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  1. Div 6 (50-3-11) 64 games to get the green arrow. Div 5 (18-0-0) 18 games needed. Div 4 (23-0-0) 23 games needed. I played solo using no loss glitch. So i guess it's random to get that cursed arrow. The grind is over for me. Good luck everyone
  2. Win as many games as you can. With no loss glitch it's easy to grind wins. And you can jump multiple divisions. Yes its confirmed if u are wondering
  3. Congrats
  4. Next to your div number.
  5. Solo. But i got it after 49 wins. This event is short i hope i can get that arrow before it ends
  6. Did u get the green arrow?
  7. Oh no, i got promoted to div 5 only. But the good news is the event is 23 hours only this time Lucky you. I wish i didn't stop playing last night
  8. i Had to play 64 games to make that cursed arrow appear. My record is 50-3-11 at the moment. I hope this is enough to send me directly to div 3
  9. Thank u. I can confirm this method is working. Play 10 games in a row with the same person without leaving the lobby.