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  1. Difficulty for the TRANSCENDENCE trophy in DLC 1 Legends ?
  2. Started a few hours ago, spectacular ....
  3. the problem with the trophy not yet solved. Ubisoft sleeps
  4. I play 50 levels but i don't take the gold trophy ( level 45 ) and the platinum trophy. Delete save and re - play the 45 levels , but no trophy. Why ?
  5. I play this game when Sony start the GOTY edition.
  6. Wow, there are people who create accounts in different countries to play this shitty game 🤐
  7. Free up the PS5 in physical stores. No more scalpers in the purchase of PS5. No PS5 ..... no renewals to the playstation plus, no purchase of games on disc and in the Store, no purchase of DLC. No PS5, no play. Rendete libera la PS5 nei negozi fisici. Basta bagarini privilegiati nell'acquisto di PS5. Nussuna PS5 ..... nessun rinnovo al playstation plus, nessun acquisto di giochi su disco e nello Store, nessun acquisto di DLC. No PS5, no game.
  8. Trophy ALL EVIDENCE COLLECTED in The Sinking City ( PS4)
  9. Re start the game.
  10. Onestamente, fino a quando non ci saranno PS5 in vendita nei negozi, non rinnoverò il psn plus, comprerò giochi sul negozio o su disco. Google translate: "Honestly, as long as there are no PS5s for sale in stores, I will not renew psn plus, buy games on the store or on disc."
  11. No problems for me.
  12. My option; - first playthrough in easy mode and permadeath - second playthrough in grounded mode
  13. Trinity trophy taken. No problem with me. Download version game. Bye
  14. Thanks for all the new info / Grazie per tutte le nuove info