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  1. I’ve seen a few comments lately in relation to NecroDancer and its number of platinum achievers.


    Fun fact: one of the 13 listed platinum achievers has gone under the radar for quite some time despite using CFW to unlock the “Lowest of the Low” trophy. Quite a shame really when you consider the fact that this person did Coda legit and certainly had the skill to pull off an All Chars Low % run. Probably just lacked the dedication in all honesty.


    Anyway, I’m not going list a name; they know who they are. I just can’t help but laugh whenever I see this individual mentioned alongside those have actually put the time in to obtain the platinum through legitimate means.

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    2. zizimonster


      Report that player, or message one of the Cheater Removers.

    3. pot1414


      If it is Floriiss or Danny or Slim, I'm going to be very sad.

    4. HarasserPL


      I can't help but laugh when I see that even the Olympics have less tight controls against steroids than this game has against cheaters. 

  2. Quite possibly the worst 100% I have ever done or will ever do. My experience with Battle Islands can only be described as one that was torturous, mentally draining, and absolutely abysmal. Funnily enough, I first played this game just over six years ago in late 2015 when I went through a phase of trying out a bunch of free-to-play games. At the time I had made some decent progress and nearly reached 100% completion, but I eventually abandoned the game for a few of the reasons that I mentioned above. Yet for some bizarre reason in November I suddenly became compelled to take another shot at the 100%. Battle Islands is a free-to-play strategy game, and as one might expect it is heavily pay-to-win. Reaching 90% completion is not an issue at all. The only major problem when going for the 100% is the "Tag Collector" trophy. In Battle Islands you obtain dog tags by being victorious in battle, with the amount of tags that you win depending on the number of tags that the enemy has. Similarly, you lose tags when you suffer a defeat. "Tag Collector" requires you to have 2500 dog tags at any given time and is therefore not cumulative. Back when this game first came out this would've been quite easy to do as you were able to attack players that were at a significantly lower level. A Level 100 could go and attack a Level 5 as long as they were within a 1000 tag range of each other. Since then, a few patches have released and now the matchmaking is fully skill-based. You can only attack players that have their Command Bunker at the same rank as yours and that player must also be within 150 or so tags of you. At first, earning tags wasn't much of an issue, and I was able to reach 2000 tags in just a few days. But from that point on it was a constant struggle as the competition became much more fierce. In addition to this, each time you upgrade something in your base you then have to suffer through an even longer waiting time once you decide to upgrade it again. Some upgrades in this game can take over a week once you reach the higher levels, with the only fast way to speed them up being through the use of gold, which of course needs to be purchased. It also doesn't help that your base can come under attack while you are offline, which can be quite frustrating if your defence isn't able to hold up. For that reason I made sure to spend virtually all of my supplies before heading offline so that other players would have less of an incentive to attack me. After stupidly losing 300 tags in one day, I was quite honestly on the verge of uninstalling the game and giving up. At that point I had already spent a decent amount of money on gold, and I knew that I'd either have to spend more or wait for months for my base to fully upgrade. I was not prepared to do either of those things, so I took a different approach. I decided to reach out and contact some of the players that appeared on my battle list. I wasn't too sure how successful that would be, but my aim was to find players that were inactive and wouldn't care less if they lost tags. To my surprise, I managed to find two very generous players that were more than happy to spend a few hours of their time intentionally losing to me so that I could gain tags. And sure enough, those two players carried me all the way from 2000 tags to 2500. Despite some of my criticisms, I am very tempted to tackle both Battle Ages and Battle Islands Commanders so that I can complete the whole series. Maybe one day...
