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  1. Guys, I can not get it. Tips, any tips! This boltfish is impossible!! Please!!
  2. Hi guys, add me plx. Boosting this trophy
  3. I managed to finish in "No Escape" to catch the infinite ammo, but if you use them, is to rank C automatically. Infinite ammo helped a lot in RE4, RE5 and RE6. They put this lock to see if more difficult the game, but really left "pain in the a **" In Countdown mode, I'm stuck in the Sewer with Barry because of the time and in invisibly mode over Cap. 3 in the Clair slaughterhouse output is unconditional ... I believe that all this was Capcom to make the game "last" more ... Only made him very boring
  4. Guys, Does anyone know whether it using pistol with Rebecca, this prevents you get the CQC FTW trophy?
  5. I just do not understand. To make the trophy "Do not Stop Running" I can do the easier difficulties, but if I do not win the Infinite Grenade Launcher?
  6. add me folks: cadu_carlin.
  7. Hello, Does anybody know if getting all the rings online or playing cooperative unlock the trophy?
  8. In this last part, you need to dodge the missile attacks. When confronted with Metal Sonic, press "square" to make the plane do a maneuver and attack him. Look this: