Text Color Main Story Clear Text Color Platinum/100% Trophies Clear Text Color DLC Story Clear Text Color DLC 100% Trophies Clear Text B & U Out of List Clear Text Cross-Out Cleared Game Cell Green Active User Cell Orange Inactive User Cell Red Absent User Cell D. Grey Retired User Cell L. Red Rule Break? Cell Grey List Lock Cell Grey List Lock ☓ Not eligible for points â–ģ List Lock. Plat half points â‡Ļ Swap H Hardware S Story P Platinum/100% Event summaries posts links: Summary 01: 07.2021 Summary 02: 08.2021 Casual Event Spreadsheet
  2. Done it! Full clear of Tales of Arise! Great game, 8/10. Tales of Arise All 48 Trophies 23rd September 2021 â€Ē Platinum in 1 week, 6 days Took me 130 hours... 😎😅 Pretty crazy pace it was. 25 hours in battles, 427,029 m walked distance and I think I did talk to every NPC every time their dialogs changed. Got most of treasure chests and items. I haven't looked* at any guide or even a trophy list while playing. Everything is easy enough to discover by the player, which is great. *Tiny correction to above. I did miss 2 treasure chests, so I googled them somehow afterwards, then went and picked them up. With items I'm actually missing 7, no idea what they are, as I've made all weapons and accessories, dishes and bought all equipment... ðŸ˜ķ
  3. I'm so late with updates and responses. Very sorry for that! 😖 I'm trying to stay focused on playing certain new released game, miraculously almost done. Used all my free time to play. I tried to stay off the net as much as possible. Really wanted to go in completely totally blind. Haven't even peeked at a trophy list of it. I think I'll be doing that from now on. Knowing trophy list in advance kind of influences how you (I) play a game, so it's much more enjoyable for me not knowing what's in there. I have preordered one more freshly baked game which releases on 30th of this month, so... I may be tiny bit "busy" again. I was, still am, interested in next Judgment game... but three new releases in one month is to much! We'll see when I'll grab that. I usually don't buy games on release, or even close to it, but with my never ending backlog I decided to treat myself with actually new fresh games without adding them to my backlog list down the line. It's a real challenge to play one game at a time! With current one I didn't feel any burn out and need to switch to different game 😊. Playing new releases should keep my morale up, not worrying so much of when I'll finally get to play them. This goes for series with many games in them. If a new game is not story related I'll be grabbing the newest ones from now on. 😁 @milk-aholic Updated and added your games to spreadsheet. Congrats on clears! About your Trover Saves The Universe game, what happened with it is actually covered by our event rules. It's still a clear worthy of a cross-out, it just gets 0 points for both, story and plat. It won't disappear from your 10 games list, you'll just be over with it faster. We already have such 0 point games on others lists and there'll be more for sure. Don't worry about it. As we don't give any additional points for a 10 games list complete it doesn't give any unfair advantage if too short games are on given lists. You actually didn't play it in VR fully, but it got me thinking if VR games should have additional rule with length requirement. Not only most of them are shorter, but also it's hard to play in VR for a long period of time for most people. With this being a casual event we maybe should soften the rules for them. Just a thought for now. For the other games you cleared, I hope I didn't make any mistakes with points given. My mind is still with the game I'm playing now, so this spreadsheet update is hard for me! 😎 @cjninja125 Congrats on your plat! @Tenzai1980 Congrats on your clear! Similarly, if you guys notice any mistakes on event spreadsheet give me a poke. ðŸ˜ķ
  4. @milk-aholic @Gretchen27 Added your chosen Halloween games to spreadsheet. Two Corpse Party: Blood Drive? Almost three? Why is this game so popular? ðŸ˜Ŋ You guys need to tell me if it was a Moe game or not. I'm curious. That's a very rare thing with Japanese only release having English support. ðŸĪ” I myself cleared the story of Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon. Great game, 8/10. Judge Eyes: æ­ŧįĨžãŪ遚čĻ€ â€Ē AS 14 of 47 Trophies 8th September 2021 Honestly I was kind of in a hurry to clear it before 9th, for reasons ðŸ˜Ģ, so I only touched sub quests that bumped into me directly. It took me about 30 hours. I still did a lot of walking instead of running though, hate to sprint through such beautiful, no actually all games. I always take my time sightseeing. I love how long, many and active cutscenes are in Ryu ga Gotoku studio games. It keeps me awake and interested. I have a feeling I'm probably repeating myself saying that. Also these are ones of a very very few Japanese games with adult, not teenage, cast, which is amazing! I haven't touched almost at all any of mini games in it. Great they are there and are made so nicely, but I'm not interested 😅.
