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  1. Yeah, but Spiderman was on hard also not very challenging. And that was fine, because imo not every game needs to be frustrating. I like it when a game has a enjoyable trophy lust without difficulty trophies.
  2. We still do have hard trophies in Sony exclusives, they just deliver them with the free DLCs. Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn and especially Days Gone with the challenges. So if someone wants a difficult (and awarding) trophy list, just go for the 100% - most casuals don't do that.
  3. Easiest: probably Her Majestys Spiffing or the Telltale games. Hardest: Max Payne 3
  4. I found this helpful for Surrounded. I used the Handgun at the Beginning, also the Bombs and Molotovs. So I had enough Ammo left in Wave 4 and 5. Got a score round about 200.000 with this strategy. For Infested I tried this, but I was never able to keep the combo up. Eitherway it helped a little. And this worked fine for me for Black Friday (it's a german guide). An easy but lenghty strategy for Keep Them Safe.
  5. I'd recommend to stay away at first from the hordes and outride. Thru progress you'll getting Badges and you will be able to upgrade your rings. This will make things slightly easier.
  6. It's the same developer that made Syberia. Platinum in Syberia 2 is unobtainable in the european version and they never fixed it. I think microids just don't care but I hope they do and they fix at least this one someday.
  7. Great work again. Keep on doing this, sadly YT doesn't give you the attention you deserve. Your RDR2 Goldmedal-Vids helped me a lot.