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  1. #67 - BLOODBORNE 10/10 enjoyment 6-7/10 difficulty I absolutely loved this game, easily one of my favourite games ever. (Just waiting for PSNP to actually show the trophies)
  2. #59 - Diablo 3 reaper of souls Fun game which I hadn't played since 2016ish. It becomes a bit of a grind for the last few trophies like getting 6 characters to lv70 or 500 bounties but overall I enjoyed going for this one. The trophy list isn't too difficult even with hardcore trophies.
  3. #58 - Titanfall 2, I remember opening this game about a year ago and doing 1 run of the training course. I didn't touch it after that until today but I enjoyed every second of it (except the multiplayer load times)
  4. Brawlhalla - This game was a blast to play with a friend in 2v2s but became a bit of a grind towards the last few trophies. Overall the game is pretty easy it just sucks to grind 100,000 coins and level 40
  5. I estimate around 150+ hours at least depending on if you can get a good team to help you with activities and if you're a skilled player (grandmaster nightfall is very hard)
  6. most of the trophies are very easy and shouldn't take long but the grandmaster nightfall required for 'The Prestige' requires you to grind and reach max power level in the season. You also have to wait until it is released for the current season which I believe is midway through march
  7. Dynasty Warriors 3 Far Cry 2 Dragon Quest 8 Mini Ninjas MW3 (this one is most likely since 1 and 2 are both remastered)
  8. Going Under internships are heck
  9. I have a few in my backlog but I am going to start getting the Infinite Warfare platinum (luckily the only trophy I ever got in the game when it first released is the glitched one)
  10. It took me until level 19 gaeen, level 12 dogaeen and level 3 Gorl. Just keep fighting each boss until you struggle with it and then switch to another one and it probably wont take you too long. It'll probably feel like you aren't getting any in the first few fights and then you'll get a bunch of them really quickly (as this is what happened with me)
  11. Black Ops 3 - after picking this game back up after a while, this was a fun one to complete. The realistic combat immersion was by far the hardest thing to do and the camos were a big grind but other than that it was a great plat to go for
  12. I don't know if this is a hardware issue or not as I played/completed the game on the PS4 Pro in 2 sessions and had 0 issues with crashes of the sort. If you had played on a regular PS4 that could possibly caused this to happen but honestly that's all I can think of 🤷‍♂️
  13. assuming your cabinet has the games you enjoyed the most you have great taste! (especially skyrim)
  14. No Man's Sky, I first played this four years ago but missed 5 trophies. My friend recently bought It and we've been playing It and I managed to get the plat
  15. From most to least rare: 1. Fall Guys 2. Terraria 3. Borderlands 2 4. Plants vs Zombies GW 2 5. Hollow Knight