  3. Yes, that's possible. @timpurnat and his friend recently boosted exactly like that and didn't have any issues.
  4. A pretty average year for me when it comes to platinum count. Super Rude Bear Resurrection Wuppo Call of Duty: Ghosts Tetris Effect Moto Racer 4 Medal of Honor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing A Pixel Story Battlefield: Bad Company Rayman Legends Titanfall 2 Astro's Playroom Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: World at War MotoGP 13 Super Meat Boy
  5. I have had a few people ask me questions about this game so I thought I would put together some information for those that may be interested in tackling this 100%. I was initially going to create a full 100% guide, but after some consideration I decided it would be best to just create a forum post. Maybe at some point in the future I will convert this information into a full guide and polish it up a bit. The main purpose of this post is to share some information about Hustle Kings and its trophies. Despite its rarity, the trophies in Hustle Kings are nowhere near as demanding as the rarity may suggest. Virtually every online trophy can easily be boosted, and the rest can be made much more doable by abusing the overpowered in-game items. In this post I will be sharing tips, efficient boosting methods, and things to watch out for. If anyone has any questions or is confused about something then feel free to ask. FAQ Q: How difficult is the 100%?A: The general consensus among other achievers that I've spoken to is that Hustle Kings is around a 4/10 in terms of difficulty.Q: How long will it take to 100% Hustle Kings?A: If the most optimal boosting methods are followed, you can expect to spend as little as 40-50 hours going for all of the trophies.Q: How long will it take to obtain all of the online trophies? A: You can expect to spend as little as 15 hours trying to get all of the online trophies if you opt to use the fastest boosting methods possible. If you choose to boost, but use slower methods, it can take upwards of 50 hours. And without boosting you can expect to spend well over 100 hours. It is also important to note that the Daily Challenge King trophy will take at least 30 days to obtain. Q: How Many People Are Needed To Boost All Of The Online Trophies? A: Almost all of the online trophies can be boosted with just a single person. However, one DLC trophy will require at least 3 players, and one trophy in the base game will require at least 8. Q: How Much In-Game Currency (HKC) Will I Need To Boost Everything? A: This one can vary as it will depend on how much HKC your boosting partners have and how much time you're willing to commit. If opting for the fastest boosting method, you will need at least 100,000 HKC, or, at most, 400,000 HKC. Q: Will I need to purchase any micro transactions? A: Absolutely not. The fastest way to acquire in-game currency is by having a friend gift you some. Virtually every player that has the Hustle King! trophy will have millions of HKC by the time they've earned it. So, if you know someone that has that trophy (and if they're generous enough), they could quite easily gift you some of their HKC so that you can effortlessly boost everything. Of course, not everyone will know or be friends with someone that has obtained said trophy. In that case, there are other ways to make HKC.Q: Is there a fast way to get wins?A: Yes. It's important to note that you don't need to finish a game to get the victory. After each break off shot, have the assigned loser quit the match. This will speed up the boosting process significantly. Q: Can I 100% Hustle Kings without spending any money? A: No, you can't. You will need to spend £7.99 to purchase all of the DLC's. Q: How hard are the online trophies? A: Honestly, they are not hard at all. If you have a decent amount of HKC then you can easily take advantage of the overpowered items that are available in the in-game store. The difficulty for this 100% lies primarily in its offline content.Q: What are chalks and special items?A: Chalks and special items can be purchased with HKC. They will make your life much easier by enabling you to do things such as: move the cue ball around the table, extend your aiming line, add time to the clock, and a whole host of other things. Ways To Acquire HKC A common misconception that a lot of people have is that one will need to purchase micro transactions in order to 100% this game within a reasonable amount of time. Fortunately, that statement is completely false, as there's a few ways in which one can acquire HKC without spending a penny and within a fast amount of time. 1. Gifting HKC - The fastest and most efficient way to acquire a large amount of HKC is to be given it by another player. One feature of Hustle Kings is the "Pool Hall", which enables you to set up an Exhibition game against a friend. Exhibition games can be either unranked or ranked, but in order to transfer HKC you will want to select the "Ranked & Hustle" option. In these ranked games you can select an amount to wager, with the winner of the match receiving the total amount of HKC that was wagered. The only downside to this method is that both players will need to