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  1. Thanks for all the new info / Grazie per tutte le nuove info
  2. On March 5, will be released the last additional missions?
  3. Thanks for the info.👍
  4. Collector, for me, is NOT glitched. I play this game only on my PS4 PRO.
  5. Too hard? 🤔
  6. Complete PHARAONIC is : - Very easy - Easy - Normal - Hard - Extreme ?
  7. From 0 to 10, what is the difficulty level of this game?
  8. Scusate la domanda forse inutile. Vi è riportato da qualche parte i tempi occupati per fare i vari minigiochi ? Sorry the question maybe useless. Is there any part of the time taken to do the various minigames?
  9. Thanks !!!
  10. Can I play this game without VR ?
  11. I use the revolver "the Duke" received complimentary with the season pass. 6 shots
  12. Cleggworth, I used several methods but none worked. In the police station I always expected that it appears the inscription COMBAT and killed 4 policemen. But nothing to do
  13. no news for this trophy buggy?
  14. Wonderfull ☺️
  15. I used all of these tactics but for now I have not taken the trophy