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  1. I believe I've never played a bad game in the PS4 (yet), but from my personal taste, here are the ones I've enjoyed less: Grand Theft Auto 5 I'm not sure why, but maybe it's due the stiffness of the character's movement/controls. I'm currently playing RDR2 and loving it so far, but something with GTA 5 botters me a lot. Super Bomberman R Bought it due nostalgia and though I love playing it when my brother visits me, I can't enjoy it single player. Even though I can play the SNES entries (Super Bomberman 5 being my favorite) for hours straight. The Witness It's definitely a great game, but I'm too dumb for puzzles. Injustice: Gods Among Us Not really into fighting games, but the story... Oh boy, the story... It's weird that I tought I'd found many other players complaining about the story and storytelling of the game, but in fact I've found the opposite.
  2. After 100%'d the game, I've decided to drop here a few tips and tricks that might help you to get the 100% for this amazing game! Remember to check the guides available here, since I won't be repeating what has already been stated there. Everything below works with the GOTY Edition. Feel free to share the tips below anywhere, complement guides, etc. Base Game / Platinum You'll spend some time trying to reach lvl 50 on multiplayer. I took a couple of hours in ~2 nights to get from lvl40 to lvl50 easily by doing this: After you reach lvl40, you'll get the Bolt Action Rifle (you can get it in another way earlier, though, but after lvl40 you'll keep it. You can use other rifles, but the increased reload speed from the Bolt Action Rifle will keep you from dying a lot. Restart the game while signed out from PSN and get to single player. Press , select Multiplayer and start the LAN Mode. Go to the Twin Rocks gang hideout and complete it. After that, press so you can repeat it. Now hide behind a rock (located here), equip your Bolt Action Rifle and start killing. If you get the Clean House bonus, you'll get ~1200xp each couple of minutes. Here's a video guide (but I suggest you to keep hiding behind the rock at the beginning). For Fightin' Around the World, you'll have to select the Fist from the Weapon Wheel menu (), hold and punch someone until they pass out. Only pushing them won't work. For Mowing Them Down, do it in Undead Nightmare, at El Presidio. You can check your average kills at the Stats Menu, "Undead Killed With Canon". For Slow on the Draw, start the Pike's Basin hideout with a friend/boosting partner and keep calling your horses and alternately shooting them. This is pretty buggy and weird. Some times the assistance won't count, so keep trying it. Keep doing it on the higher area so enemies won't reach you. For Most Wanted... Damn, that was hard. I suggest you to do it on LAN mode so players won't reach you, have tons of guns and ammo, do the Escalera Stairs glitch and start killing NPCs from there praying that 1. You don't get teleported, and 2. Lawmen keep respawning. Move as less as you can so you won't touch a teleport point, shoot once when the Wanted level is low (until you have 1k of bounty on your head). For Go Team!, aim for the Hold Your Own game mode. Skip other games. This is the quickest. If you're boosting it, you can split teams by having people on the same Posse. Outlaws To The End Gold medals aren't hard at all, but Advanced Co-Op missions can be pretty trick. Keep practicing and understand what is happening, don't be a dead weight and hope to find good partners. Legends and Killers For Hail Mary, do it at Pike's Basin. It will be easier than anywhere else. Liars and Cheats For the infamous Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace trophy, six people start a Poker table at MacFarlane's Ranch (where the max bet is $64). Everyone folds, except the person that needs the trophy. After the first round everywhere goes away/finish the game EXCEPT for the person that needs the trophy and the person helping. I suggest the person that needs the trophy to keep betting while the one helping keeps folding. This should go on until the bet is on $64, so the person needing the trophy can win. The person helping shouldn't be able to bet anymore. For Posse on a Pedestal, try to boost it with someone reliable. Otherwise, anyone can cancel the posse and you'll have to restart. Undead Nightmare Leave Chupacabra + the Unicorn for the end. You can usually find them both at Diez Coronas, just at the place where the three horses are on the map. You can only find Chupacabra when the challenge asks you to and the Unicorn when you have all the other horses of Appocalipse. Smoke that Skinwagon isn't hard, but definitely much easier when you do it with 3 or 4 people. The another infamous trophy is Kingpin. It's also not hard apart of forming a group of nine people. Start a Land Grab game at the Saloon in Armadillo (or anywhere else where you can play Land Grab), the other 8 people get close together, you throw a dynamite on them. You get the trophy and the next person does the same. Repeat for everyone that needs the trophy.