own at least one DLC pack in order to access private lobbies. In order to take advantage of this option you are also going to need someone that has a large amount of HKC. It is worth noting that virtually every player that has obtained the Hustle King! trophy will have millions of HKC by the time they've earned it. So, if you know someone that has that trophy (and of course if they're generous enough), they could quite easily gift you some of their HKC so that you can effortlessly boost everything. Now, this goes without saying, but I am not suggesting for one second that you should randomly go around messaging each achiever asking them for their HKC. But if you do know someone that has obtained that trophy then it wouldn't hurt to ask. 2. Online Play - Online play is a great way to acquire HKC if you are decent at the game. The best and most efficient way to gain HKC during online play will be through the special events, as the reward multiplier for those is much higher than regular games. Winning a single special event tournament can easily net you over 100,000 HKC. 3. Career Mode - While nowhere near as rewarding as the first two options, completing the career mode does award you with some HKC. I personally would not recommend this option if you are looking to acquire HKC, but the option is there. 4. Micro Transactions - Lastly, there is always the option of purchasing micro transactions. If none of the first three options seem suitable for you then you may want to spend some money in order to acquire HKC. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to purchase HKC to 100% this game. But if you want to save time and don't mind spending some cash then this option is a very good one. These HKC packs are all currently available in the PlayStation Store: 5000 HKC - £0.99 10,000 HKC - £1.69 50,000 HKC - £3.99 125,000 HKC - £7.39 500,000 HKC - £15.99 In order to boost all of the trophies easily you will want to purchase the 500,000 HKC pack. Roadmap During this section I will briefly outline the order in which I would recommend you to tackle each part of the game when going for this 100%. This order if based purely on my own experience, looking at what went well for me and what I could've done differently. Each section will be discussed in a bit more detail later on.1. Hustle King! Trophy - Straight out of the gate you will want to go for the rarest trophy in the game. The reason why you will want to do this trophy first is due to the fact that you will end up with millions of HKC once you are done boosting it. Given that the HKC can then be used to purchase chalks and special items, you can begin to get an idea of just how much easier it will make all of the remaining trophies.2. Daily Challenges - Secondly you will want to start working on the Daily Challenges. These challenges reset daily at 00:00 GMT and you are only given five attempts to clear each one. This step will take at least 30 days to complete for one trophy, which is why I'd recommend getting started with them very early on. If you have already obtained the Hustle King! trophy, and therefore have loads of HKC, you will be able to breeze through most of the Daily Challenges through the use of chalks and special items.3. Online Champion - Next I would suggest winning an 8 player tournament. This is the one and only trophy in the game that will require more than four players, and it would be much easier to boost this one as there's still quite a few active players that play this game. 4. Special Person - Despite being a DLC trophy, I would recommend getting this one done as soon as possible. A special event is a time limited mode that is usually active for 24 hours, then becomes unplayable for 24 hours after that. It’s basically an on and off mode. For that reason I would recommend doing this as early as possible. You can easily identify a special event by its glowing image. Since you only need to win a single game and not the whole event, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 5. DLC’s - Now that most of the potentially problematic trophies are out of the way, you should lastly tackle the DLC. Most of your time going for this 100% will be spent here trying to complete various offline tasks. Some of the DLC’s also have a few online heavy trophies, but these are not really an issue at all as they can be boosted in a private lobby. Hustle King! By far the rarest trophy in the game. Despite sitting at a very low 0.08%, this trophy can actually be obtained quite quickly and easily if the most optimal boosting method is followed. The only downside to said method is that it will require a decent chunk of HKC in order to get started. If you don't have lots of HKC then don't worry, there is another method that can be used in order to easily acquire this trophy. The second method will take much longer, but just like the first method it requires no skill whatsoever. The reason why you will want to do this trophy first is due to the fact that you will end up with millions of HKC by the end of the boosting session. Given that the HKC can then be used to purchase chalks and special items, you can get an idea of just how much easier it will make the remaining trophies. Boosting