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  1. The next session is scheduled for Sunday at 1pm EDT. Unfortunately the PS Vita Messages app will be removed on June 28, 2021, which will make the Honour Upheld trophy unobtainable. Now is the time to join if you have any interest in obtaining the platinum trophy.
  2. I would say it’s harder than Hustle Kings but not by much. You’re probably looking at around 10-15 hours for the 100%.
  3. I feel like with a trophy like this it is important to try and maximise the number of achievers for each eligible player. That’s mainly why I like to organise these sessions as I can always ensure that a decent number of people will be able to earn the trophy each time. Yeah, I did organise a few sessions for those MotoGP games a little while ago. Fun times...
  4. The next session is scheduled for Saturday at 3pm GMT. Unfortunately the PS Vita Messages app will be removed on June 28, 2021, which will make the Honour Upheld trophy unobtainable. Now is the time to join if you have any interest in obtaining the platinum trophy.
  5. The next session is scheduled for Wednesday at 12pm EST. Unfortunately the PS Vita Messages app will be removed on June 28, 2021, which will make the Honour Upheld trophy unobtainable. Now is the time to join if you have any interest in obtaining the platinum trophy.
  6. Finally completed my 1st Tier. 1. Joe Danger (1.70%) - 100% 2. OlliOlli (1.63%) - 100% 3. Pool Nation (0.45%) - 100% 4. Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.52%) - 100% 5. Tetraminos (3.57%) - 100% Pool Nation (0.53%) I'm a bit obsessed with Pool/Snooker games and Pool Nation happens to be one of the rarest ones out there in terms of 100% achievers. I was able to obtain the online trophies over a year ago and I only recently got around to finishing off the remaining ones. The trophies in this game can be split up into two categories, with those being Career mode and Endurance mode. Career is mostly a grind as you need to obtain all 298 stars. These stars are awarded for completing objectives that get progressively harder over time. The hardest objectives are the ones for performing certain skills shots, clearing the table in one visit, and whitewashing your opponent. Even though these might sound challenging, you are given two "flashbacks" to use per game in order to retake shots that you may have missed. Due to these flashbacks the Career mode was pretty straightforward. Then there is Endurance. Endurance mode is essentially a battle against the clock as you need to keep potting balls in order to survive. Once 24 balls are on the table the game will come to an end. To make things interesting, balls are constantly being placed onto the table every few seconds. Missing a single pot or playing too slowly will increase the rate at which more balls appear. The hardest trophy in the game requires you to survive for 20 minutes in this mode. During my successful attempt I had to pot over 150 balls consecutively in order to reach the necessary time. As soon as I missed a single pot it was basically game over as balls started to appear nearly every second. OlliOlli (1.62%) This was a lot of fun. While the challenges aren't too difficult, I did find RAD mode to be much harder than the one in OlliOlli 2. I think this is solely down to input lag. At first I thought I had an issue with my controller, but after switching it I quickly realised what the issue was. There's also certain parts of RAD mode that require very precise timing as you need to intentionally slow down in order to make it over certain obstacles. That part was quite irritating at times. Joe Danger (1.70%) This game was an absolute glitch-fest. It suffers from constant frame drops, inputs not registering, and one level was even impossible to complete normally. In the end I had to use a weird method that I found on the forums in order to be able to 100% the game. Besides those issues, it was a decent game. I did find the editing levels to be really boring though. There's one level (Insert Disc 2) that can be quite challenging. But apart from that I found this to be a pretty simple completion. Here's my list for Tier 2: 1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (0.47%) - 84% 2. Echochrome (4.24%) - 4% 3. Rayman 3 HD (1.23%) - 0% 4. The Fight (0.38%) - 38% 5. Tetris Effect (0.49%) - 97%
  7. Can confirm that this method works as you will always get a D rank.
  8. I’d like to use another swap by replacing Super Meat Boy with Joe Danger. 1. Joe Danger (1.7%) - 0% 2. OlliOlli (1.63%) - 0% 3. Pool Nation (0.45%) - 47% 4. Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.52%) - 48% 5. Tetraminos (3.57%) - 90% Thanks again for the consistent updates.