  3. Just got the platinum for this game and wanted to share some Tips & Tricks I've found around. First of all, many of the games let you change the difficulty and the amount of lives you have, but for some games it's better to set the difficulty to hard in order to get more points. Check the guide for them. 0. Use the quick save. A lot. 1. Alex Kidd Very easy. Get $500, die, get $500. Trophy acquired. Here's a video that shows a hidden path that will make things easier for you. 2. Altered Beast Focus on the power ups by the grey wolf-like creatures.On the boss, use the flying kick to avoid the falling heads. 3. Beyond Oasis Follow this walkthrough until getting the trophy. 4. Bonanza Brothers You'll be able to smash a cop with a door in the beginning of the first level. Keep doing it until you reach the needed score. 5. E-SWAT Since I'm not very smart, I didn't realize I could move the platform up on the second stage. Yeah, you can. 6. Fatal Labyrinth Attack everything as soon as possible, except for mages and the blue crystal. RNG will often spawn you very near to the stairs. 7. Golden Axe 3 Use magic whenever you can. 8. Dr. Robotnik's M.B.M Use this password: Yellow, Orange (Has Bean), Blue, Blue You'll be in the last level on easy mode. 9. Shinobi 3 Crouch, throw shuriken. 10. Sonic 3D Blast Move slow, hold the spin button. This way you'll attack the enemies with more precision. 11. Sonic Spinball Save after each milestone. Ie. 500.000 points, getting a gem, etc. 12. Get to the Chopper Set the difficulty to Hard, the controls to Reverse and keep on the upper-left corner of the screen until the tank arrives. Move around the screen while shooting and avoiding the enemy's bullets. On the top-view part, go from left to right (and vice-versa) while shooting. 13. Streets of Rage 3 Save before fighting the clown and the kangaroo. You can still grab the kangaroo and hit it a little bit, so don't mind loading every time you interact with it. 14. Vectorman 2 When in the game, pause, press , , , , , , , , , , select Dig 2 and there you go. - 15. For the trophy which you have to play all the games, play all of them withouth exiting the game.
  4. While going for Rage's platinum, I've found lots of conflicting info, wrong information and stuff like that. I'll compile here some tips & tricks I've found. Feel free to add it to a guide or share it anywhere else. 1. You can still get back to Wellsprings/Wasteland even after the last mission. To do so, you'll need to get to the elevator on Subway Town's garage and talk to the guy next to the blimp. This way it will make it easier for you if you're still missing the trophies that envolve killing # enemies with sentry bots, turrets, and RC Cars. Just go to Mutant Bash and deploy your advanced equipment. 2. For the Gotta Have 'Em All trophy (for which you have to collect all the cards), since the game's last update, the cards aren't missable anymore. You can buy them in the stores. 3. For getting $750 in Mutant Bash, there's a very simple way which envolves shooting a green cardboard fish. You can see this trick here. 4. There's a simple glitch for infinite money if you have the Scorchers' DLC. After liberating Jackpots, talk to the small lady to play Roly-Poly. What you have to do is follow these steps. As it's said in the video's description: Though I didn't test it yet, someone on YouTube said: 5. For the Hardest Deck trophy, though it's not hard, I suggest you to work on it after you have all but one cards. This way you can use this deck: Giant Mutant, Large Mutant, Slime Mutant, Kraken, Drop Ship, Enforcer, Shield Guard, Shrouded Minigun, Gearhead Jet, Captain Marshall, and Valder. And remember, you have to be playing against Teague in Subway Town. 6. Oh, the Just a Flesh Wound trophy... At some point in the game, you'll be able to play 5 Finger Filet at the bar in Wellsprings. For the first 4 rounds, you need to practice. But for the fifth one, it will follow a random pattern. My suggestion is to do this trick. I've failed twice even with that, but got the trophy right after that. 8. For the Roadkill trophy, on your way to the Authority Bridge, you'll find some mutants on the road. You can go, kill them, get back to Subway Town and repeat the process until you kill ten of them. 9. Point of No-Return. If you clear the Authority Bridge, you won't be able to complete all the races in Subway Town. For the Obsessive Compulsive trophy, before going for the final mission, in your Statistics page in the Select Menu you should have "126/130". More if you have the Sewers DLC. So the missing items would be: 127/130 - One Card 128/130 - One Jump 129/130 - Another Jump 130/130 - Finish the Story 10. Road RAGE (online multiplayer): You can organize boosting sessions pretty easily, but high ping can disconnect you just as easily. Being from Brazil, I've been having a hard time getting these trophies, as I can't keep in a Road RAGE match time enough to win. I suggest you to look for regional platinum hunter groups in Facebook, Discord, etc. if you're having trouble with that. I'm still working on the plat. If there's anything else that I find along the Ultra Nightmare difficulty, I'll update this post.
