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  1. Hey y'all. I thought it would be interesting to discuss what cards, decks, etc. you have found most useful in going for the Nightmare difficulties? And not just ones you use, what are some cool combos or stacks for the whole team?
  2. So I got the OG version forever ago and got all 4 trophies. Now I see this version with a plat, but how do I get it? I'm not seeing it in the store.
  3. What a damn legend.
  4. The mercenaries trophies are my only barrier to plat right now. Thanks for these guides!
  5. The hurdles are NOT RNG. They are always the same distance from the starting line. You can in theory map out the hurdles and either rely on muscle memory or watch the distance counter instead. Also, the D-pad from the start screen is a level select. The 8000 ft trophy requires you make it to about the half-way point from level 5 to level 6, but once you get that (assuming you don't make it to 6) you can hold up on the D-pad and start from level 4. Then you can practice just the 2 levels instead of all 6. Dunno who needed this, but here you go. (I'm not gonna map out the hurdles, someone else can do that lol)
  6. I got him lol. Pretty early Thursday morning.
  7. Any specific tips for VOS Heisenberg? I have infinite S.T.A.K.E., but I can't get past the tank section.
  8. Shit I even looked at their channel. It must have been right in front of me and I missed it. Thanks! 😁
  9. Thanks for all your hard work organizing these boosts! I'm so thankful you reached out. For a few months I've been wanting to trophy hunt that game and completely didn't realize there were going to be unobtainable trophies. God bless!
  10. Does anyone know if the section where you have to ring the bells is also excluded from the close combat requirement. I couldn't figure them out without a gun. Just hoping I didn't ruin the run. Also, which bosses are excluded from the knife requirement?
  11. Lol I just beat Larxene for the first time trying for the plat (I'm on proud mode and have 0 continues). I am actually really enjoying the game. It's mysterious and dark and I can't wait to do all the things. But I can absolutely see why someone wouldn't like this game. Cloud kicked my ass and I was about ready to be done. But then I realized... If I counter a sleight... they lose a card for nothing and they have to reload just like I do. So my strategy became... Phase one: 0 them until they have shit for cards and can't sleight anymore. If I just drop a 0 to break their cards, I can reload mine and they can't reload theirs. Phase two: After I've basically soft-locked them into constant reload, 3 hit combo them to death with all 9 cards. Makes it tough for them to break my card (technically doable) so almost all hits land, and I don't really have to worry about their sleights.
  12. Honestly it wouldn't be too bad. I made it to Final Rest in 18 hours on proud. I did not skip Atlantica or cutscenes, and spent a couple hours grinding on Destiny Island that I didn't really need to (But it's just one of those things I've always done in this game and always will. I don't like leaving Destiny Island lower than level 10 haha)