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  1. nice blatant save file usage, just hide it and move on
  2. as you get to the javelin room look straight to the left for the one out of sight you can lock onto then take out all the others, do the part on the sniper and then as it tells you to leave another 5 should spawn letting you stay there and get the trophy in time tips i used for anybody that needs it, despite what people say about need to play on hardened for it to work this method worked for me on recruit second attempt
  3. try clearing out one room and then the other, you don't have to do both at once and it makes it so easy on recruit
  4. modern warfare trilogy > black ops and it shows by what has been remastered first
  5. and if it's not then L
  6. pyro's pete's bar round 3 in torgue's campaign of carnage, you can get from level 1 to 50 in about 4-5 hours just farming that repeatedly
  7. it was a shit post, i don't even know what the game was apart from it being a cheap cash grab
  8. take the title how you want but that's just what i've been hearing
  9. i'm so excited for this and all other upcoming free & paid dlc content honestly
  10. a mix up of my name and platinum trophy
  11. i swear something like that is against the terms of service
  12. and in what other way would they be able to obtain these 'impossible timestamps' in ways other than cheating? the word impossible doesn't just come around legitimately incase you didn't know already
  13. just don't cheat the games on your list fella, you'll be fine if you can just follow such a simple thing that most players seem to do
  14. you really seem like you're trying to be pulled off the leaderboards at this point