  9. Been a while since my last update but I have actually managed to complete three more UR games during that time. Sadly they were all done before the latest rule change so none of them will count towards my progress. Still, I would like to briefly discuss each one as some of the games may be of interest to those that are participating in this event. Wuppo (0.66%) Finally got around to playing this after picking it up during a sale sometime last year. The platinum breaker for most people is the "Boss Run: Impossible" trophy which requires you to beat the Boss Run without picking up any items. The problem with this trophy is that it is actually much harder on the PS4 version of the game as you are only given one Ice Cream to heal yourself with. Whereas on the PC version you are given three to start with. Without any exploits this would actually be pretty difficult to do as the regular weapon is very under powered. Fortunately though, there is an exploit that allows you to double your health. So instead of starting with 100 health you are able to start with 200. You are still only given one Ice Cream, but the trophy is now much more doable. During my successful run I managed to make it all the way to the final boss without using my Ice Cream, which was pretty tough to do. Luckily I managed to keep a hold of it though as I nearly lost all my health towards the very end. I must say that I did enjoy this part of the game quite a bit. I did fail at the final boss a few times, but overall it was a decent experience. The story was alright I guess. I personally found it to be a bit repetitive and too slow paced for my liking. But it's definitely something unique that is worth picking up whenever it goes on sale. Top Darts (0.69%) This was a decent little game. Nothing too challenging, but quite fun. This game is one of those that utilises the Vita's touch screen as you need to swipe up to throw each dart. The hardest trophy can be obtained by earning all of the Medal darts, which are rewarded for completing certain tasks within each mode. The toughest one requires you to get a 1001 checkout, which means that you need to throw 18 perfect darts in a row. I am also somehow the fastest achiever for this game, which is pretty neat I guess. I will also be doing the much rarer PS3 version that makes use of the PS Move controller. Tetris Ultimate (0.08%) This is currently the hardest completed game on my profile and the first of which I would consider to be a 10/10 in terms of difficulty. All of the trophies in this game are tied to the 36 in-game badges that can be obtained by completing various tasks. Most of them aren't too difficult, but a select few are very challenging. For the hardest trophy you are required to beat Sprint mode in less than 60 seconds, which requires you to clear a line every 1.5 seconds. This was very difficult for me to do and it actually caused my Vita to become faulty. Playing at that sort of pace consistently is something that my Vita clearly didn't take too kindly to. Despite that, I will say that it was very satisfying to gradually keep inching closer towards that elusive time of less than 60 seconds. The second hardest badge can be earned by completing a 20-Combo. In order to obtain a 20-Combo you need to clear 21 lines consecutively with 21 different pieces. While being nowhere near as hard as the Sprint one, it was still quite challenging. It also doesn't help that it is very luck based in terms of being able to get the right pieces at the right time. On a number of occasions I was able to build up perfectly only to fail due to getting bad pieces. In addition to all of this you also need to clear 100,000 lines in online play. This took close to 100 hours for me to do, and it was the sole reason why I was reluctant to put this game in my first tier. I'd also like to give a big thanks to @ScepticW for helping me out with all of the online requirements. He also kindly offered to idle his Vita for me whenever I felt like working on it, which I am very grateful for. I am glad that I don't have to pester you about this game anymore.
  10. Thank you for your input, Daiv. As helpful as always. I didn’t realise that you were one of the latest additions to the guide team. Congratulations on that. Thank you for your answer. I was under the impression that making changes didn’t reset your place in the queue as I didn’t need to resubmit the guide once I had made those changes. Now that you have explained the process it does make perfect sense to me. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. And I would like to apologise for making those accusations. As I said, I do appreciate the effort that you all make to help out the community. I wasn’t looking to start any drama with my post. I was just a bit frustrated.
  11. Can I just ask why it is commonly referred to as the guide “queue” when guides clearly aren’t being reviewed in the order that they were submitted? @A1rPun and I submitted our guide for Splasher nearly three months ago, and yet I can’t help but notice that most of the newly published guides are ones that were definitely submitted at a later date than ours. I don’t care much about the wait time. I just don’t see any good reason why all of these guides are magically jumping the “queue”. If something was wrong with our guide then fair enough. But it’s worth mentioning that we have not received any feedback as of yet, so I’m sure that’s not the case. And having just had a quick look at the forums it seems like I am not the only person to notice this. I do want to make it clear that I appreciate the time and effort that you guys put into maintaining the quality of the guides on this site. But with that said, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if favouritism is playing a major role in determining when someone’s guide gets reviewed.
  12. Completed Game #2 Tetraminos (3.61%) A pretty easy game in the Tetris series. It seems as though the US version of Tetraminos has a glitched trophy, which is probably why it's an UR 100%. No complaints from me though. It'll probably be a while before my next update as I'm primarily focusing on Battlfield: Bad Company and Tetris Ultimate. Both of those games will likely feature in my next tier, but I need to finish the very lengthy online trophies in both games first. 1. OlliOlli (1.63%) - 0% 2. Pool Nation (0.45%) - 47% 3. Super Meat Boy (0.21%) - 0% 4. Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.52%) - 48% 5. Tetraminos (3.57%) - 90%
  13. I’d like to use my swap by replacing Leo’s Fortune with Tetraminos. I don’t really feel like doing another deathless run at the moment, so I’ll just go for something that’s already on my list. 1. OlliOlli (1.63%) - 0% 2. Pool Nation (0.45%) - 47% 3. Super Meat Boy (0.21%) - 0% 4. Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.52%) - 48% 5. Tetraminos (3.57%) - 90%
  14. Completed Game #1 Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.52%) How this game only has around 175 players on this site after nearly four years is beyond me. It's one of the most fast-paced and creative platformers that I've played on the PS4. Tier 1 1. Leo’s Fortune (0.39%) - 0% 2. OlliOlli (1.63%) - 0% 3. Pool Nation (0.45%) - 47% 4. Super Meat Boy (0.21%) - 0% 5. Super Rude Bear Resurrection (4.52%) - 48%
  15. Looks like you’ve been pretty busy editing timestamps for several Vita games recently. Sadly you messed up when doing Downwell. I’d also like to commend your superb multitasking abilities. Playing Ratchet & Clank 3 while simulatenously doing the deathless trophies in Super Meat Boy is quite impressive.