Method 1 Requirements: 100,000 - 400,000 HKC and Four PlayersTime: Less Than 5 hoursThis boosting method will require you to use the 100,000 HKC Snooker Tournament. Although you will need somewhere between 100,000 - 400,000 HKC for this method, the exact amount that you need depends entirely on how much HKC each of your boosting partners have. You will need to have one person with at least 100,000 HKC, one with at least 200,000 HKC, one with at least 300,000 HKC, and one with at least 400,000 HKC. Once you have fulfilled that criteria, you can then start boosting. In order to successfully boost you will also need to stick to a suitable order that determines who wins each tournament. The best, and most logical order, is to start with the player that has the least amount of HKC. So just to confirm: Winner of First Tournament = Player with 100,000 HKCWinner of Second Tournament = Player with 200,000 HKCWinner of Third Tournament = Player with 300,000 HKCWinner of Fourth Tournament = Player with 400,000 HKCOnce each player has won a single tournament, repeat the exact same order again and again until all four players have earned the trophy. It is important to stick to that order as you will want to make sure that each player does not fall below the 100,000 HKC entry fee requirement. Upon winning a tournament you will be rewarded with 416,000 HKC, whilst the Runner-Up gets 192,000 HKC. Boosting Method 2 Requirements: 20,000 - 40,000 HKC and Two PlayersTime: 40+ hoursThis boosting method will require you to use the 20,000 HKC Snooker One-On-One mode. Although you will need somewhere between 20,000 - 40,000 HKC for this method, the exact amount that you need depends entirely on how much HKC your boosting partner has. You will need to have one person with at least 20,000 HKC, and one with at least 40,000 HKC. Once you have fulfilled that criteria, you can then start boosting. Starting with the player that has 20,000 HKC, you should begin by alternating wins until you have both obtained the trophy. This method is going to take you quite a while, as you will be playing many many matches during the 40+ hours in which you'll be boosting. Daily Challenges Daily Challenges come in three different forms: Puzzle Games, Trickshots, and Bonus Games. The Daily Challenge resets everyday at 00:00 GMT, and you are only given five attempts to successfully clear each one. If you fail to complete a Daily Challenge after five attempts then you will have to wait until the next one is available.This step arguably contains one of the most skill-based trophy in the entire list, but that is purely for those that don't have a lot of HKC. If you have a lot of HKC then you should not have any issues obtaining the trophies that are related to the Daily Challenge as you can heavily rely on the very overpowered chalks and special items to make things much easier. The special items are particularly useful for the Puzzle Games and Bonus Games as you are able to do things such as: move the cue ball around the table, add time to the clock, and a lot of other beneficial things. The Trickshots are a little more tricky as you are a bit more limited in terms of chalk usage, but again, they are not too hard.It is worth noting that you can practice a Daily Challenge prior to making an actual attempt at it by first purchasing the Puzzle Pack DLC. This DLC will give you access to all of the Puzzle Games, Trickshots, and Bonus Games, enabling you to try them out as many times as you'd like to before making an actual attempt at the Daily Challenge. Online Champion This is the one and only trophy in the game that will require more than four players. Technically this can be done without boosting as the game is still quite active, but in the interest of time you’re definitely much better off boosting this one. Apart from needing 8 players, the other issue is that you will need to boost in the 10,000 HKC US 8-Ball Tournament. Unfortunately the 2,000 HKC US 8-Ball Tournament is typically always active, meaning that it will be difficult to get 8 trophy hunters into the same lobby. If you don’t have much HKC and you are willing to spend some extra time setting things up then feel free to use the 2,000 HKC US 8-Ball Tournament to boost in. If you have the HKC and would prefer an easier boosting experience then I’d highly recommend boosting in the 10,000 HKC US 8-Ball Tournament.The boosting method for this is similar to the one that was outlined for the Hustle King! trophy, except this time you will be boosting in the 10,000 HKC US 8-Ball Tournament and there will be four additional players. The required amount of HKC will also differ significantly, with players only needing anywhere from 10,000 -70,000 HKC each at minimum. The amount that each player needs will depend entirely on how much HKC the other players in the boost have. It is exactly the same as the Hustle King! trophy in the sense that you will want to prioritise those who have less HKC by allowing them to win a tournament first. This is to ensure that no one runs out of HKC before the session is over. If each player has already obtained the Hustle King! trophy then the order won't matter as none of you will run out of HKC during this trophy