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  1. Just got into the game after reading your post here. Entered FUT and accessed the tile to redeem the points, and was able to redeem without any problem. For all those who need this trophy and have the points, "run you fools"!
  2. So here are my notes as I am currently working on this trophy: I am assuming that you will be using two consoles with alts to exchange games between them. Matchmaking is quite easier now that FIFA 21 is out and some people that did not buy FIFA 20 and stayed with FIFA 19, have now left for FIFA 21. Using the same network if you do not get matched in the first attempts, close the game and open again in both accounts. Then try to match. You should be matched right away. In any case, be patient. You cannot match accounts with different number of games and with different scores (W-D-L). I mean one account with the score 1-0-0 cannot match one account with 0-0-1. You need to have the same number of matches and results. It doesn't matter the number of FUT resets that you made on the account, so a fresh new account can match with an account with 2 FUT resets available. (as long as the condition of results and number of matches is guaranteed) You cannot match an account which you previously played against. I mean, let's imagine this scenario: You play Alt 1 vs Alt 2 - win with Alt 1 (1-0-0 vs 0-0-1) You delete Alt 2 FUT and create a new FUT You play Alt 2 vs Alt 3 - win with Alt 2 (1-0-0 vs 0-0-1) You try to play Alt 1 vs Alt 2 again as they now have the same record (1-0-0) - You will not get matched. This gives not much room for error, so good luck to anyone trying to boost the trophy. Try not to pull your hair off. 😂 I am sorry if these conditions do not apply to you, it's not my intention to fool anyone. I am just reporting what I am facing through my journey, hoping this info can help anyone else.
  3. Don't want to disappoint anyone, for me it did not work. I already had some points earned before EA changed the weekend league system. I reached the 2k needed after this change but not even after rivals refresh in the next Thursday I was able to register. I was always getting the same pop up "registration has ended". So if anyone else is in the same situation be aware, this might happen, or perhaps I am just a bad luck guy 😂
  4. Got this today, after long 8 hours of triangle spam. The hint that helped me the most was to always try to have a moving pattern of waves. At first, it will be hard to get the wave movement, but after a few tries, you'll get the swing of it. With time you'll be performing better and better, and by this, I am not saying that you'll be doing all runs equal, some better some worse, it depends on the momentum that you get with the waves. Eventually, you'll get it, I remember that before having the 10 points, my previous attempt was 5. Just keep trying and don't break the controller. Good luck, hope this helps.