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  1. Same situation here. Exactly the same, was also hoping to 100% it this weekend too.
  2. Had some crashes before 1.05. Now I can play for hours before having one. I also got the plat and suggest you to go for it and enjoy the game. 😀
  3. I think the comparisons with linear games are a bit silly. I'm having a blast playing it on a base PS4, enjoying the story a lot and I believe there's a lot of drama when people talk about the game's bugs. They happen, they're often, but I didn't find any game-breaking bugs so far. I've also had framedrops in many other great games, so I don't know why people enjoy so much to criticize it like it's the first game where it happens. I'm enjoy the story a lot, the story, narrative and freedom to complete the missions the way I want. The linearity of RDR2 in comparison to CB2077 is laughable. But sure, if you want a more stable experience, I'd suggest you to wait until february and/or play it on PS4, but yeah, it's an amazing game.
  4. Just Cause 3 - King of Medici Earned all Just Cause 3 Trophies Loved JC3 and even though I love some collect-a-tons, looking for the ones in this game sucked really badly. Some challenges took an insane amount of time and two vehicles were very hard to bring to garages. Also 100%'d the game's DLCs, which were fun and made the Plat Journey much easier (thanks Jet Suit! <3). I recommend the game, but wouldn't recommend someone to go for the King of Medici platinum. Difficulty: 3/10 (game), 7/10 (platinum) Fun: 8/10 (game), 4/10 (platinum)
  5. It might be the nostalgia goggles, but Katamary Damacy is the one I've enjoyed the most. I've also played We Love Katamari and Beautiful Katamari and found the locations and soundtrack of the former much better than the later ones (which are also amazing, btw). Looking forward for this plat, but will wait for a sale to get it.
  6. I agree, though I believe that any kind of message supporting this kind of trophy (especially in single-player games) is unecessary. It's perfectly valid to be bored about that and whoever is upset with this situation should complain. Sugar coating misdirective support such as WB's doesn't sound like the right thing to do IMO. Indeed... I guess the lesson was learned, but the damage is irreversible. 😅 Good! Will do!
  7. Same here, man. That's frustrating. I was pretty glad that I was still getting scrap yesterday. Why not just patch the game? Goddamn, WB...
  8. The plat for MKX! That's crazy! No Man's Sky's plat is another one I'd love to have.
  9. That's weird, but Rage 2 is now one of my favorite modern action games. I got it just to play whenever I wanted some quick fast-paced shooting other than the Far Cry series. Honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much, especially after looking for its reputation among other players online.
  10. Dude, that's really weird, but I've tried doing that trophy with my brother and found this problem. I was almost giving up when I've decided to search this forum for some answers. I saw your post literally 10 minutes after you posted it, which means that you wrote it when I was having issues with the trophy. And it worked like a charm! Thank you very much, mate! I owe you the last plat of my Far Cry Collection on PS4! 👍
  11. I'd say "Fall Guys". I enjoy the game a lot, but I can't even imagine going for its platinum.
  12. Definitely, Parappa the Rapper. I'm a musician who can't get into the game's tempo. Even finishing the chicken's level was absurdly hard for me, but it's a game so full of charisma that I'd love to have the platinum.
  13. Far Cry 4 - Master of Kyrat Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 It was my second Far Cry experience and I believe I've enjoyed it more than FC5. The DLCs are pretty good too! I wouldn't mind if all the collectibles were necessary, instead of only a percentage of them. I'd reduce a point from difficulty and increase a point to the enjoyment, if the online lobbies were populated and people were more willing to conquer outposts when playing co-op.
  14. I don't think new players should feel disencourage to try 21 Survivor +. I had never played 21/blackjack before in my entire life and managed to beat 21 Survivor + in my second try. I suck at card games, but this one was pretty fun.