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  1. I reached support... Hey there! Sweet Thieves should not unlock this trophy as it's a measure of players captured rather than "score" which the achievement needs. We're looking into reports of why this may have unlocked for certain players currently. Apologies for any confusion caused. Regards, Fall Guys Player Support
  2. They should have unlocked it when someone stuck in Sweet Thieves because Fall Ball shows up so rarely that the trophy is unlikely to be won right now.
  3. They wrote back the same to me... I wrote the second time because I met the conditions again and the silence.
  4. I did the same and it didn't come... Do you think it makes sense to write to the support and they will unlock or block the possibility of winning a trophy in this mode?
  5. Hello. Can you get 100% in the game? I know that some tasks were previously combined.
  6. I play Main Show all evening and only got Fall Ball mode once ...
  7. Support
  8. The trophy has fallen. Thank you!
  9. During the mission "Shima" can be obtained.