  5. @Tenzai1980 No worries, wait until you see my 100+ Otome Visual Novels. 😂ðŸ˜Ģ
  6. You think so? 😂 A mystery to solve, huh? 😂
  7. @Tenzai1980 Ok then, I'll add it to your list. PS. Don't quote me so often, as I can't edit out my mistakes then 😅... Gosh, some of these games. So hard to simply categorize what genre it is. All blends in! 😖 Corpse Party: Blood Drive also looks a little Moeish to me with all these girls... but I don't know. ðŸ˜Ķ
  8. @gazdavis11 Added SOMA to your list. I leave it to you to decide if it was a game worth points after you clear it. @sindrics Congratulations on your clears! Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, no steam Achievements link this time? 😕 Also I'm a tiny bit confused, real-time battles and turn-based campaign... So which genre is it 😰? Real Time Strategy or Turn Based Strategy? ...both? Added The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan to your list. @willythom88 45 minutes battles?! ðŸ˜ĩ @cjninja125 Congrats! How many story levels LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 1-4 has? My guess is it didn't take you close to 10 hours for just story clear after you came back to this game in August? Or am I wrong and it's eligible for story point also? 25 hours to platinum in LEGO game sounds really fast ðŸ˜Ŋ. @Tenzai1980 Corpse Party: Blood Drive is a Horror Action Visual Novel(?) and should be eligible by genre. Will it take you close to 10 hours from the point you are now? If yes, you can continue playing it next month. Just a reminder, Visual Novels require 100% clear for story point. Dead or School is not eligible for Halloween event because it's Moe Hack & Slash RPG, not Horror.
  9. Pretty much yes. Not that I'll take that classification completely out of my head, I always check few sources for it and based on that decide a genre I think is just. Since I added genres to public spreadsheet you guys can point out if I unjustly classified some genre and you don't agree with it. I'll take that into consideration 😉. I see that this game averages from 5 to 9 hours, depending on who plays it. Not sure if 5 hours people used a guide, played it for a second time or are just pretty fast players. It seems like a full normal game to me. If played from the beginning, not already started, I think there's no problem treating it with full credit. ðŸĪ” I think that I wrote it here before, but 10 hours rule is to filter low quality/demo length games, people playing while stuck to a guide from start to finish, speed runners/skippers and people adding games they're already almost done with. This event relies pretty heavily on honesty of it's participants, as we're not able to check everything just by looking at trophies or screenshots. Casual play of games for the sake of games themselves, not trophies, is what casual here means. 🙂 So even if a shorter game gets an OK, it's up to the person who played it and finished it very fast to honestly say he/she doesn't feel it was worth a point and takes a 0 for it.
  10. ðŸ‘ŧ Casual Halloween Gaming Event! ðŸ‘ŧ If interested, decide on one horror genre game you would like to play in October and it'll be added to your games list as an 11th entry for full points! You don't have to actually clear it in October, just playing it during that month is required, you'll still get full credit once you've finished. Play start date is decided, which is next month, October 1st. No fail starts! Accepting entries starting now until September 30th. *Usual event rules apply. @Spinacheq @Tenzai1980 @willythom88 @Kishnabe @sindrics @AffectatiousDonk @milk-aholic @gazdavis11 @cjninja125 @Gretchen27
  11. @gazdavis11 Congrats! You got first new month clear. @AffectatiousDonk Congrats on your first event clear! Pretty hot review 😆. I fixed a little both summaries, as font size and resolution was unbearable. I updated July data with late posters, but probably won't be doing that every time, so please post before month ends. Please remember that I'm a day ahead of most people here, so last day of a month in US and EU is probably already after I made a summary.
  12. August 2021 summary for everyone! We have 8 active, 1 new, 11 in total participants and 18 this month, 33 in total played games/DLCs so far. Casual Event Spreadsheet Leaderboard: Place Participant Points Trophy Country 1 (08) milk-aholic 14 ðŸ‡Đ🇊 2 (02) Spinacheq 11 🇚ðŸ‡ļ 3 (03) Tenzai1980 5.5 ðŸ‡Đ🇊 4 (06) sindrics 5 🇎🇧 5 (01) Arethien 3.5 ðŸ‡ŊðŸ‡ĩ 6 (04) willythom88 1 🇚ðŸ‡ļ 6 (09) gazdavis11 1 🇎🇧 6 (10) cjninja125 1 🇚ðŸ‡ļ 9 (05) Kishnabe 0 ðŸ‡ĻðŸ‡Ķ 9 (07) AffectatiousDonk 0 ðŸ‡Ķ🇚 9 (11) Gretchen27 0 🇚ðŸ‡ļ I didn't make dangos, just donuts again 😞. They look even worse than before 😐. I thought that with more data it'll look better, but... Google Sheets are not advanced enough. Maybe I'll move to Excel next time... ðŸ˜ķ *Genre names are not in any way official or standardized. They're decided by me and highly subjective.
