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  1. The more we discuss this issue, the less it seems to be making sense to be honest Those who had their consoles banned need to reach out to Sony's customer support and ask for an explanation, otherwise we will never know what's going on
  2. 3/16 and 9/47 may not be huge sample sizes, but it looks like 15-20% of consoles may already be affected by this debacle. I think I'm gonna wrap up Rayman Origins as fast as I can and temporarily delete my account from my PS3 before something happens to me as well. Sony needs to address this asap
  3. 3/16 is not a good ratio tbh I had around 15 titles that I wanted to plat on my PS3 (the FF XIII trilogy, Tales of Xillia 1+2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution among them) but at this point I'm kind of hesitating, as I don't want to get my console (or account even) nuked because of something that is out of my control.
  4. There's just one thing that doesn't make much sense to me: as far as I know, if Sony catches you using CFW on your console, both the device and the account using custom firmware get permabanned. I've never installed CFW on any of my consoles, but I know that Sony has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to this stuff. OP received just a three-day ban, without any repercussions when it comes to his account. If the hacker who obtained your CID got caught using CFW and got your console banned, why is it only banned for three days? I'd expect you to get nuked off PSN immediately for this kind of "infraction".
  5. Indeed, especially once we take into consideration how historically difficult it's been to appeal PSN bans
  6. My slim PS3 seems to be fine. However, the news got me worried enough to start thinking about my PS3 backlog much more seriously. I'm probably gonna give up on a number of games and clean up the easy ones as fast as possible
  7. An all-digital console is not even an option for me
  8. The trophy took me around 2 hrs to complete, no glitch. Learn the level by heart and remember to use grenades - one at the beginning (you might kill all 6 enemies with one nade if you're lucky) and the others after you deactivate the second nuke to get rid of some of the enemies hiding behind trucks. It's not that hard, just a bit frustrating. Keep trying and you'll eventually get it.
  9. Yes, I'll buy it. In 3 years when I can find a used copy for ~$10.
  10. The God of War PS4 reboot had something close to 15 thousand concurrent players iirc TLoU's number was also really high