  5. Ratchet & Clank. I had so much fun with that when going for the plat a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Same situation here. Exactly the same, was also hoping to 100% it this weekend too.
  7. Had some crashes before 1.05. Now I can play for hours before having one. I also got the plat and suggest you to go for it and enjoy the game. 😀
  8. I think the comparisons with linear games are a bit silly. I'm having a blast playing it on a base PS4, enjoying the story a lot and I believe there's a lot of drama when people talk about the game's bugs. They happen, they're often, but I didn't find any game-breaking bugs so far. I've also had framedrops in many other great games, so I don't know why people enjoy so much to criticize it like it's the first game where it happens. I'm enjoy the story a lot, the story, narrative and freedom to complete the missions the way I want. The linearity of RDR2 in comparison to CB2077 is laughable. But sure, if you want a more stable experience, I'd suggest you to wait until february and/or play it on PS4, but yeah, it's an amazing game.
  9. Just Cause 3 - King of Medici Earned all Just Cause 3 Trophies Loved JC3 and even though I love some collect-a-tons, looking for the ones in this game sucked really badly. Some challenges took an insane amount of time and two vehicles were very hard to bring to garages. Also 100%'d the game's DLCs, which were fun and made the Plat Journey much easier (thanks Jet Suit! <3). I recommend the game, but wouldn't recommend someone to go for the King of Medici platinum. Difficulty: 3/10 (game), 7/10 (platinum) Fun: 8/10 (game), 4/10 (platinum)
  10. It might be the nostalgia goggles, but Katamary Damacy is the one I've enjoyed the most. I've also played We Love Katamari and Beautiful Katamari and found the locations and soundtrack of the former much better than the later ones (which are also amazing, btw). Looking forward for this plat, but will wait for a sale to get it.
  11. I agree, though I believe that any kind of message supporting this kind of trophy (especially in single-player games) is unecessary. It's perfectly valid to be bored about that and whoever is upset with this situation should complain. Sugar coating misdirective support such as WB's doesn't sound like the right thing to do IMO. Indeed... I guess the lesson was learned, but the damage is irreversible. 😅 Good! Will do!
  12. Same here, man. That's frustrating. I was pretty glad that I was still getting scrap yesterday. Why not just patch the game? Goddamn, WB...
  13. The plat for MKX! That's crazy! No Man's Sky's plat is another one I'd love to have.
  14. That's weird, but Rage 2 is now one of my favorite modern action games. I got it just to play whenever I wanted some quick fast-paced shooting other than the Far Cry series. Honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much, especially after looking for its reputation among other players online.
  15. Dude, that's really weird, but I've tried doing that trophy with my brother and found this problem. I was almost giving up when I've decided to search this forum for some answers. I saw your post literally 10 minutes after you posted it, which means that you wrote it when I was having issues with the trophy. And it worked like a charm! Thank you very much, mate! I owe you the last plat of my Far Cry Collection on PS4! 👍