  13. @willythom88 Congrats on your first clear! Nice play time. Not too short. not too long. 🙂 Whatever files you attached, they're not showing on neither my phone or PC. @gazdavis11 Congrats! From what I've heard Far Cry 3 is considered the best Far Cry by many still. Hm? I'm not sure if I'm reading it right. You've finished story and/or trophies of Far Cry 3: Classic Edition: Blood Dragon (DLC) while in this event or is that some other time reference? I've peeked at Far Cry 3: Classic Edition trophy list, but I have no idea if it even has DLC related trophies on it. Can't tell. 😎 @Tenzai1980 Congrats on the plat. 🙂
  14. He wrote it on current page. ↑ @Gretchen27 You can set spoiler tag on phone simply by writing in brackets [] "spoiler" where it starts and "/spoiler" where it ends. Or choose "use PC site" in browser options on your phone.
  15. @milk-aholic Congratulations! Zero Time Escape games sound just a little interesting to me. A little, because I prefer to watch mystery and puzzles solved by someone, not doing them myself 😅... @Tenzai1980 Congratulations! You started it thinking it'll be bad 😆? Is it really an RPG or actually a Visual Novel with RPGish elements? Tiny subjective rant bellow. Read at your own discretion.
  16. @Tenzai1980 Congratulations! I do love Sherlock! 😊 Mystery is something that pulls me in. Have you read/watched Kindaichi manga/anime? I love that! Detective Conan I'm not too much into, because of him being in kid form... 😔
  17. @willythom88 I like your updates 🙂. Nice to see someone who enjoys longer games. Just a reminder to be careful with spoilers. Oh no! You're cutting DQVIII! ðŸ˜Ū I do remember difficulty spikes got to me too when I played it on PS2. I think I stopped on the second continent, as I had troubles even walking from town to town without dying and my attempts at leveling up also ended with party wipes. When I started over "recently" I had no problems at all, as I loved staring at these cute monsters in battles, so I was on the contrary, overleveled. It isn't as good as DQXI, but still very nice game. What platform are you playing Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure? Or is it Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure?
  18. There's a very thin layer between hate and love. It may easily change from one to the other 😁.
  19. I finished LittleBigPlanet: Pirates of the Caribbean (DLC) stages. Decent DLC, 6/10. It was... less fun I thought it would. Took me two hours. LittleBigPlanet 2 DLCs are so much better. This one had no sack characters from Pirates of the Caribbean interacting in story. I guess Metal Gear Solid one was also like that... but somehow I enjoyed first DLC more. I'm terrible at score challenges in LBP games, so I don't know if I'll bother finishing them.
  20. Are these only for platinum points, no story points? ðŸĪ”
  21. @Gretchen27 Ok, list accepted and added to spreadsheet. 🙂 It's fully my fault for unclear/hard to understand rules, so again, I'm very sorry about that. I'll be slightly adjusting rules when necessary to make them clear and even for everyone. I don't want to do many case by case decisions, as these may end up looking unfair in eyes of other event participants. @milk-aholic I knew these compilation games with one trophy list would come to haunt me one way or another ðŸ˜Ķ. I myself wasn't sure how to credit my Wand of Fortune compilation. While in pyramid event I actually forgot Fan Disc is there, listed it as one game, then did the same listing here, although I already remembered there are two. Because of that I took only 1 story clear point for it, but as these type of compilation games will be coming back, such unclarity is not good. Especially as I still remember Romeo VS Juliet compilation of this type, in which both Main Game and Fan Disc took me 100 hours each to clear ðŸ˜ķ. *EDIT* Clarification of rules moved to opening post.