boost. The remaining trophies in the base game should all unlock along the way. There’s a chance that you might still be missing the Online King trophy, but if that’s the case then you can just easily boost wins in the 10,000 HKC Snooker One-On-One mode as that one is usually completely dead. Special Person The Special event is a time limited mode that appears for 24 hours and then becomes unplayable for the next 24 hours. As mentioned previously, you can identify a special event by its flashing image and huge reward multiplier. Fortunately you only need to win a single game and not the entire event, but since it is time limited I would personally recommend everyone to earn this trophy as soon as possible. Snooker Pack The first DLC is the Snooker Pack. The trophies in this DLC are quite short but can be on the tougher side if you aren't too familiar with Snooker. For those unfamiliar with the sport, the aim of snooker is to acquire as many points as possible by potting balls in the correct sequence. In short, you will always need to pot a red first before you are able to nominate and pot another coloured ball. Reds are worth 1 point, with the remaining colours (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black) each having a value from 2-7 points (in that order). Maximum Break This one can be a bit tricky. A 147 is the highest possible break that can be made in a frame Snooker. It’s achieved by potting all 15 reds with 15 blacks for 120 points, followed by all six colours for the remaining 27 points. The best way to go about earning this trophy is to set up an Exhibition game against either a local player or the AI. Both options are perfectly fine. The main thing is that you break off in a way that gently opens up the pack of reds. Don’t go crazy and smash with full power straight into the pack, just go into them with enough power for a few of the reds to split from the pack. From there it’s just a case of continuously potting all 15 reds followed by 15 blacks. If you happen to leave yourself an awkward shot due to the position of the cue ball then don’t worry too much as the Fusion King chalk is very overpowered and will extend your aiming line. In addition to this, given the fact that Hustle Kings is an arcade game, you can hit Kick shots quite frequently. Kick shots are when you directly hit the cue ball into a cushion first so that it bounces off and pockets the object ball. Another thing to make a note of is your accuracy. When playing a shot and pushing the right analog stick up, the angle that you push up at has an impact on your accuracy. If you don’t push up straight enough when taking the shot then your accuracy will be off. In some cases you will line up the shot perfectly and you’ll find that you still miss it. That will be due to the fact that you didn’t push up straight enough. Snooker Loopy Being snookered means that you are in a position in which you can no longer hit the object ball directly. For this trophy you will need to snooker your opponent five times in a single frame and this is best done with a second controller. Firstly, I would recommend potting all but one of the reds. Once there’s just one red left on the table I would then start to attempt snookers. One of the most efficient ways to snooker your opponent is to hit the object ball up towards the other end of the table while you screw back on the cue ball. In a lot of cases you will either have the red end up behind or ball or the cue ball behind a ball, with both instances resulting in a snooker. You’ll need to do this five times in a single frame. It’s also worth pointing out that the trophy won’t unlock until the game ends. Then you just need 10 online Snooker wins to finish off the trophies in this DLC. Just like a lot of the other win based trophies, this can easily be done with a friend or second console by boosting in the Pool Hall. Puzzle Pack The Puzzle Pack DLC introduces three new modes, with those being: Puzzle Challenges, Trickshots, and Bonus Games. Out of the three DLC’s this one will probably take you the longest to complete.There’s 50 Puzzle Challenges in total and these can all be done pretty easily by constantly using the 10 Seconds Extra Time, Extra Shot, Move Ball, and Paint Ball special items. The Paint Ball item is particularly useful as it enables you to avoid having to perform any plant shots. For a lot of the Puzzle Challenges you would normally need to first hit one ball so that it collides with and pots the object ball. With the Paint Ball item you can simply pot the object ball normally without having to cannon it in. There’s 26 trickshots in total, and these will be the most difficult ones to do due to the fact that you are pretty limited in terms of what chalks and special items you can use. The main factor that will either help or hinder you with the trickshots is your understanding of the ways in which you can manipulate the movement of the cue ball. There are three basic spins that can be used in order to impact the movement of the cue ball: Top Spin - This occurs when you hit the cue ball above its centre spot. Essentially, applying top spin will make the cue ball follow through. The higher up you strike the cue ball, the