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  1. It is much easier than it sounds. About the daily coconut limit... You can drink OR eat two coconut every 10 minutes in game (or 10 real world seconds). So you can get this trophy in a big island with only coconuts and a water still by doing this, without planting fruits or anything. Do this: Drink 2 coconut, hit triangle, look at the time in the clock, wait ten seconds (that should advance 10 minutes in game time), drink or eat two coconuts. Rinse and repeat.
  2. ah... that's not good news. I was going to try boosting for this trophy tomorrow...
  3. I think the problem here is that you must unlock Aigis as a partner for the other characters in their songs too. Well, it kinda translate into: replay this s*** until you can't even see this guys anymore ahahahahaha
  4. you can, the trophies won't check variety in online encounters. You can safely do all online trophies with a friend.
  5. In a way, yes. With Vita you have the option to play on the go, and only the AC Mode has the small resolution/screen problem. In PS4 probably won't have this issue.
  6. it's ok so far from what I can tell, never bugged with me and never had performance issues. Although I felt the screen to be too tiny for the resolution of the AC mode...
  7. I've managed to collect every single pink candy in the game and trophy doesn't pop. Does anyone know a fix for this?