  22. @Gretchen27 Welcome. 🙂 Your list is second after Tenzai1980 in difficulty to check for me 😆😅. So please forgive me for any chaotic writings that'll follow bellow and any problems that may cause you. 😔 Ok, so firstly... I'll have to probably edit first post again to make it clearer, but we don't count 100% completions outside of PlayStation trophy system. Just story clears. Then story clear gets a point only if it took you more than 10 hours from the point you are when joined this event. Not sure how long Need for Speed Payback will take you from the point you are now. Games in which you are not sure how long it will take you to clear them can still be listed, but if it didn't take you required 10 hours, then they'll be listed as 0 story points. We already have 3 people, with 1 game each, like that on cleared lists 😉. Also with screenshots and story clear proofs please be careful not to post any spoilers. Even when they are in spoiler tags, because me and Spinacheq still have to look at them. For Otome Visual Novels not on PlayStation systems Gallery Complete screenshot is probably the best, but please edit it with black squares for all CG pictures, as showing that would spoil the whole game. The number of unlocked/available CGs that's shown in the Gallery would be the place I look at. If there's a hidden character in the game hide it too please. This types of games require all routes and all endings for story point. Also you need to understand the language you're playing on. This game has an English release on Switch, which I guess you'll be playing, so no problems here. With the beforementioned language we come to your Phantasy Star Nova, which you said you'll play in Japanese. Although it's not a Visual Novel, but an RPG I'm not sure if we can count a story clear without you knowing the language ðŸĪ”. I think it wouldn't be fair to people who actually read all text bubbles etc. in a game, as I don't think translation outside of a game would be as detailed. I do admire you though for playing it with some kind of internet translation in hand. Or did you mean you yourself will be translating it? ðŸĪ” SpongeBob HeroPants is probably not eligible. I have no knowledge about this game, so I may be wrong about this. You yourself not being sure about it and YouTube video having 'Full game episodes long play" done in 3 hours 16 minutes may be the signs that it won't make 10 hours mark for story, even when played casually. Never played any Pokemon game, but I think main story ends with you beating all gym masters and/or some legendary Pokemon? Also I've been told Pokemon games have main story end credits. Again, never played it, but Rune Factory 4 has a main story. Even if it won't be end credits, it'll probably have some point of finish line. Summon Night 6 and God Wars Future Past you'll play in English right? I don't actively search if Japanese games have English releases, so just making sure. 🙂 That would be my first thoughts about your list. I would ask Spinacheq for a second opinion, but he's taking a break from hosting this event for a time being. Please let me know if you have any strong objections and if you plan to change anything with your list after reading the above.
  23. I cleared LEGO Jurassic World story. Took me 5 hours 40 minutes since this event started... so... 😅 Whole round 0 points for me 😑. My list post link. LEGO Jurassic World 28 of 50 Trophies 12th August 2021 I love LEGO and Jurassic Park/World so... No, I can't... Good game, 7/10. I want to give it 8, because of what I said in the first sentence, but then, all LEGO games will score the same for me. Can't give it additional point only because it's franchise I love, x 2 in this case. Or are all LEGO games great for me? Not really sure... ðŸĪ” Nothing much to say about LEGO game, as they're all kind of the same. They're enough entertaining for me. Humoristic, cute, with nice graphics and a lot of LEGO. I would like them to be longer though. Story wise, not grind wise!
  24. @willythom88 Thanks for updates! Take your time with games. ☚ïļ Playing without any guides is the best 😉. I of course feel sad when I miss something not attainable afterwards, so I do sometimes google missables, but I always regret afterwards that I did, as it spoils things I didn't want to know 😭. @sindrics Congrats! Updated. I'm guessing Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia was not started when you swapped it? With Vampire: The Masquerade being similar to Werewolf: The Apocalypse I meant world setting wise. As both are horror tabletop RPGs with supernatural beings, set in modern times Earth. Vampire: The Masquerade also has two Visual Novels released on PS4, but I think they're pretty simple indie like ones. I will probably pick them someday on some good sale... @Tenzai1980 Since you mentioned Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star I've been listening to Shikata Akiko when doing spreadsheet updates 😅. I knew that opening song sounded familiar! She does a lot of opening songs to games and anime. Shikata Akiko albums YouTube playlist:
  25. @milk-aholic Congrats on your clears! Late update of a spreadsheet, but done finally. Sorry about that. I'm the opposite with updates. I prefer to post it as soon as I'm done. If I waited it would overwhelm me. That's why your update is a little later than usual 😅. I was like "Oh no! So many games at once! ðŸ˜Ļ Such a long post! Let's do that... later.". It's ok to post updates of multiple games at a time if you want, but if you could keep them in time before monthly summary that would be great. As of now your July games weren't included in July summary. I've counted your Spyro games as usual. They took you close enough time wise, plus they are normal full games. Also I love cute Spyro and just gathering crystals gameplay. Would prefer less challenge in few places, but... they're good games. 10 hour rule is to stop "you know which" games, speed runners and "closely stuck to a game guide from start to finish" plays. I would like to keep this event casual gamer friendly. ☚ïļ