more top spin is applied. For the trickshots, you will generally need to apply top spin when you can’t see the object ball but you want to have the cue ball bounce off a cushion so that it then ends up in the air. Bottom Spin - This occurs when you hit the cue ball below its centre spot. Essentially, applying bottom spin will make the cue ball screw back. The lower down you strike the cue ball, the more bottom spin is applied. For the trickshots, you will generally need to apply bottom spin when you are trying to make the cue ball gain height so that it goes over another ball. Applying bottom pin and raising the angle of your cue will lead to the cue ball gaining height. Side Spin - This occurs when you hit the cue ball either on the left or right of its centre spot. Essentially, applying side spin will affect the angle of departure from either the cushion or the object ball after the shot has been played. For the trickshots, you will generally need to apply side spin when you are snookered and you need to hit the cue ball off a cushion in order to escape. There’s 15 Bonus Games in total, and just like the Puzzle Challenges these shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. Again, you will want to make use of the 10 Seconds Extra Time, Extra Shot, and Move Ball special items. But in addition to those the Eagle Eye chalk will prove to be just as useful when doing the Bonus Games. In addition to this, you will need to win 100 games on a crazy table. The two crazy tables are Hex Crazy and Basement Crazy. The wins can easily be done with either a friend or second console. Extra Modes Pack The final DLC is the Extra Modes pack which introduced several new game modes including Black Ball, Killer, Cut Throat, 3-Ball, and 14 to 1. The trophies in this DLC are heavily online based and can be obtained very easily by boosting. It’s worth pointing out that most of the online trophies in this DLC can be done with just one other person, except for the Slice N Dice trophy which requires a total of three people. The sole outlier in this DLC is the Career Conqueror trophy, as it’s the only one that can be done offline.Career Conqueror can be obtained by completing career mode. Career mode consists of 25 stages, and you will likely have an easy time with it right up until you start facing players in the Professional League. At this level, your aiming line disappears completely for a few of the matches. Fortunately, the Second Sight chalk will completely solve this issue as it brings your aiming line back. Even with the use of the Second Sight chalk it’s worth noting that you can’t really afford to miss any shots once you reach the higher stages of the career mode as the AI very rarely miss. They will often pull off shots that look next to impossible to pot.The remaining trophies in this DLC are all online heavy and can be easily boosted with another person or second console.
  6. 1. Battle Islands 2. Call of Duty: Ghosts 3. Leo’s Fortune 4. Little Deviants 5. Medal of Honor Warfighter 6. Minecraft 7. Racket Sports 8. Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz 9. Switchball 10. The Fight
  7. // Lovely Planet (PS4) // // "4515": [13], // Ink (PS4) // // "6481": [13], Thank you for your efforts.
  8. I believe that I qualify for these three categories: Guide Creation Published 10 guides (10) Individual Guide Viewership A Published Guide has exceeded 10,000 views (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds at 42.4k views) Collective Guide Viewership Your Guides have exceeded 100,000 views overall (112.7k) Thanks for setting this up.
  9. Just tested it and it seems to unlock by committing suicide at the same time as an enemy. If that works for you then please let me know so that I can amend the guide.
  10. @TheYuriG Could you please add these three players to the list in the OP once you get the chance to? Cheers. AchillesPDX (18 carries) XLR-8_ (15 carries) AwesomenessDude_ (24 carries) I am glad that so many players were able to make use of your very detailed guide.
  14. Alright, that is it. I’m not going to be organising any more sessions for Little Deviants. Please do not message me about this game as I am not going to respond. Big thanks to Yuri and all of the SP’s for their help. Not many people would respond to a message asking about a game they played 9+ years ago, and even fewer would take the time to return to that game in order to help out a group of complete strangers. Your efforts are appreciated. Hopefully each person can be added to the list in the OP at some point in the future. acroshot (4 carries) Orenn16 (39 carries) Beeblebrox-san (14 carries) Stueeeee_P (7 carries) EL_DIOS_JORGE (15 carries) RhythmicDiscord- (19 carries) Moosbert (12 carries) jorrybob (35 carries) ArchoNils (10 carries) SpyFox2049 (9 carries) aaron_trucker19 (12 carries) crazyloon_69 (16 carries) Please do not contact any of them as they are no longer eligible to help.
  15. There’s going to be another session on Saturday at 12pm MT. Unfortunately the PS Vita Messages app will be removed on June 28, 2021, which will make the Honour Upheld trophy unobtainable. Now is the time to join if you have any interest in obtaining the platinum trophy.